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Dawson, Howard A., etc.—Continued.
Memorandum submitted— Continued.

Progress of Public Education for Negroes in United States,


Table 8. Length of school term (days) in white schools,

Negro schools, and undifferentiated rural schools in 17

States, 1927-34..

Table 9. Number and percentage of Negroes 5 to 19 years

of age in the total urban rural farm, and rural nonfarm

population in 16 States, 1930...

Table 10. Number and percentage of Negroes 5 to 19 who live

in urban, rural farm, and rural nonfarm areas in 16 States,


Table 11. Sixteen Southern States ranked according to the

percentage of Negroes 5 to 19 years of age living in rural

areas, 1930 census.

Table 12. Differences in cost of education for rural white

pupils and all Negro pupils -

Table 13. Ability of the Southern States to support educa-


Table 14. Standing of the Southern States in relation to all

the States on ability to support education.

Table 15. Standing of the Southern States in relation to

each other in ability to support education.

Table 16. Adequacy of educational expenditures in the

Southern States..

Table 17. Pupil-teacher ratio for Negro schools in 18 South-

ern States, 1917-18 to 1933–34.

Table 18. Progress of the Negro in 64 years.

Table 19. Summary table of certain important statistics on

Negro education in 17 Southern States and the District of

Columbia, for the years 1917–34, showing the progress in

all factors.

Table 20. Average days in session and aggregate days of

attendance for the year ending June 30, 1930 Maryland.

Statement submitted in answer to objections of S. 1313.
Submitted letter from H. M. Roland, superintendent of schools,

North Carolina, addressed to the United States Office of Education,

stressing the urgency for additional school facilities...

Submitted statement on Equal Educational Opportunities for


Dennis, L. H., executive secretary, American Vocational Association:

Statement submitted by -

Detre, Lillian: Submitted statement for the National Council of Jewish


Dinwiddie, Courtenay, general secretary, National Child Labor Com-


Additional data submitted...

Educational conditions among children-

Of 68 migratory families in California.

Of 81 white families picking strawberries in White County,

Ark., and in McCracken County, Ky., in the spring of


Of 251 families from Philadelphia who worked on southern

New Jersey farms in the summer of 1938..

Report on educational conditions among children of migrants in-

Berrien County, Mich., in the summer of 1940.

Hop-picking districts of Oregon and Washington in fall of


Six important rankings.
Proposed amendment to S. 1313 submitted.









Duggan, B. O., commissioner of education for the State of Tennessee:


Statement submitted by

Table I. Scholastic population, enrollment, average daily atten-

dance, and the number of the various types of schools in Ten.

nessee, white and colored..

Table II. Scholastic population, enrollment, average daily at-

tendance in 6 counties chosen at random. Also shows the

wide variation in the percentage of attendance and enrollment

from 1 county to another...

Tables III and IV. Number of pupils enrolled, promoted, dropped,

and failed in both white and colored schools of 6 counties of

Tennessee ranging from rich to poor in assessed valuation.--

Table V. Showing the assessed valuation per child in average

daily attendance in 8 counties in Tennessee, selected by


Table VI. Showing the valuation, tax rate for elementary schools,

total county tax rate, and the percent the school rate is of total


Table VII. Amount of State funds and county funds expended

on the elementary program, together with the percent of funds

furnished by the State..

Table VIII. Wide variation in cost per pupil in average daily

attendance from 1 county to another.-

Table IX. Amount of money needed for buildings, equipment,

operation, and teachers' salaries in areas affected by national

defense activities in Tennessee.

Table X. Annual amounts of additional money required for

teachers' salaries in Tennessee to equalize the white and

colored employees.-

Educational Finance Act of 1941, S. 1313.
Fries, Maj. Gen. Amos A., regional director, Friends of the Public Schools

of America: Submitted brief entitled “Objects and Program of Action".
Givens, Willard E.:

Filed statement for Phi Delta Kappa...
Submitted letter received from

Minnesota Education Association.

Ohio Department of Education...
Glenn, Dr. C. B., superintendent of schools, Birmingham, Ala..

Submitted extracts of a resolution passed by the Alabama Association

of School Administrators..
Submitted resolution of Negro public school teachers in Birmingham,

Bessemer, Fairfield, Tarrant City, and Jefferson County, Ala...

Groves, Frank L., executive secretary, Alabama Education Association:

Statement submitted by ---

Hall, Sidney B., State superintendent of public instruction, Richmond, Va.:

Submitted table showing summary of estimated school housing needs
in connection with defense housing-

Harriman, Henry I., vice chairman, American Youth Commission: Sub-

mitted list of members of American Youth Commission..

Hart, Merwin K., president, New York State Economic Council: Sub-

mitted extracts from Citizens' and Taxpayers' Conference on the Quality

and Cost of Public Education, held at Albany, N. Y., February 5, 1940.-

Hetzel, Ralph D., Jr., representing Congress of Industrial Organizations:

Submitted statement of Philip Murray, president of the organization.--

Holt, A. D., executive secretary, Tennessee Education Association: State-

ment submitted by...

Jones, Ralph B., commissioner, department of education, State of Arkan-

sas: Statement submitted..

Kentucky Department on Education: Statement of

King, W. P., executive secretary, Kentucky Education Association, Inc.:

Statement of..-

Submitted statement of Kentucky Department on Education.

Langston, Mary, field secretary, department of classroom teachers, North

Carolina Education Association: Statement submitted..









Locke, Miss Bessie, executive secretary, National Kindergarten Associa-


Statement submitted.


Submitted resolution of National Kindergarten Association.

Submitted resolution of National Council of Women of the United
States, Inc.


Long, Dr. Howard H., representing the Association of Presidents of Land

Grant Colleges for Negroes: Submitted tables showing comparisons

between the support given the land-grant colleges:

Table 1. General income from governmental sources, year ended June

30, 1940.-


Table II. Break-down of Federal funds.


Table III. Collegiate enrollment, 1939–40.


Table IV. Expenditures, year ending June 30, 1940, for educational

and general purposes.-


Maffett, Dr. Mimmie L., president, National Federation of Business and
Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.: Statement of


Mies, Mrs. Elsie W., president, Associated Women of American Farm

Bureau Federation: Statement submitted.


Mothers National Executive Committee: Statement by Cathrine Curtis,
national chairman.

Murray, Philip, president, Congress of Industrial Organizations: State-
ment of.


National Council of Jewish Women: Statement by Lillian Detre, for the- 357

National Council of Women of the United States, Inc.: Resolution passed



National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.:

Statement by Dr. Minnie L. Maffett, president-


National Kindergarten Association:

Resolution passed by --


Statement by Miss Bessie Locke, founder and executive secretary- 355

National Woman's Christian Temperance Union: Statement of


North Carolina Education Association, department of classroom teachers,

statement submitted..


Norton, Dr. John K., Teachers College, Columbia University: Submitted

charts showing extremes of expenditure and financial stability - 138, 139

Ogg, W. R., American Farm Bureau Federation, Washington, D. C.:

Statements presented for-

Mies, Mrs. Elsie_W., president, Associated Women of American

Farm Bureau Federation-


O'Neal, Edward A., president, American Farm Bureau Federa-



O'Neal, Edward A., president, American Farm Bureau Federation:

Statement submitted


Pagán, Hon. Bolívar, Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, memo-

randum submitted -


Parratt, J. Easton, president Utah Education Association:

Submitted memorandum in support of the Educational Finance Act

of 1941..


Chart showing revenue per student from State school funds and

a uniform levy on local property-


Phi Delta Kappa: Statement received from.


Rapeer, Louis Win, president, Research Institute, Washington, D. C.:

Statement of.--


Reeves, Dr. Floyd W., chairman of the Advisory Committee on Education,

Federal Security Agency:

Memorandum submitted..


Exhibit 1. Table showing relative ability of the States to finance

education, 1920–34..


Exhibit 2. Table showing current expenditures per pupil in aver-
age daily attendance, 1931–32, 1935–36, 1937-38.

Exhibit 3. Chart showing number of children 5-17 years of age

per 1,000 adults 20–64 years of age, by size of community,

Exhibit 4. Chart showing number of children 5-17 years of age
per 1,000 adults 20–64 years of age, by regions, 1930.-


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Reeves, Dr. Floyd W., etc. --Continued.
Memorandum submitted—Continued.

Exhibit 5. Table showing number of children of elementary- and

high-school ages per 1,000 adults, aged 20-64 years, by States,



Exhibit 6. Chart showing percentage of public-school revenue

from taxes and appropriations in the various States derived

from property taxes, commodity taxes, and all other taxes,



Exhibit 7. Chart showing current expenditure per pupil in aver-

age daily attendance in the various States, 1935–36..


Exhibit 8. Chart showing current expenditure per pupil in aver-

age daily attendance in the various States, 1935–36..


Exhibit 9. Table showing selected measures of public elementary

and secondary education, by States, 1935–36..


Exhibit 10. Table showing average salary of teachers, principals,

and supervisors in 14 States, and value of sites, buildings, and

equipment per pupil in 10 States, by race, 1935–36..


Exhibit 11. Table showing percentage of the yield of a uniform

tax plan required to finance a defensible foundation program of

public education, by States, 1930...


Exhibit 12. Table showing number of children, percentage dis-

tribution of children among States, and revenue available for

education per child if each State made average effort, 1935-- 119

Exhibit 13. Chart showing revenue available for the education of

each child 5 to 17 years of age if each State made average effort

to educate its children at average cost, 1935-


Exhibit 14. Chart showing current expenditure per child of school

age, 1935-36, and estimated revenue available for the educa-

tion of each child of each State made average effort, 1935.--- 121

Exhibit 15. Table showing amounts of existing authorized Federal

grants for educational services, based on total amounts author-

ized to be appropriated.


Robinson, D. W., chairman of the legislative committee of the South

Carolina Education Association. Submitted report of the committee
appointed pursuant to House Resolution No. 74 "To make an investiga-

tion of the statutory laws of South Carolina dealing with education,” etc. 349

S. 1313, Educational Finance Act of 1941...


Scott, C. H., president, Federal Education Legislative Agency, Inc.,
Washington, D. C.:
Submitted letters from National Education Association signed by-

Howard A. Dawson, director of rural service, dated December 31,

Willard E. Givens, dated January 6, 1941.

Submitted list of members of advisory committee of Federal Education
Legislative Agency, Inc.

Submitted list showing the percentage of teacher and school adminis-

trators of various States who are members of the National Education

Submitted table showing amount of money spent last year throughout

the United States to educate the people to many causes and things-- 323

Sparkman, Hon. John J., Congressman from the State of Alabama:

Quoted extracts from hearings and report of the Special Committee

Investigating Interstate Migration..


Charts presented.


Figure E. Expected increase in farm population, on hypothe-

sis of no migration, 1930–60...


Figure G. Net production rates by counties, 1930-


Figure I. Children of school age per 1,000 adults aged 20–64

years, 1930.


Figure J. Expenditure per pupil for education by States, in

relation to net reproduction rates.


Spaulding, Forrest B., librarian of the Des Moines Public Library and

chairman of the Federal relations committee of the American Library

Association: Memorandum by -


Studebaker, John W., United States Commissioner of Education: Sub-

mitted statement and report on recommendations based on study of

school needs in defense areas..

Table A. Summaries of estimates of additional families and children

of school age--

Table B. Summaries of estimated amount of funds needed for chil-


Table C. Estimated capital outlay and current expense needs projected

in terms of cost per child of school age.

Sutton, Dr. Willis A., superintendent of schools, Atlanta, Ga.:

Submitted table of facts showing comparative expenditures and

amounts needed to equalize educational opportunities in the public
schools of Georgia-

Based on State funds only -

Revenue from all sources considered..

Texas Department of Education: Statement and letter from L. A. Woods,

State superintendent.--

Trent, W. W., State superintendent of free schools of West Virginia: State-

ment submitted by --
Vandiver, J. S., State superintendent of schools if the State of Mississippi:

Memorandum submitted..
Wells, Jere A., superintendent of Fulton County Schools, Fulton County,

Ga.: Memorandum submitted.
Wilkerson, Dr. Doxey A., associate professor of education, Howard Uni-

versity, Washington, D. C.: Submitted extract from studies prepared for

the President's Advisory Committee on Education ---

Woods, L. A., State superintendent, Texas Department of Education:

Statement and letter from...






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