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JESUS, the Shepherd of the sheep,
Thy little flock in safety keep,
The flock for which Thou cam'st from Heaven,
The flock for which Thy life was given.

2 Thou saw'st them wandering far from Thee

Secure, as if from danger free;
Thy love did all their wanderings trace,
And brought them to a wealthy place.


O guard Thy sheep from beasts of prey,
And guide them that they never stray ;
Cherish the young, sustain the old,
Let none be feeble in Thy fold !

4 Secure them from the scorching beam,

And lead them to the living stream ;
In verdant pastures let them lie,
And watch them with a Shepherd's eye!

5 O may Thy sheep discern Thy voice,

And in its sacred sound rejoice ;
From strangers may they ever flee,
And know no other guide but Thee !

6 Lord, bring Thy sheep that wander yet,

And let the number be complete :
Then let Thy flock from earth remove,
And occupy the fold above. Amen.

T. Kelly.


SAVIOUR, we would be Thy sheep,

Know Thy voice and follow Thee ;
Deign our wandering souls to keep,

Then alone we safe can be.

2 Put us forth, that we may feed

In the pastures of Thy grace,
By refreshing waters, lead

To some sweet and sacred place.
3 Saviour, we would follow Thee

Wheresoever Thou wilt call ;
Whether dark or bright it be,

Whatsoever may befal.
4. Through earth's bleak and rugged ways,

May we ever hear Thy voice;
Then in danger we shall praise,

And in sorrow shall rejoice.

5 Never, Lord, from us depart;

Still defend us, keep, and guide,
Till we reach where now Thou art,

There for ever to abide. Amen.



LORD, be Thou our strength in weakness;

Thou art ever strong to save,

Conqueror o'er the Cross and grave :
Grant us to endure with meekness.

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Lord to us Thy patience give:
With Thy strength our spirits staying,
With Thy love our griefs allaying,

Lord, in death behold we live.


Faith of Thee her sufferings taketh

As the tokens of Thy grace,

Faith in all Thy hand doth trace,
Nor in darkness Thee forsaketh.

Lord, with faith our spirits bless,
Faith, Thy love in all confessing,
Faith, Thy perfect peace possessing,

Faith, our light in all distress.

3 Lord, to Thee we yield our spirits ;

O prepare them as Thou wilt,

Only save from shame and guilt,
Cleansing us by Thy dear merits.

Short we know is all our pain,
But the crown for aye endureth
Which Thy Cross for us procureth :

Lord, through Thee, to die is gain.

Third Sunday after Easter.

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of Man, to Thee we cry;
By the wondrous mystery
Of Thy dwelling here on earth,
By Thy pure and holy birth,
Lord, Thy presence let us see,
Thou our Light and Saviour be!


Lamb of God, to Thee we cry;
By Thy bitter agony,
By Thy pangs, to us unknown,
By Thy Spirit's parting groan,-
Lord, Thy Presence let us see,
Thou our Light and Saviour be!

3 Prince of Life, to Thee we cry;

By Thy glorious majesty,
By Thy triumph o'er the grave,
By Thy power to help and save,-
Lord, Thy Presence let us see,
Thou our Light and Saviour be!

4 Lord of Glory, God most high,

Man exalted to the sky;
With Thy love our bosom fill :
Help us to perform Thy will ;
Then Thy glory we shall see,
Thou wilt bring us home to Thee. Amen.

Bp. R. Mant. *

I 20.


JESUS, Thy love unbounded,

So full, so sweet, so free,
Leaves all our thoughts confounded,

Whene'er we think of Thee.
For us Thou cam'st from heaven,

For us didst bleed and die,
That, ransomed and forgiven,

We might ascend on high.



We know that Thou hast bought us,

And washed us in Thy blood ;
We know Thy grace has brought us,

As kings and priests to God.
We know that soon the morning,

Long looked for hasteth near,
When we, at Thy returning

In glory shall appear.
3 O let Thy love constrain us

To give our hearts to Thee;
Let nothing please or pain us

Apart, O Lord, from Thee.
Our joy, our one endeavour,.

Through suffering, conflict, shame,
To serve Thee, gracious Saviour,

And magnify Thy name. Amen.

I 21.


WE sing His love, who once was slain,
Who soon o'er death revived again,
That all His saints through Him might have
Eternal conquests o'er the grave.

Soon shall the trumpet sound, and we

Shall rise to immortality.
The saints who now with Jesus sleep,
His own Almighty power shall keep,
Till dawns the bright illustrious day
When death itself shall die away :

Soon shall the trumpet sound, and we
Shall rise to immortality.


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