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the night came in which it was no longer appointed that he should labour. And be it ever recollected, that although he wrote for his daily bread, and it never failed him, (which was a reward of his faith and truthfulness), yet did he never write a single word or line populo ut placerent fabulæ !

It is the learned Barrow, in his Sermon Of Industry in our Particular Calling as Scholars, that has these words:—“ Dignum laude virum Musa vetat mori ; learning consecrateth itself and its subject together to immortal remembrance. It is a calling that fitteth a man for all conditions and fortunes ; so that he can enjoy prosperity with moderation, and sustain adversity with comfort; he that loveth a Book will never want a faithful friend, a wholesome counsellor, a cheerful companion, an effectual comforter. By study, by reading, by thinking, one may innocently divert and pleasantly entertain himself, as in all weathers, so in all fortunes.” Thus did the lamented Southey, rooted and grounded in the Faith! And with these words, GentLE AND Courteous Reader, I commend to thee the several Series of his Common Place Books

He that affecteth God in chief,

And as himself his neighbour ;
May still enjoy a happy life,

Although he live by lubour!”—G. WITHER.


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ALEANDER, CARDINAL, his epi. | Ancestry, one good effect of, 79.

ANCILLON, remarks of, 439.
taph, 390.

Ale bottles, letters sent in, 505. | Anecdotes for Espriella, 358.
ABBE DU Bos, saying of, that | Alerion, heraldic term, 399. And gleanings, 540, &c.

different ideas are as plants i Alhama, La gran Perdida de, Anger, remark on, 625.
or flowers, 612.

original and translation, 262- Animals, Arabian, 110-112,
Abdera, law at, relative to the 265. Like the Ranz de Vaches 175. Not morally respon.

dissipation of patrimony,456. forbidden to be sung, 265. sible, 593. Saying of Cana.
ABDOL MOTALLEB, father of Alhambra, perfumed room in,

dian Indians about, 607.
Mahomet, 177.

Slaughtered in London, in the
Aberfraw Palace, 61.
Ali's Sons, Death of, celebrated, year 1810, 392.

Have rea-
Abrojos, used in Columbus' 121.

soning, 428. Redemption
Journal, 699.

ALLEINE, RICHARD, his Vindi- for, 446. Extracts, 541.
Adam, yearly meeting of those ciæ Pietatis, 399.

Antimony, red oil of the glass
so called in 1681, 373. All Souls' Duy, customs on, at of, 436, 546.
Adam's first Wife, 85.

Naples and Salerno, 163. Apes, venerable ones in Guinea,
Adder's-tongue Fern, 29. Allumée, heraldic term, 432. 483.
Adites, tribe of, 97.

Alnwick, the miry pool of, 419. Apium Raninum, root of, best
Advocate of Poictiers, story of, ALPHERY MOKEPHER, history medicine for swine, 574.
and results, 713.

of, 399.

Apollo, victim to, 58.
Æsop, good morals in, and in Almanack, Egyptian, 165. Appleby Assizes, way of doing

Reynard the Fox too, 621. Story of one at Kendal, 354. justice at, 397.
African Mule Monsters, 75. Aloes, cloth for pantaloons made Appleby, pretty town, 532.
Aggawam, cobler of, 622. Ex. from, 395.

Apple trees, wassailing and
tracts, 681.

Alphington, near Exeter, wo- howling of, 380-1.
Agla, what, 432.

men freak there, 380. Arabian Scenery, extracts rela-
AGNES SOREL AND CHARLES, ALONSO DE ERCILLA, author of tive to, 102. Horses, 109.
death of, 26.

the Araucana, so called from Atmosphere,-birds, beasts,
AGNES, St. name explained, Arauco, a mountain province and plants, 110-112. Hospi-
of Chili, Q. R. vol. 87, p.

tality, ib.
Agriculturists, seditious when 317, 16.

Arabs, devotement of, 105.
provisions are cheap, 667. AMANT, St. extracts, 433. Corrupted the science of me.
Agues cured by electricity, 436. Amatory Poems, general con- dicine, 438.
By fear, 441. By the fourth demnation of, 258.

Araucan Song during Thunder
Book of the Iliad. 507. American Sarage, old age of, 39. Storm, 199.
Agyei, sort of directing Posts, Servants, object to answer. Araucana, extracts from, 630.

ing a bell, 365.


AMPHIARANS, Descent of, 227. ARCHIMEDES, his rams, whoby
A karia, what? See Meurs. Amreeta-cup of Immortality, their bleating shewed which
Gloss. Græc. Barb. in v. 432.

way the wind blew, 613.
AKBAR's Seal, Motto on, 450. Amusements, Public, 368. ARCHY, Charles the First's

Anatomy, subjects begged for, fool, died at Arthuset, in
Alaodin's Paradise, 84.

588. Discovery of the Lac- Cumberland, 368.
Ale-house, parsonage in Lang. teals, ib.

dale formerly licensed for, ! Analto, use of, 399.

michi for mihi, 643.

Army, Pomp of, 62. Remarks

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on the reduction of, after a Bacon, Lord, remarks of, 637. BEAUCHAMP, RICHARD, Earl of
war, 666,

BADDELEY, the comedian, be. Warwick, 270.
ARNOLD OF BRESCIA, account quest of, 398.

of, 28, 141.

Bag-pipes,graziers' cattle feed- marks on, 306, &c. Extracts,
Arrows, 62. Of disease, 431. ing to the sound of, 393. 457, 9; 635, &c. 646, &e.
Art, Benefit of, at Vicenza, ana- Bahar Danush, extracts from, 657, &c.

logous to our old Benetit - considered by Southey to Beavers, formerly in Wales,
Clergy, 399.

be a remarkable work, 213. 140. Account of one, 438.
Arundel Marbles, how abused, BALDER, The Grave of, 27. Bedminster, subject for an Ee-

BALGUY, burnt his sermons, logue, 193.
Arundela, what, and whence de- why? 709.

Bee, why a fool, 198.
rived, 238.

Ballads, subjects for, 95. Beech and Beech-mast, 164.
Asinitas hominum, Casaubon's Bulm, great use of in Egypt,

Richness of the beech-trees
remark on, 644.

in the Forest of Dean, 201.
Asker, An, i.e. a beggar, 364. BALY or Bely, account of in Bedare and dare, the same word,
Aspalux. See Schol. in Ly. Hindoo Mythology, 251.

cophr. v. 121, and Etymol. Bamborough, story about, 367. Bee-hives, carried to the Moors,
Mag. in v. Aristotle writes Bampton, Oxon, custom of the why, 709,
'Aogálat. Cf. Hist. Animal. vicars of, 395.

Beer, bottled, origin of, 390.
lib. i. 1, 9. viii. 28, 433. Banks, temples used as, 685. Bees, seem formerly to have
Aspen-poplar, Tafod y Mirchens, Buntams, the Javanese, nearly been destroyed by water, 16.

or, Woman's Tongue, 172. as large as a bustard, 367. The breed of, discouraged in
Ass, singular taste of one for BAPTISTA Porta, observation wine countries, why? 701.
tobacco, 593. A student of of, 476.

Beggar of Moorfield, story of,
philosophy, 368.

Baptists, why they seceded 396.
Astræa, remarks on, 279.

from the Evangelical Maga- Beings, Scale of, 576.
Astronomy, Turkish, 156. Hin. zine, 410.

doo prolixity, 435.

BARBER,THE, his consequence, BELLAY, Epitaph by, and
Atone, meaning of, 288.


Translation of by R. Ś. 73.
ATTILA, the sword of, 241. Rurdsay, island of, 140. Bell-ringing, its music-"the
AUGUSTINE, saying of, 630. Barons, palace pomp of, 151. poetry of steeples'' - Sou.

Anecdote of, unde? 436. Opi. BARROW, extracts from, 626, they's love for, 7. Accounts
nion of the human soul, 479. 679.

of, 389, 400, 417, 418, 447.
Aurora Borealis, Captain T. BARRUEL, ABBE, extracts Bells, extracts relative to, 425,
Southey's account of, 6, 162. from, 381-383.

477, 582.
North and South Indian's Bartholomew-tide Sports, 118. Benevolence, Practical, curious
name for, Ed-thin, 168. Barton in the Beans, 341.

letter, 623.
AUSONIUS, beautiful epigram Bashfulness—"rosy modesty,” Benin, notions in the kingdom
of, 456.

of, 246.
Avale, i. e. to descend, 89. Bat, short and quick cry of, BENEZET, ANTONY, saying of,
Avarice ever finds in itself mat. 201. Dips the breast like 637.

ter of ambition, 637. Its own the swallow, 202. Proverb BENSERADE, 641.
plague, 718.

that the serpent eats one ere Berkeley, old woman of, 124.
Awkwardness at Court, 44. he comes to be a dragon, 710. BERNAL Diaz, saying of, 633.
AYSCOUGH, Sir Izaac Newton's Bath and Bristol, frightened BERNARDS', Isle of Man, ex.
uncle, his absence of mind, by a prophet, 385.

tracts from, 320,
Battle, shades of, 241.

Azincour, Song on the Battle of, Bausan, or Stuffed Sentinel, death of, 109.

Berwick, omitted in the first
Bayes, repaitre de, phraseof, 71. Income Tax Bill, story of,

Bean-belly, Leicestershire, 341.

Bear, the Dancing, hints for Betele, vermilion dye of, for
BABER EMPEROR, saying of, Poemling on, 198. Sucking lips, 257.

when speaking of an infa: his paws, 199. Story of one BETTINELLI P, SAVERIO, son.
mous deed, 684.

who could play the piano, net by, 49. Translation of,
Babel, derivation of! 582,


BẠCHAUMONT, Mem. Sec. ex: Beards, extracts relative to, Bhurlpore, an officer's observa.
tracts, 573, 617, 621,
500, 598.

tion on the carnage at, 702.
Bachelors' Buttons, 244. Beasts, examples to men, 592. Bible, English sailors' love for,
Bachelor, i. e. Bas Chevalier, Beattie, extracts from, and 483,

remarks on, 334.



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Birds, extracts relative to, 168. | Brazil, thick heads in, 171. Burgomaster, strange mode of

Of the Bermudas that bur | Breath, II, strange cure for, choosing, 454.
row,592. Education of sing. 429.

BURGOINGNE, Duc de, Lettres
ing birds, 510.

Brick, custom of building with, envoyées de, par le Roy d'An.
BISHOP, SAMUEL, Poetical when introduced, 400.

gleterre au, 21. Charles the
Works, 309. Shews in his Brescia, Arnald of, 141.

Warlike, Duke of, 104, 109,
domestic poems a very ami. Bretagne, Traditions in, 240. 115, 164.
able and happy feeling of du. BREUSE, The Lady, 174.

Burial, Royal and Noble Modes
ties and enjoyments, &c. ib.
Bisk, i. e, to ink so as to be il-

of, 133.
Brianstone, Great Sergeanty
Tenure of, 175.

Buried Money, story of, 426.
legible, 399.
Blackbird and Woodlark, notice Britain, the thirteen rarities of, BURKE, his admiration of Spen.
Bride Ale, 361.

Burke the miscreant, affrighted

in his sleep, 708.
of, 152.

Blame my Nose! softened im.
Bristol, H. Walpole not favour.

ser, 312. Complimented by
precation, 477.

ably impressed with, 392.

Lord G. Gordon, 689. His
Goodness of the water of,

saying on Pitt's Economical
Blank Verse, Irregular, re-


Bill, 689. On the Growth
marks on, 1.
Broad-cloth, deterioration of by

of Atheism, 700.
Blind, funds for, at Christ's

Devil's dust in Latimer's BURNet, Sir Thomas, son of
Hospital, 387.
time, 610.

Bishop, saying of, 350.
Blood, Circulation of ? allusion
Brouds, meaning of the term,

BURNET'S Theuria Sacra, ad.
to, in Eccles. xii. 546.

mired by Southey and

Boar, a Norfolk one, ridden
BROOKE, LORD, his Poems, re.

Wordsworth, 184.
four and a quarter miles by

marks on, 313. Extracts, Burning, better than Inter.
his master, 415.
647-649, 691.

ment, 195.
Boar's head, 174.
Brougham Castle, fine ruin,532,

Burrough, or Burgh, Hutchin.
Boat like an Eagle, 67.

son's remark on name, 618.
Bodmer's Noachid, a bad Brough Bells, story of, and Bal.

537. LORD, 666, 688.

BURTON, Anat. of Mel. ex-
Poem, 2.

lad, 422.

tracts, 467-8, 473-4.
BROUGHTON's Dict. of all Re-

BUSHELL'S Wells, account of
Calvin's Institutes, reported
ligions, extracts from, 121,2.

at Enstone, 405.
through Madan, 410.
Bombast, Spanish, 259.

SunThomas,traditionabout, Butterfly, pretty lines of Hall

Hartston's, 661.
Bonaparte and Dr. Solomon, BROWN, John, remarks on his
confusion of, 365.

Estimate, &c. 342.
Bone Manure, 388.
Browne, Sir T. favourite wri.

Cader Idris, 242.
Bonfires, Festival, 116.
Book, occupations necessary Bruce, The Heart of, 172. Ex.

ter of Southey's, 334.

CÆCILIA, ST., 67; sermons

preached on her day as late
to produce one, 450. When
tracts from “The," 217.

as 1713, 703
new, 692. A friend, 725.
Bons Esprits, and beaux.esprits, Brute Creation, Apology for, CALDERON, extracts, 468, 471,

CAFFARELLI, the singer, his
Bruciud, not a good Poem,633.

wealth, 433.
Book-keeper, correct and in.

Sermon by James Granger,

501, 640. 658.
correct, P. Tompkin's, death
of, 390.
BRUYERE LA, extracts from,


MORE, works of, 348.
Boswell hada faculty for man.

645, 669.

Calvinistic Teachers, 716.
ners, said Adam Smith, 617. Buck, St. Paul's, 120, 414.

Calvin's Institutes, Boling.
Botany, Medical, extracts, 573.
Clubs of Bold Bucks,&c. 377.

broke's remarks on, 410.
Boucher, Serées, 704.

BUCKHURST, LORD, advice in CAMDEN, Gough's, quotations
Bourg de Bar, le Capitaine, 170.

Ferrex and Porrex, to settle from, 57, 61, 62.
Bovius, Thomas, an Empiric,

the succession, 323.

Camel, called the Ship of the
his Hercules and Aurum Po. Bull-Baiting, Dr. Parr fond of, Land, 176; conveyors of
tabile, 436.

souls, Ib.; taught to dance,
Bowdwin, JAMES, astrono. BUNYAN,John,of his Pilgrim's

mical opinions of, 431.

Progress, 221. Remark of, Camillus LEONARDUS, Mirror
BowlE8 CAROLINE, i. e. Mrs. on lies and slanders, 691. of Stones, 46.

Southey, remark of, 621. Burbolts, kind of fish, Gadus CAMOENS, 627.
Bracha, Galliu Braccata, &c.40. Lotæ, of Linnæus, 607.

Canary Fanciers, pattern bird
Brama, how he first made man, | Burgess, curious custom of ta. of, 433.

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king up the freedom of one Canova’sgenius first manifest
Bramins, 238.
at Alnwick, 419.

ed in modelling butter, 510.


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