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4 Come, in Thee our toil is sweet,

Shelter from the noon-day heat,
From whom sorrow flieth fleet!

5 Blessed Sun! Oh let Thy rays

Fill with joy and warmth and grace
Every heart that truly prays.

6 What without Thy aid is wrought,

Skilful deed or wisest thought,
God will count but vain and nought.

7 Cleanse us, Lord, from sinful stain,

O’er the parched heart, Oh rain,
Heal the wounded from its pain.

8 Bend the stubborn will to Thine,

Melt the cold with fire divine,
Erring hearts aright incline.

9 Grant us, Lord, who cry to Thee,

Steadfast in the faith to be ;
Give Thy gifts of charity :

10 May we live in holiness,

And in death find happiness,
And abide with Thee in bliss! Amen.

King Robert II. of France.
Tr. (from a German version) by C. Winkworth.

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Veni Creator Spiritus. 1 COME, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire,

And lighten with celestial fire;
Thou the Anointing Spirit art,
Who dost Thy sevenfold gifts impart;
Thy blessèd unction from above
Is comfort, life, and fire of love.
Enable with perpetual light
The dulness of our blinded sight;
Anoint and cheer our soiled face
With the abundance of Thy grace;
Keep far our foes; give peace at home;
Where Thou art guide, no ill can come.


3 Teach us to know the Father, Son,

And Thee of Both, to be but One;
That, through the ages all along,
This may be our endless song,
“ Praise to Thy eternal merit,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit !" Amen.

St. Gregory.
Tr, in Book of Common Prayer.


COME, mild and holy Dove,

Descend into our breast;
Rest Thou on us, make us in Thee

For ever sweetly rest.


Come and spread o'er our heads

Thy soft all-fostering wing;
That in its shade we safely dwell,

And still Thy praises sing :

3 Thy praise who giv'st us life,

Our holier life of grace;
Yea, life and breath, and strength and speed,

To run, and win the race.

4 If by the way we faint

Thou reachest forth Thy hand ;
If our own weakness makes us fall,

Thou mak'st our weakness stand.

5 Be Thou our strength, O Lord;

Our life by which we live ;
Our love, our joy, our hope,—but Thou

That life of love must give.

6 Speak Thou within our souls;

Our prayers within us pray;
And hear Thyself within us speak,

For Thine own prayers are they.

7 Glory to Thee, O Lord,

One co-eternal Three ;
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One equal Glory be. Amen.

1 Thou, who camest from above,

Bringing light, and shedding love,
Teaching of Thy perfect way,

Giving gifts to men to-day ;
2 Thou, who once didst change our state,

Making us regenerate,
Help us evermore to be

Faithful subjects unto Thee.
3 We have often grieved Thee sore ;

Never let us grieve Thee more:
Thou the feeble canst protect,

Thou the wand'ring canst direct. 4. We are dark-be Thou our light;

We are blind-be Thou our sight;
Be our comfort in distress;

Guide us through the wilderness. 5 To the Blessed Three in One,

To the Father, and the Son,
And the Holy Ghost, arise
Praise from all below the skies ! Amen.

7. M. Neale. 143

Veni Creator Spiritus.
CREATOR Spirit! By whose aid
The world's foundations first were laid,
Come, visit every pious mind,
Come, pour Thy joys on human kind;
From sin and sorrow set us free,
And make Thy temples worthy Thee !


2 Oh, Source of uncreated Light,

The Father's promised Paraclete ;
Thrice holy Fount, thrice holy Fire,
Our hearts with heavenly love inspire :
Come, and Thy sacred unction bring,
To sanctify us while we sing.

3 Plenteous in grace descend from high,

Rich in Thy sevenfold energy ;
Our frailty help, our vice control,
Submit the senses to our soul ;
And, lest our feet should step astray,

Protect and guide us in the way. 4 Immortal honour, endless fame,

Attend the Almighty Father's name :
The Saviour Son be glorified,
Who for lost man's redemption died ;
And equal adoration be,
Eternal Paraclete, to Thee! Amen.

St. Gregory.
7. Dryden. (tr.)


SPIRIT of mercy, truth, and love,
O shed Thine influence from above;
And still from age to age convey
The wonders of this sacred day!


In every clime, by every tongue,
Be God's amazing glory sung ;
Through all the listening earth be taught
The acts our risen Redeemer wrought.

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