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Página 374 - and transmit them to the nerve-filaments which traverse the organ. Within the ears of men, and without their knowledge or contrivance, this lute of 3,000 strings ' has existed for ages, accepting the music of the outer world and rendering it fit for reception by the brain. Each musical tremor which falls
Página 244 - the note of a cricket would do the same. A chirrup from a distance of 30 yards causes it to fall and roar. I repeat a passage from Spenser : " Her ivory forehead full of bounty brave, Like a broad table did itself
Página 373 - is fixed. The membrane transfers the shock to the water of the labyrinth, which, in its turn, transfers it to the nerves. The transmission, however, is not direct. At a certain place within the labyrinth exceedingly fine elastic bristles, terminating in sharp points, grow up between the terminal nerve-fibres. These bristles, discovered by Max Schultze,
Página 329 - obstruction ; it finds its way through a layer of close felt half an inch thick, and it is not wholly intercepted by 200 layers of cotton-net. The atmosphere exercises a selective choice upon the waves of sound which varies from day to day, and even from hour to hour. It is sometimes
Página 42 - in determining coefficients of expansion ; or by a Joule in determining the mechanical equivalent of heat. There is a morality brought to bear upon such matters which, in point of severity, is probably without a parallel in any other domain of intellectual action.
Página 401 - harmony. As the evening advanced, and the diminished consumption of gas in the city increased the pressure, the phenomenon became more conspicuous. The jumping of the flame gradually increased, became somewhat irregular, and finally it began to flare continuously, emitting the characteristic sound indicating the escape of a greater
Página 25 - the following pages I have tried to render the science of Acoustics interesting to all intelligent persons, including those who do not possess any special scientific culture. The subject is treated experimentally throughout, and I have endeavored
Página 65 - multiplying Newton's velocity by the square root of the ratio of the specific heat of air at constant pressure to its specific heat at constant volume, the
Página 381 - Composition of Vibrations. In our second lecture I referred to, and in part illustrated, a method devised by M. Lissajous for studying musical vibrations. By means of a beam of light reflected from a mirror attached to a tuning-fork, the fork was made to write the story of its own motion. In our
Página 245 - boat, and beat, in succession. To the first there is no response ; to the second, the flame starts ; by the third is thrown into greater commotion ; the sound Ah ! is still more powerful. Did we not know the constitution of vowel-sounds this deportment would be an insoluble enigma. As it is, however, the flame

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