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If your advertisement is accepted in Farm and Fireside it will be guaranteed to its readers.

For over 30 years the great national farm paper, ask your agent.

The Book of Live Stock Champions

The Most Valuable Book ever Published in the Interest of High Class Stock Raising.

The Book Contains Five Hundred Half-tone Pictures of the Most Famous Horses, Cattle, Hogs, and Sheep. A11 Handsomely Printed on Elegant Paper and Finely

Bound in Cloth with Gilt Title. Obtaining the Book of Live Stock Champions and Two Years' Subscription to the

National Farmer and Stock Grower is like getting Ten for One.


The picture presented herewith is DILHAM PRIME MINISTER, a Pony Hackney Stallion exhibited at many Eastern shows by Mr. Eben D. Jordan, of Chiltonville, Mass. This famous stallion has won many championships in the show ring and is now winning fame as a sire of champions. In The Book of Live Stock Champions a fine picture of DILHAM PRIME MINISTER is on page 151, and TANGERINE. his beautiful prize-winning daughter, is on page 191, and his son, the famous Pony Gelding DOMINOE, is on page 190. This is only one of 150 champion horses appearing in The Book of Live Stock Champions.

Champions represents a champion in domesti live stock. There are first prize, sweepstakes and championship winners at State, National and International Fairs and Expositions. The pictures include every breed of dairy, beef and general-purpose cattle; running, trotting, pacing, jumping, coach and draft horses and ponies; fat swine and individual chanpions of every breed of sheep; also famous Angora goats.

There is not a second-class animal or inferior picture in the book. Every animal is a record-maker, record-breaker, famous sire, mother of champions, or winner on the turf or in the prize ring.

Anyone who will send in One Dollar to pay for two years' subscription to The Nationa Farmer and Stock Grourer can select one copy of The Book of Live Stock Champions as a premium, and it will be sent at once postpaid. Address, THE HALE PUBLISHING CO.,

3550 Vista Avenue, St. Louis, Mo. NOTE.- Incidentally it may be mentioned that The National Farmer and Stock Grower is a first-class advertising medium, averaging 105,550 copies each edition during the past year.

The Book of Live Stock Champions, clothibound, up-to-date edition, is being sent out to thousands of breeders, ranchmen and stock farmers all over the country.

This extraordinary book was built up in three years. It was first issued in March, 1903, a paper-covered volume of 126 pages, containing 250 pictures. The present enlargement makes it a volume of 240 pages, weighing 24 ounces, containing Five Hundred Half. tone Pictures.

Every picture in The Book of Live Stock

Circulation 45,000
All paid in advance

Measured by any standard,

Wallaces' Farmer,

Des Moines, Iowa,
is one of the very best me-
diums in the United States
for gaining the trade of

Chicago Office, GEO. W. HERBERT, Representative

1736 First National Bank Building

New York Office, W.C. RICHARDSON, Representative

725 Temple Court

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