Virginia Carolorum: The Colony Under the Rule of Charles the First and Second, A.D. 1625-A.D. 1685, Based Upon Manuscripts and Documents of the Period

J. Munsell's Sons, 1886 - 446 páginas

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Página 338 - I thank God, there are no free schools, nor printing, and I hope we shall not have, these hundred years; for learning has brought disobedience, and heresy, and sects into the world, and printing has divulged them, and libels against the best government. God keep us from both.
Página 251 - liberty of conscience" repugnant to this. If men will profess, — be they those under Baptism, be they those of the Independent judgment simply, or of the Presbyterian judgment, — in the name of God, encourage them, countenance them...
Página 57 - Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland ffrance and Ireland Defender of the ffaith &c...
Página 30 - You shall here distinctly by John Turner,! who I thinke shall come hence on Tewsday night. I had thought to have come with him, to have...
Página 218 - Hale, when of high rank at the bar, took the engagement to be true and faithful to the Commonwealth of England without a King or House of Lords.
Página 345 - Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these 35 Yet thou sayest, Because I am innocent, surely his anger shall turn from me.
Página 337 - I can knowingly affirm, that there is no government of ten years settlement, but has thrice as much allowed him. But I am supported by my hopes, that his gracious majesty will one day consider me.
Página 89 - ... to profit the Church of God, having always in mind that they ought to excel all others in purity of life, and should be examples to the people to live well and christianly, under pain of ecclesiastical censures to be inflicted with severity according to the qualities of their offences.
Página 63 - I must either go and settle it in a better order than it is, or else give it over, and lose all the charges I have been at hitherto for other men to build their fortunes upon. And I had rather be esteemed a fool by some for the hazard of one month's journey, than to prove myself one certainly for six years by past, if the business be now lost for the want of a little pains and care.
Página 420 - t happened : In. a town There liv'da cobbler, and but one, That out of doctrine could cut use, And mend men's lives, as well as shoes' This precious brother having slain, In times of peace, an Indian, Not out of malice, but mere zeal, (Because he was an Infidel...

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