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2 From Thy dwelling-place above,

From Thy Father's throne of love,
Look upon us here below,
Do not leave us in our woe.


Now Thou sittest on Thy throne,
By Thy death and sorrows won ;
Now perform the promise given,
Send the Holy Ghost from Heaven.

4 Praise the Son, Who reigns on high

With the Father in the sky;
And the Holy Ghost adore ;
Three in One, for evermore. Amen.

7. Chandler. (tr.;


COME, Heavenly Spirit, come :

Cleansed by Christ's blood, all lands
For Thee prepare a home,

To Thee stretch forth their hands.


The Christ ascended hath :

Thou then His promise pay ;
And in Thy fiery bath,

Our bosoms wash this day.

3 Our missing One we mourn,

Then pity our distress;
O comfort the forlorn,

And cheer the fatherless.


4 What Christ forbore to teach

To hearts unfit to know,
Now in the minds of each

Engraft that it may grow. 5 Let truth from ancient seers

In shadow half concealed,
Now ring in all men's ears,

Now lie to all revealed.

6 Let Thy sweet unction school

All hearts, and on them write
The law's now silent rule

In characters of light.

7 To Sire and Son be praise,

Praise, Holy Ghost, to Thee
The Bond of Both always,

Through all eternity. Amen.

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Veni Sancte Spiritus.
Holy Ghost! the Comforter !
Now from highest heaven appear,
Shed Thy gracious radiance here.
Come to them who suffer dearth,
With Thy gifts of priceless worth,

Lighten all who dwell on earth! 3 Thou the heart's most precious Guest,

Thou of comforters the best,
Give to us, th' o'er-laden, rest!


4 Come, in Thee our toil is sweet,

Shelter from the noon-day heat,
From whom sorrow flieth fleet!

5 Blessed Sun ! Oh let Thy rays

Fill with joy and warmth and grace
Every heart that truly prays.

6 What without Thy aid is wrought,

Skilful deed or wisest thought,
God will count but vain and nought.

7 Cleanse us, Lord, from sinful stain,

O'er the parched heart, Oh rain,
Heal the wounded from its pain.

8 Bend the stubborn will to Thine,

Melt the cold with fire divine,
Erring hearts aright incline.

9 Grant us, Lord, who cry to Thee,

Steadfast in the faith to be;
Give Thy gifts of charity :

10 May we live in holiness,

And in death find happiness,
And abide with Thee in bliss! Amen.

King Robert II. of France.

Tr. (from a German version) by C. Winkworth. 140.


Veni Creator Spiritus.
1 COME, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire,

And lighten with celestial fire;
Thou the Anointing Spirit art,
Who dost Thy sevenfold gifts impart;
Thy blessèd unction from above
Is comfort, life, and fire of love.


Enable with perpetual light
The dulness of our blinded sight;
Anoint and cheer our soiled face
With the abundance of Thy grace ;
Keep far our foes; give peace at home;

Where Thou art guide, no ill can come. 3 Teach us to know the Father, Son,

And Thee of Both, to be but One;
That, through the ages all along,
This may be our endless song,
“Praise to Thy eternal merit,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit !" Amen.

St. Gregory.
Tr, in Book of Common Prayer.


COME, mild and holy Dove,

Descend into our breast;
Rest Thou on us, make us in Thee

For ever sweetly rest.


Come and spread o'er our heads

Thy soft all-fostering wing;
That in its shade we safely dwell,

And still Thy praises sing :

3 Thy praise who giv’st us life,

Our holier life of grace ;
Yea, life and breath, and strength and speed,

To run, and win the race.

4 If by the way we faint

Thou reachest forth Thy hand;
If our own weakness makes us fall,

Thou mak'st our weakness stand.

5 Be Thou our strength, O Lord;

Our life by which we live ;
Our love, our joy, our hope,—but Thou

That life of love must give.

6 Speak Thou within our souls;
Our prayers

within us pray ;
And hear Thyself within us speak,

For Thine own prayers are they.

7 Glory to Thee, O Lord,

One co-eternal Three ;
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One equal Glory be. Amen.

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