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Página 535 - Seal, hereunto annexed, particularly describes and ascertains the Nature of the said Invention and the Manner in which the same is to be performed...
Página 82 - The Committee on Science and the Arts constituted by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the promotion of the Mechanic Arts, to whom was referred for examination a Solar Compass, invented by WM.
Página 17 - Europe, and with heavy orders for agricultural produce, the farmers in the interior of the states of New York, informed of the state of things by the magnetic telegraph, were thronging the streets of Albany with innumerable team-loads of grain almost as quickly after the arrival of the steamer at Boston as the news of that arrival could ordinarily have reached them. I may add, that, irrespectively of all its advantages to the general community, the system appears to give already a fair return of...
Página 223 - Antiquity deserveth that reverence, that men should make a stand thereupon and discover what is the best way; but when the discovery is well taken, then to make progression.
Página 366 - Those who are but slightly acquainted with the principles of hydrostatics, &c. are apt to fancy immediately that they understand it, and readily attempt to explain it; but their explanations have been different, and to me not very intelligible. Others more deeply skilled in those principles, seem to wonder at it, and promise to consider it.
Página 78 - Every patent so reissued, together with the corrected specification, shall have the same effect and operation in law, on the trial of all actions for causes thereafter arising, as if the same had been originally filed in such corrected form...
Página 76 - Having thus described the nature of my invention, and the manner of performing the same, I would have it understood that I do not confine myself to the details...
Página 78 - Office, who, in all cases during the necessary absence of the Commissioner, or when the said principal office shall become vacant, shall have the charge and custody of the seal, and of the records, books, papers, machines, models, and all other things, belonging to the said office, and shall perform the duties of Commissioner during such vacancy.
Página 43 - Richards, of the same works, mechanical inspector, for improvements in the manufacture of gas, for the purposes of illumination, and in apparatus used when transmitting and measuring gas or other fluids.

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