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Página 7 - Majesty, it shall be lawful for One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, or...
Página 194 - ... in the year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lady Victoria, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland...
Página 17 - Expence of such Prison, and such other Matters relating to the Discipline and Management of such Prison as they shall deem expedient, or as the Secretary of State shall direct ; and every...
Página 16 - If any prisoner shall be of a religious persuasion differing from that of the Established Church. a minister of such persuasion, at the special request of such prisoner, shall be allowed to visit him or her at proper and reasonable times, under such restrictions imposed by the visiting justices as shall guard against the introduction of improper persons, and as shall prevent improper communications.
Página 49 - ... older, with stealing some iron piping from the street. The little fellow — it was the first time he had ever been in such a place — cried bitterly all the afternoon of the Saturday : but by the Monday morning the exhortations of his companions, and their sneers at his softness, had reconciled him to his situation; and the eldest of the three was teaching him to pick pockets, practising his skill on almost all the other prisoners. His mother came to see him in the forenoon, and the boy was...
Página 368 - Prison shall assault the Governor or any Officer or Servant employed therein, the Commissioners may order him or her to be prosecuted for the said Offence, and upon Conviction thereof such Convict shall be liable to be imprisoned for any Term not exceeding Two Years, in addition to the Term for which at the Time of committing such Offence he or she was subject to be confined, and, if a Male, shall also be liable to corporal Punishment, if the Court shall so order.
Página 9 - ... imprisonment, and if afterwards convicted of a second escape or breach of prison shall be adjudged guilty of felony ; and every convict in the Millbank Prison who at any time during the term of his imprisonment shall attempt to break prison, or who shall forcibly break out of his...
Página 12 - Prison, who at any time during the term of such imprisonment shall break prison, or who, while being conveyed to such prison, shall escape from the person or persons having the lawful custody of such convict, shall be punished by an addition not exceeding three years to the ten...
Página 49 - They come in and leave at different times ; so that every week, almost every day, in fact, in a large prison tells some tale. Classification of prisoners according to the technicality of legal distinctions allows no approach whatever, seemingly, towards separating the very bad from the better sort. They are continually changing places, those in for felony in one sessions being in for larceny or assault the next, and vice versa.
Página 17 - Surgeon has reason to believe that the mind of a prisoner is, or is likely to be, injuriously affected by the discipline or treatment, he shall report the case in writing to the Governor, together with such directions as he may think proper, and he shall call the attention of the Chaplain to any prisoner who appears to require his special notice.

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