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200,000 Buyers Waiting For You

Q If you knew that, on a certain day, a procession of
200,000 people — each of whom was a buyer for a good
family-would begin to pass in review before your place of
business, and that each one of them was ready to listen to a
short story

about your goods, wouldn't you hire a corps of
leather-lunged barkers to give them hot talk about what you
had to sell ?

Of course you would ! Maybe you would do some barking yourself, and you'd see that each one that couldn't be persuaded to buy on the spot, was presented with some good, trade-enticing printed matter.

Now, while it is not likely that such a procession will soon literally head your way, the opportunity of talking to 200,000 heads of good families, to much better purpose, is presented to you in the advertising columns of


C Every one of its 200,000 subscribers are mail order
Buyers. You don't need to educate them up to the Mail
Order idea. They've tried it, and know that it is O. K.
What they are waiting for is YOUR ADVERTISEMENT.
If you've got what they need, and will tell your story
plainly and pointedly, you will not be disappointed in results.
& Agricultural Epitomist is not an experiment. It is

The Only Agricultural Paper

Edited and Printed on the Farm.
It is practical, and appeals to
Practical Farmers; 200,000 of them.
Published semi-monthly. Address

Agricultural Epitomist

Spencer, Ind.

A New Mail Order Record
13,278 Lines in February issue

The Ladies' Favorite Magazine

The surprising feature and wherein lies the record is in the

fact that in this 13,278 lines is not one single line of Fits,
Cancer, Consumption, Morphine, Opium, Drunk, Secret
Tobacco Cures, Whiskey Fortune Telling, Painless
Childbirth, etc.

Another impressive point is in the fact that 2,169 lines over

and above the 13,278 inserted, was offered us for this
issue but was declined because of lack of space.

Mr. Advertiser: It is going some to eliminate all the above

classes of advertising and still have nearly 16,000 lines
offered for one issue.

Here are the reasons :-1-250,000 circulation at 80c per agate

line less 5% for cash. 2—Extensive subscription campaign
(second largest in the country today) is bringing us thousands
of new subscribers daily. 3--Original articles of intrinsic
worth that makes the paper a real magazine. 4 Handsome
covers, good paper, good printing, no fake advertising.
5-Confidence of subscribers in paper.

Last forms for March close on February 23rd. 250,000 circulation

guaranteed at 80c per agate line, less 5% for cash.

Get your copy in early as we will not guarantee to insert your

advertisement after February 18th. Space is limited.


129 10th Street

Des Moines, Iowa

A Little Logic For The Agricultural Advertiser


O back to the time when your business was started.

Whether it had to do with improved seed, live stock, implement, machine, or household accessory, you based

its success on its advantages over an older and less efficient article.

Who was the first to appreciate its advantages? Was it not the quickest-witted, brightest and most level-headed farmer of each community? Following his patronage, was not your strongest and most effective argument to his skeptical neighbors, a reference to the actual demonstrated success that had been made by the progressive farmer?

An affirmative answer to the preceding question proves that the good influence of an intelligent, progressive farmer, capable of successfully adapting your goods to his household or farm, is absolutely neccessary before seeking the patronage of his neighbors.

“FARMING” REACHES THE PACE-MAKERS In developing Farming as a national agricultural advertising medium, this same principle has been applied. We have focused our editorial efforts on the farmers who are setting the pace for their neighbors, by publishing articles that would interest only the most active-minded people. The best photographs on highest quality of coated paper have made a place for FARMING on the library table in the best farm homes. Our subscription offers have been confined to plans that necessitated the full payment of the subscription price, thus attracting those who would read FARMING because they believed its principles.

DON'T YOU WANT TO REACH THE “FARMING" QUALITY OF FARMERS? Let us send you a copy of FarmingA postal request will do.


NEW YORK OFFICE, 133 East Sixteenth Street - CHICAGO OFFICE, 1515 Heyworth Building
The World's Work
Country Life in America

The Garden Magazine

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and this the Deutch-Amerikan. Farmer does in a satisfactory manner.

Here are some of the reasons why this Great Weekly

is a result producer. Editorially it is the ablest farm paper published anywhere. Its editor, Mr. Christ Landman, is a successful, practical farmer, a writer of admitted ability, but above all, an able Editor, who carries his readers along with him. They all enthusiastically recognize him as their Friend.

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This is average for the past twelve months-and its subscriptions are all paid in advance.

This paper has no collection department. Has no need for any.

Now, if you are an advertiser-Mail Order or otherwise-results are what you are after, and we can produce them for you.

You don't have to take our unsupported word as to our circulation claims. We issue a circular showing our circulation by states, and will gladly verify to your complete satisfaction, every claim we make.



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