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Heart Gardens



Note: On Monday morning the teacher san read the story for the week during the opening exercises. Es morning she can write the memory gems for the day on the blackboard for the school to read in concert as a part of the opening exercise.


Seed Sowing Ted and Fred were hapd at work in the library. What? You don't believe those two could be together for work? Oh, I know that usually Ted and Fred stand for fun and frolic; but sometimes they really did work. And this was one of the times. For they were writing a composition on "Weeds."

Their teacher had given them a list of questions to answer; and if they answered all, those answers would make a nice long composition, by themselves. Here are a few from the list.' Ted and Fred could answer these, and most of the others. I think you could, too, couldn't you? 1. Why is it harder to pull weeds when they are large?

What harm does pulling up large weeds do to the good plants?

3. Why is it easier to keep weeds from starting than to pull them out?

4. Why are bad habits like weeds?

The teacher had told them the Bible story of the wheat and the tares; of course the boys knew that; but they had somehow not realized before that they were sowing seed every day in their heart gardens. And now part of their work was to make ut a list of good seeds to plant; they put down Unselfishness, Nthfulness, Honor, Kindness, etc.; their list covered a whole

Then there was to be a list of weeds to keep out; the sys had Unkindness, Deceit, Selfishness, Sabbath-breaking, Envy, and a whole page full of the bad habits or weeds. Indeed, they were quite discouraged at the long list of bad habits, until they remembered that the good plants were to be cultivated so

thoroughly that they would grow tall and strong and smother I out the weeds.

And their April “compos" on "Weeds" and "Seeds" were the best they had ever written, the teacher told them. whermernim vr ucau.

Rose of Remembrance.

(By Stella Lamar Russell.) A rose of remembrance we give them today, Those heroes of ours who've trod their life's

Daughters of Veterans stand ready to do
Whatever they can to honor you,

Comrades so true.
Daughters of Veterans, like you, will hold
Aloft the old Flag, so each starry fold
Shall Aing to the sky that we're to die
Or live for, and strive for, one banner, one


Once more the slow beat on the mur

fed drum
The clear note of the bugle sweet

and low, Calls the faithful few to the ranks

again As it did in the days of the long ago. Both feeble and bent with the weight

of years, They come in their gay uniforms of

blue, Slowly with eyes that are dimmed

with tears, We watch them pass by in one

grand review. Fling the silken folds of the flag we

love, To the breeze let it float in great

array. Let it thrill the heart of each hero

trua As it greets the eye on this hallowed

day. The flowers of spring with their sweet

perfuma Are lovingly laid where these colors

wave, In the quiet place where each soldier

sleeps, All alone in the silent grass grown

grave. When the plaintive call of Taps lin

gers long, On the quiet wind; mingled with the

prayer, At the graves of men who have fought

and died; For the cause they loved when life

was so fair. Let each loyal heart beat with honest

pride, For these faithful soldiers, and let it

stir The deeper feelings of pity and love, For these aged heroes of days that



United by you.
Daughters of Veterans will still carry on
Their memorial work, though you are gone.
With this rose of remembrance we pledge

you anew
To our country and Flag we'll ever be true,

Comrades in blue.
The Eleventh Annual Convention oful

May our glorious banner ever wave,
Unstained; far above us in lofty

'Twas to keep its colors so pure and

fair, These true, loyal patriots suffered

and died;
May the eagle bird fold its wings in

Forevermore; while we silently pray,
For a blessing on this country we love,
At the close of each Memorial day.




The seed, whose leaf and flower,

Though poor in human sight,
Brings forth at last the eternal fruit,
Sow thou by day and night. -Horatius Bonar.

Scatter ye seeds, and flowers will spring;

Strew them broadcast o'er bili and gler;
Sow in your garden, and time will bring
Bright flowers with seeds to scatter again.

Scatter se seeds in the field of mind-

Seeds of flowers with seeds of grain:
In spring and summer sweet garlands ye'll ind,
And in autumn ye'll reap rich fruits for your pain.

Scatter ye seeds in the garden of heart,

Seeds of affection, of truth, and of love;
Cultivate carefully each hidden part,
And the flowers will be seen by angels above.

Is it good or ill we're sowing,

All along the world's highway?
What will by and by be growing

From the seeds we sow to-day? Thorns to pierce the weary feet,

Flowers to make life's pathway sweet; Tbese will by and by be growing

From the seeds we sow to-day.

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