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abetting any person in any manner in either of said acts, shall be punished for each and every offense, by imprisoninent in the State prison for not less than one year. All false swearing before said board of registration shall be deemed willful and corrupt perjury, and on conviction punished as such. If any member or officer of said board shall willfully violate any of the provisions of this act, or be guilty of any fraud in the execution of the duties of his office, he shall be punished for each and every offense by imprisonment in the State prison for not less than one year. $ 14, ch. 576, 1880.

local elec

also at


Registry at local elections, and also at school elections.

SEC. 192. The same list required to be made and per- Registry at fected at general elections shall, in the same manner, be tions, and niade and perfected by the inspectors or other officers of school election at all elections for town and village officers, and all elections for school trustees, or boards of education, in any village wherein under the provisions of law, any of the villages mentioned in this act elect school trustees or boards of education by ballot; and the provisions and requirements of this act, so far as the same may be, are made applicable to such elections, except that the officers required to make such registries shall meet for that purpose on the Friday preceding the town or village charter election; and on the Friday preceding the election for school officers for the purpose of making up, revising, correcting and completing such register. § 15, same ch. Registry act to be printed.

SEC. 193. The secretary of State shall cause this law to Registry be printed, and a sufficient number of copies thereof sent printed. to the county clerks of the several counties in which there are towns and villages which come under the provisions of this act to supply each of the officers mentioned or named in this act, with a copy, and it shall be the duty of the said county clerks immediately to transmit a copy of the same to each of the election officers mentioned in this act. $ 16, same ch.


act to be

military service.

Electors in military service. Electors in Sec. 194. Nothing in this act contained shall be held

to apply to any vote cast, or offered to be cast, nor to any vote under or by virtue of the provisions of any law enacted to enable qualified electors of this State, absent therefrom in the military service of the United States; or in the army or navy thereof, to vote. $17, ch. 576, 1880.

Richmond countytowns.

Richmond county – towns. Richmond SEC. 195. The provisions of this act shall apply to the

towns of Richmond county. $ 18, same ch.

Registry act, when


Registry act, when not to apply to a town.

SEC. 196. This act shall not apply to any town unless at ppt to ap- least twenty-five electors thereof shall petition the super

visor of said town for such registry, at least one week before the time for meeting of the inspectors mentioned in the third section of this act ($ 180, ante), which petition shall be immediately filed by said supervisor in the town clerk's office of said town, which clerk shall at once notify the said inspectors; nor shall this act be construed to repeal or in any manner interfere with any general or special act for a registry of voters in any of the cities, villages or towns of this State. $ 19, same ch.


Vote, when not to be received. Vote, when SEC. 197. No vote shall be received at any general not to be

election in this State, unless the name of the person offering to vote be on the said registry made on the Friday preceding the election, excepting that the person offering to vote in any district not in an incorporated city nor in an incorporated village having over ten thousand inhabitants, shall furnish to the board of inspectors his affidavit giving his reasons for not appearing on the day for correcting and verifying the list, and prove by the oath of a householder of the district in which he offers his vote that he knows such person to be an inhabitant of the district; and any person whose name is on the registry may be challenged, and the same oaths shall be put as are now prescribed by law. At any general election hereafter held in this State, any of the inspectors

of such election may take the affidavit herein required by law to be furnished by persons offering to vote whose names are not on the registry of electors, and such inspectors, or one of them, shall, upon request, take and certify such affidavit without fee or reward. All other officers authorized by law to take affidavits shall at all times, upon request, take and certify any affidavit so required to be furnished as aforesaid, without any charge therefor. § 20, ch. 576, 1880.


Of the manner of ascertaining the citizens of the sev-

eral towns in any county of this State having a popula-
tion of over three hundreit thousand, who shall be en-

titled to the right of suffrage therein. Registry in certain towns.

SEC. 198. Whenever fifty or more resident citizens and Registry in legal voters of any town in any county in this State hav-towns. ing a population of over three hundred thousand according to the last State census, shall file in the office of the town clerk of such town, in writing, a request that the citizens of such town, entitled to the right of suffrage, be ascertained, the town clerk shall, within five days thereafter, notify the justices of the peace and supervisor of said town to meet, and in such notice shall name a time and place in said town, not less than three or more than ten days thereafter, for them to meet. Such justices and supervisor and the town clerk shall at the time and place so designated meet, and shall constitute a board with power to do and perform the acts and duties hereinafter required. § 1, ch. 142, 1880, entitled An act to ascertain the citizens of the several towns in any county of this State, having a population of over three hundred thousand, according to the last census, who shall be entitled to the right of suffrage therein.Passed April 22, 1880; three-fifths being present. Registers, how appointed.

SEC. 199. The presence of at least four of said board Registers, shall be necessary to constitute a quorum. When so con- pommes vened they shall proceed to appoint, under their hands

and seals, five citizens and legal voters of said town, who shall have been residents of said town for at least one year next before their appointment as registers, to act as and be known as the board of registry of said town. Said registers shall be selected from the two opposing political parties which cast the greatest number of votes at the then next preceding general election, and not more than three of them shall be at any time taken froin or belong to either of said political parties. If any person so appointed fails or refuses to serve, or if a vacancy at any time shall occur, the other members of the board shall fill the vacancy by appointment. $ 2, ch. 142, 1880.

Registers to be notified - organization and meeting. erisi Sec. 200. The persons so appointed shall be notified fied oron by the town clerk within five days thereafter, and theremeet- upon and at least thirty days before the next annual town

meeting or general election, they shall meet and organize as a board of registry by electing a chairman and clerk. They shall then fix the tiines and places at which they will meet for the purpose of ascertaining the citizens of said town entitled to the right of suffrage therein, which meetings shall be on four different days, from eight o'clock in the morning until nine o'clock in the evening, for the purpose of registration; the last day shall be for the purpose only of revising and correcting the roll, and shall be at least ten days before the next ensuing annual town meeting or general election. $ 3, same ch.

Registers to be noti

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Registry board to

of time of registration.

Registry board to give notice of time of registration.

Sec. 201. The said board of registry shall immediately give notice after organization cause such notice of their meetings for

registration to be given, as in their jndgment shall be reasonable and sufficient, by advertising the same in at least one newspaper of each party, if there be oue having a circulation in said town, and by posting ten or more notices in such town, in as many public and conspicuous places as they shall deem necessary and sufficient to notify the resident electors of said town. § 4, same ch.

Vote, who only entitled to. Content Sec. 202. No person shall be entitled to vote at, or

tled to.

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take part in, such election or town meeting except as ascertained to be entitled to the right of suffrage, as herein provided. $ 5, ch. 142, 1880.


ings at


Registry board. Proceedings at meeting of.

SEC. 203. At the times of meeting of the board of Registry registry they, or a majority of thein, shall have power to proceedact, and shall take and enter on five lists the name and meeting residence of each person appearing before them and claiming to be qualified and entitled to the right of suffrage, who shall not be challenged. And the citizens of such town entitled to and claiming the right to vote at the ensuing election or annual town neeting may attend before said board of registry for the purpose of registration. $ 6, same ch.


SEC. 204. If any person so offering himself for enroll- Challenges ment shall be challenged by any member of said board, or by any person entitled to vote in said town, the said board of registry, or any member thereof, shall tender to him the oath required to be administered to persons when votes are challenged at general elections. And if the same is taken then the name of such person shall be entered on the list of voters, and not otherwise. And it shall be the duty of every member of said board to challenge every person offering himself for registration who is, in his opinion, not entitled to vote, and who will not be entitled to vote at the next ensuing election or town meeting. § 7, same ch.

Registration of naturalized citizens. Naturalization cer

tificates to be produced, when.

SEC. 205. Any person not born in the United States, Regist claiming to be a citizen by naturalization, applying to uralized at have his name placed on the registry, must produce a Naturali. certificate of naturalization from a court of coinpetent linicates to jurisdiction, or prove by his oath or affirmation to the ed, when. board of registry that such a certificate has been issued, and that the same has been lost or destroyed. $ 8, same ch.

be produc

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