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Director, Office of the Federal Register.

January 1, 2000.

Title 15—COMMERCE AND FOREIGN TRADE is composed of three volumes. The parts in these volumes are arranged in the following order: parts 0-299, 300–799, and part 800-End. The first volume containing parts 0_299 is comprised of Subtitle A-Office of the Secretary of Commerce, Subtitle B, chapter I-Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce, and chapter II–National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Commerce. The second volume containing parts 300–799 is comprised of chapter III—International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce, chapter IV-Foreign-Trade Zones Board, and chapter VII—Bureau of Export Administration, Department of Commerce. The third volume containing part 800-End is comprised of chapter VIII—Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce, chapter IX-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Department of Commerce, chapter XI—Technology Administration, Department of Commerce, chapter XIII—East-West Foreign Trade Board, chapter XIV–Minority Business Development Agency, chapter XX-Office of the United States Trade Representative, and chapter XXIII–National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Department of Commerce. The contents of these volumes represent all current regulations codified under this title of the CFR as of January 1, 2000.

A redesignation table appears in the Finding Aids section of the volume containing Parts 300–799

For this volume, Cheryl E. Sirofchuck was Chief Editor. The Code of Federal Regulations publication program is under the direction of Frances D. McDonald, assisted by Alomha S. Morris.

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