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THE Saviour stood on Olivet ;

His earthly task was o'er ;
And wherefore should He linger yet

On this world's dreary shore ?


He raised on high His hands divine,

He blessed His faithful train ;
O when shall Adam's guilty line

Such blessings hear again ?

3 Then slowly toward the expecting sky

That sky's Creator rose ;
Angelic watchers, ranged on high,

Bade heaven's bright gates unclose.

4 He entered in, the Lord of might,

Eternal and supreme ;
His presence e'en those realms of light

Illumed with brighter beam,

5 O Thou, who thus exalted art,

On whom our souls rely ;
Grant to us now in mind and heart

To dwell with Thee on high.

6 And when at last the archangel's voice

Shall call us from the grave,
May we with all Thy saints rejoice,

Through Him who died to save. Amen.


THE Head that once was crowned with thorns,

Is crowned with glory now;
A royal diadem adorns

The mighty Victor's brow.
2 The highest place that Heaven affords

Is His, is His by right,
The King of kings, and Lord of lords,

And Heaven's eternal Light.

3 The joy of all who dwell above,

The joy of all below,
To whom He manifests His love,

And grants His Name to know.

4. To them the Cross, with all its shame,

With all its grace, is given;
Their name an everlasting name,

Their joy the joy of Heaven.

5 They suffer with their Lord below,

They reign with Him above,
Their profit and their joy to know

The mystery of His love.

6 The cross He bore is life and health,

Though shame and death to Him,
His people's hope, His people's wealth,
Their everlasting theme.

T. Kelly.



WHERE high the heavenly Temple stands,
The House of God not made with hands,
A great High Priest our nature wears,
The Guardian of mankind appears.

2 He, Who for men their surety stood,

And poured on earth His precious Blood,
Pursues in heaven His mighty plan,
The Saviour and the Friend of man.

3 Though now ascended up on high,

He bends on earth a Brother's eye;
Partaker of the human name,
He knows the frailty of our frame.

4 Our Fellow-Sufferer still retains

A fellow-feeling of our pains;
And still remembers, in the skies,
His tears, and agonies, and cries.

5 In every pang that rends the heart

The Man of sorrows had a part ;
He sympathizes with our grief,
And to the sufferer sends relief.

6 With boldness, therefore, at the Throne,

Let us make all our sorrows known;
And ask the aid of Heavenly Power,
To help us in the evil hour.

7. Logan.




Nobis Olympo redditus.
O CHRIST, who hast prepared a place
For us around Thy throne of grace,
We pray Thee, lift our hearts above,
And draw them with the cords of love!
Source of all good, Thou, gracious Lord,
Art our exceeding great reward ;
How transient is our present pain,

How boundless our eternal gain ! 3 With open face and joyful heart

We then shall see Thee as Thou art ;
Our love shall never cease to glow,

Our praise shall never cease to flow. 4 Thy never failing grace to prove,

A surety of Thine endless love,
Send down Thy Holy Ghost, to be

The raiser of our souls to Thee. 5 O Future Judge, Eternal Lord,

Thy Name be hallowed and adored ;
To God the Father, King of Heaven,
And Holy Ghost, like praise be given. Amen.

7. Chandler. (tr.)

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THOU art gone up on high

To mansions in the skies,
And round Thy throne unceasingly

The songs of praise arise,

But we are lingering here

With sin and care oppressed ;
Lord ! send Thy promised Comforter,

And lead us to Thy rest !


Thou art gone up on high:

But Thou didst first come down,
Through earth's most bitter misery

To pass unto Thy crown:
And girt with griefs and fears

Our onward course must be;
But only let that path of tears

Lead us, at last, to Thee !

3 Thou art gone up on high :

But Thou shalt come again
With all the bright ones of the sky

Attendant in Thy train.
Oh! by Thy saving power

So make us live and die,
That we may stand, in that dread hour,
At Thy right hand on high! Amen.

E. Toke.


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Supreme Rector cælitum.
RULER of the hosts of light,
Death hath yielded to Thy might,
And Thy Blood hath marked a road,
Which will lead us back to God.

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