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last general election kept in the district or districts from
which said new election district is formed. The said in-
spectors shall complete, as far as practicable, the said reg-
ister on the day of their maturing aforesaid, and shall
make four copies thereof, and certify the register and
each of the copies to be a true list of the voters in their
district, as far as the same are known to them; within
two days thereafter the said original list, together with
the list taken from the office as aforesaid, shall be filed
by said inspectors in the office of the town clerk of the
town, and in the office of the village clerk in which such
election district may be. One copy of said list shall, im-
mediately after its completion, be posted in some con-
spicuous place in the room in which such meeting shall
be held, and be accessible to any elector who may desire
to examine the same or make copies thereof. $ 2,
ch, 576, 1880.
Registry, correction of.

SEC. 180. The said board of inspectors shall meet on the Friday of the week preceding the day of general election, in their respective election districts, at the place designated for holding the polls of election, for the purpose of revising and correcting said list; and for this purpose they shall meet at nine o'clock in the forenoon, and remain in session until seven o'clock in the afternoon of that day; and they shall there revise, correct, add to, and subtract from, and complete the said lists; and shall on that day add to the said list the names of any person who would, on the said first Tuesday of November, be entitled, under the provisions of the constitution and the laws of this State, to exercise the right of suffrage in their respective election districts. But in making such addition on that day, or on any prior day, they shall not place on the said list the name of any person except in strict compliance with the provisions of section two and section four hereof, and the other provisions of this act. § 3, same ch.

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Registry board, proceedings to be public.

Sec. 181. The proceedings of said board of inspectors shall be open, and all persons residing and entitled to proceed; vote in said district shall be entitled to be heard by said public. inspectors in relation to corrections or additions to said register. One of the lists so kept by said inspectors as aforesaid shall be used by them on the day for making corrections or additions for the purpose of completing the registry for such district. No addition shall be made to the said register of the name of any person, nor shall the name of any person be placed thereon except of one who shall have appeared in person before the said board ; and any person not born in the United States, on applying to have his name placed on the registry, shall prove that he is a citizen of the United States, by producing a certifi cate of naturalization from a court of competent jurisdiction; or, in case of loss of such certificate, he shall show to the satisfaction of the board of registry that he is a naturalized citizen. $ , ch. 576, 1850.

Registry. Erasure of names of non-residents.

Sec. 182. It shall be the duty of said inspectors, at Registry, their meeting for revising and correcting said list, to names of crase therefrom the name of any person inserted therein dents. who shall be proved to the satisfaction of said inspectors to be a non-resident of said district, or otherwise not entitled to vote in said district at the election then next to be held. Any elector residing in said district, and entitled to vote therein, may appear before said board of inspectors and require his name to be recorded on said alphabetical list, and upon complying with the requirements of this act, the name shall be recorded. Any person so requiring his name to be entered on said list shall make the same statement as to the street or number thereof, and where he resides, required by the provisions of this act of persons offering their votes at the election, and shall be subject to the same pains and penalties for refusing to give such information, or for falsely giving the same, and shall be also subject to challenge, either by the inspectors or either of them, or by any other elector whose name appears upon said alphabetical list, and the same cath may be administered as to persons offering to vote at an election.

§ 5, same ch.


list to be copied when completed.

Registry list to be copied when completed.

Sec. 183. After said list shall have been fully com- pleted, the said inspectors shall cause six copies of the same to be made, each of which shall be certified by them to be a correct list of the voters of their district, one of which shall be filed in the office of the town clerk of towns, and of the clerk of the village and in the office of the county clerk of the county, and one of which copies shall be retained by each of the said inspectors. It shall be the duty of the said inspectors carefully to preserve the said list for their use on election day, and to designate one of their number, or one of the clerks, at the opening of the polls, to check the names of every voter voting in such district, whose name is on the register; and no vote shall be received at any annual election in this State, unless the name of the person offering to vote be ou the said registry, made and completed as hereinbefore provided, preceding the election; and any person whose name is on the registry may be challenged, and the same oaths shall be put as are now prescribed by law. This section shall be taken and held by every judicial or other tribunal as mandatory and not as directory. And any vote which shall be received by the said inspector of election in contravention of this section shall be void, and shall be rejected from the count in any legislative or judicial scrutiny into any result of the election. $ 6, ch. 576, 1880.

when offering to vote.

Poll clerks, their duties. Duty of elector when offering

to vote. Poll-clerks, SEC. 184. The clerks at each poll, in addition to the duties,e duties now prescribed by law, shall enter on the poll-list elector. kept by them, in columns prepared for that purpose, op

posite the name of each person voting, the same statement or minute as hereinafter required of inspectors, in making the registry ; but such entry is not to be made by them if the registry contains correctly the name and residence of such voter. Every elector, at the time of offering his vote, shall, if required, truly state the street in which he resides; and if the house, lodging or tenement in which he resides is numbered, the number there

of, and the clerks of the polls shall truly enter in the appropriate column of the poll list opposite the name of the elector, the street in which the elector resides and the number in case the house, lodging or tenement is numbered; and if the same is not numbered, then the clerk shall enter not numbered” in the column of the poll-list for entering the number, and in case of refusal to make the statement as aforesaid, the vote of such elector shall not be received. Any person who shall willfully make any false , statement in relation thereto shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction, be punished with a fine of fifty dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail of the county where such voter offers to vote for a period of ten days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. S 7, ch. 576, 1880.


Poll-list and register to be filed.

SEC. 185. After the canvass of the votes, the said poll-lišt Poll-list and said register so kept and checked as aforesaid shall ter to be be attached together, and shall, on the following day, be filed in the town clerk's office of the town in which said district shall be, and in case the district is in a village, in the office of the clerk of such village, and, also, in the county clerk's office of the county, to be used by the inspectors in making the list of voters at the next general election. 98, same ch. Registry clerk.

SEC. 186. The said board may, if necessary, on the Registry day or days of the making and the correction of such list, appoint a clerk to assist them in the discharge of the duties required by this act; and the same oath shall be taken by such clerk as is required by law of clerks of the polls and of election. $ 9, same ch.

Registers shall be open.

SEC. 187. The registers shall, at all times, be open to Registers public inspection at the office of the authorities in which open. they shall be deposited, without charge. $ 10, same ch. Registrars and clerks, compensation of. SEC. 188. The members of the board of registration and Registrars

compensation of.

and clerks, their clerks shall each receive the same compensation as

is now allowed by law for inspectors of elections, for each day actually employed in making and completion of the registry, to be paid to them at the time and in the manner in which they are paid their other fees. The necessary blanks and instructions, and other incidental expenses, incurred in executing the provisions of this act, shall be provided and paid for in the manner now provided for the payment of incidental expenses of election of the like character. § 11, ch. 576, 1880.

Orderpower to preserve.

Order — power to preserve.

SEC. 189. The said board shall have and exercise the same powers in preserving order at their meetings under this act as are given to inspectors of election for preserving order on election days. $ 12, same ch.

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Oaths — form of oath.

Sec. 190. Any one of the inspectors may, at any authorized meeting of the board, administer the path or oaths now required by law to test the qualification of electors, and may also administer on the day of the making and completion of the lişt, to any elector of the district who may be offered as a witness to prove the qualification of any person claiming the right to be registered, the following oath: “You do swear, or affirm, that you are an elector of this district ; that you will fully and truly answer all such questions as shall be put to you touching the place of residence and other qualifications as an elector of the person now claiming the right to be registered as a voter in this district.” And whoever shall willfully swear falsely upon such examination shall be deemed guilty of perjury. § 13, same ch.



Registering names fraudulently. Registering Sec. 191. Any person who shall cause his name to be fraudu- registered in more than one election district, or who shall

cause his name to be registered, knowing that he is not a qualified voter, in the town or district, where said registry is made, or who shall falsely personate any registered voter, and any person causing any such act, or aiding or

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