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from any cause arise, from among the circuit court States commissioners for each judicial district in each judicial sioners, circuit, one of such officers, who shall be known for of office. the duties required of him under this title as the chief supervisor of elections of the judicial district for which he is a commissioner, and shall, so long as faithful and capable, discharge the duties in this title imposed. § 2025, tit. 26, U. S. R. S., 2d ed.

Duties of chief supervisor.

SEC. 596. The chief supervisor shall prepare and furnish all necessary books, forms, blanks and instructions chief for the use and direction of the supervisors of election in the several cities and towns in their respective districts; he shall receive the applications of all parties for appointment to such positions; upon the opening, as contemplated in section two thousand and twelve (8 582, ante), of the circuit court for the judicial circuit in which the commissioner 80 designated acts, he shall present such applications to the judge thereof, and furnish such information to him in respect to the appointment by the court of such supervi. sors of election ; he shall require of the supervisors of election, when necessary, lists of the persons who may register and vote, or either, in their respective election districts or voting precincts, and cause the names of those upon any such list whose right to register or vote is honestly doubted to be verified by proper inquiry and examination at the respective places by them assigned at their residences; and he shall receive, preserve, and file all oaths of office of supervisors of election, and of all special deputy marshals, appointed under the provisions of this title, and all certificates, returns, reports, and récords of every kind and nature contemplated or made requisite by the provisions hereof, save where otherwise herein specially directed. $ 2026, same tit.

Duties of


The marshal and all United States commissioners to forward papers to chief supervisor.

Sec. 597. All United States marshals and commission- The marers, who in any judicial district perform any duties under all United

shal and

States commis



States the preceding provisions relating to, concerning or affectsioners to ing, the election of representatives or delegates in the papers to congress of the United States, from time to time, and with supervisor. all due diligence, shall forward to the chief supervisor

in and for their judicial district, all complaints, examinations, and records pertaining thereto, and all oaths of office by the administered to any supervisor of election or special deputy marshal, in order that the same may be properly preserved and filed. $ 2027, tit. 26, U. S. R. S., 2d ed.

ors must

Supervisors ap

for places


Supervisors must be qualified voters. Supervis- Sec. 598. No person shall be appointed a supervisor of be quali- election or a deputy marshal, under the preceding profied voters.

visions, who is not, at the time of his appointment, a
qualified voter of the town, city, county, parish, election
district or voting precinct in which his duties are to be
performed. $ 2028, same tit.
Supervisors appointed for places other than cities of

Sec. 599. The supervisors of election appointed for pointed any county or parish, in any congressional district, at the other than instance of ten citizens, as provided in section two thousand

and eleven (S 581, ante), shall have no authority to make
arrests, or to perform other duties than to be in the im-
mediate presence of the officers holding the election, and
to witness all their proceedings, including the counting
of the votes and the making of a return thereof. §
2029, same tit.
Appointment of deputy marshals.

SEC. 600. Nothing in this title shall be construed to
authorize the appointment of any marshals or deputy
marshals in addition to those authorized by law, prior to
the tenth day of June, eighteen hundred and seventy-two.
$ 2030, same tit.
Pay of supervisors and marshals.

SEC. 601. There shall be allowed and paid to the chief supervisor for his services as such officer, the following compensation, apart from and in excess of all fees allowed by law for the performance of any duty as circuit court

Appointment of deputy marshals.

Pay of supervisors and marshals.

commissioner: For filing and caring for every return, report, record, document, or other paper required to be filed by him under any of the preceding provisions, ten cents; for affixing a seal to any paper, record, report, or instrument, twenty cents; for entering and indexing the records of his office, fifteen cents per folio; and for arranging and transmitting to congress, as provided for in section two thousand and twenty ($ 590, ante), any report, statement, record, return, or examination, for each folio, fifteen cents; and for any copy thereof, or of any paper on file, a like sum. And there shall be allowed and paid to each supervisor of election, and each special deputy marshal who is appointed and performs his duty under the preceding provisions, compensation at the rate of five dollars per day for each day he is actually on duty, not exceeding ten days; but no compensation shall be allowed, in any case, to supervisors of election, except to those appointed in cities or towns of twenty thousand or more inhabitants. And the fees of the chief supervisors shall be paid at the treasury of the United States, such accounts to be made out, verified, examined, and certified as in the case of accounts of conimissioners, save that the examination or certificate required may be made by either the circuit or district judge. $ 2031, tit. 26, U. S. R. S., 2d ed.




from the


Aliens honorably discharged from the military service. Aliens

SEC. 602. Any alien of the age of twenty-one years discharged and upwards, who has enlisted, or inay enlist, in the military armies of the United States, either the regular or volunteer forces, and has been, or may be hereafter, honorably discharged, shall be admitted to become a citizen of the United States, upon his petition, without any previous declaration of his intention to become such ; and he shall not be required to prove more than one year's residence

within the United States previous to his application to become such citizen; and the court admitting such alien shall, in addition to such proof of residence and good moral character, as now provided by law, be satisfied by competent, proof of such person's having been honorably discharged from the service of the United States. U.S. R. S., 2d ed., $ 2166, tit. 30. (Section 2165, of tit. 30, U. S. R. S., 2d ed., specifies proceedings which certain aliens must take in order to become citizens of the United States.)

Persons arriving in their minority may be naturalized.

Persons arriving in their minority may be naturalized.

Sec. 603. Any alien, being unde the age of twentyone years, who has resided in the United States three years next preceding his arriving at that age, and who has continued to reside therein to the time he may make application to be admitted a citizen thereof, may, after he arrives at the age of twenty-one years, and after he has resided five years within the United States, including the three years of his minority, be admitted a citizen of the United States, without having made the declaration required in the first condition of section twenty-one hundred and sixty-five; but such alien shall make the declara. tion required therein at the time of his admission; and shall further declare on oath, and prove to the satisfaction of the court, that, for two years next preceding, it has been his bona fide intention to become a citizen of the United States; and he shall in all other respects comply with the laws in regard to naturalization. $ 2167, same tit.


Provisions of title 30, U. S. Revised Statutes, to whom to apply.

Sec. 604. The provisions of this title shall apply to of dit: 30,0. aliens [being free white persons and to aliens] of Afri

can nativity and to persons of African descent. $ 2169, same tit.

whom to apply.

Uninterrupted residence.

SEC. 603. No alien shall be admitted to become a citiranteca. zen who has not for the continued term of five years



next preceding his admission resided within the United
States. § 2170, tit. 30, U. S. R. S., 2d ed. (For pro-
visions respecting an alien whose country is at war with
the United States at the time of his application to be-
come a citizen. See $ 2171, of the U.S. R. S.)
Minor children.

SEC. 606. The children of persons who have been duly Minor naturalized under the law of the United States, or who, previous to the passing of any law on that subject by the government of the United States, may have become citizens of any one of the States, under the laws thereof, being under the age of twenty-one years at the time of the naturalization of their parents, shall, if dwelling in the United States, be considered as citizens thereof; and the children of persons who now are, or have been, citizens of the United States, shall, though born out of the limits and jurisdiction of the United States, be considered as citizens thereof; but no person heretofore proscribed by any State, or who has been legally convicted of having joined the army of Great Britain during the Revolutionary war, shall be admitted to become a citizen without the consent of the legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed. $ 2172, same tit. When seamen, being foreigners, may become citizens.

SEC. 607. Every seaman, being a foreigner, who declares When seahis intention of becoming a citizen of the United States in foreigners, any competent conrt, and shall have served three years on become board of a merchant vessel of the United States subsequent to the date of such declaration, may, on his application to any competent court, and the production of his certificate of discharge and good conduct during that time, together with the certificate of declaration of his intention to become a citizen, be admitted a citizen of the United States ; and every seaman, being a foreigner, shall, after his declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States, and after he shall have served such three years, be deemed a citizen of the United States for the purpose of manning and serving on board any merchant vessel of the United States, any thing to the contrary in any act of congress notwithstanding ;


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