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4 Jehovah, Father, Spirit, Son;

Mysterious Godhead, Three in One!
Before Thy throne we sinners bend,
Grace, pardon, life, to us extend. Amen.

7. Cooper.



mercy on us, God most high,
Who lift our hearts to Thee;
Have mercy on us worms of earth,

Most Holy Trinity.


Most Ancient of all mysteries !

Before Thy throne we lie;
Have mercy now, most merciful,

Most Holy Trinity.

3 When heaven and earth were yet unmade,

When time was yet unknown,
Thou, in Thy bliss and majesty,

Didst live and love alone.

4. How wonderful Creation is,

The work that Thou didst bless;
And oh! what then must Thou be like?

Eternal Loveliness!

5 Most Ancient of all mysteries !

Still at Thy throne we lie;
Have mercy now, most merciful,
Most Holy Trinity! Amen.

F. W. Faber.


We love Thee, Lord, yet not alone,

Because Thy bounteous hand
Showers down its rich and ceaseless gifts

On ocean, and on land :
For these Thy gifts we praise Thee, Lord,

Yet not for these alone
The incense of Thy children's love

Arises to Thy throne.
2 We love Thee, Lord, because, when we

Had erred and gone astray,
Thou didst recal our wandering souls

Into the heavenward way :
When helpless, hopeless, we were lost

In sin and sorrow's night,
Thou didst send forth a guiding ray

Of Thy benignant light.
3 Because, O Lord, Thou loved'st us

With everlasting love,
And sentest forth Thy Son to die

That we might live above;
Because, when we were heirs of wrath,

Thou gavest hopes of heaven :
We love because we much have sinned,
And much have been forgiven.

C. Elliott. *

glorious majesty, how great
Must our Creator be,
Who dwells amidst the dazzling light

Of vast infinity!



Our soaring spirits upward rise

Toward the celestial throne;
We meditate the Blessèd Three,

And the Almighty One.

3 Our reason stretches all its wings,

And climbs above the skies;
But still how far beneath Thy feet

Our grovelling reason lies !

4 Lord, here we bend our humble souls,

And awfully adore;
For the weak pinions of the mind

Can stretch a thought no more.

5 In humble notes our faith adores

The great mysterious King,
While angels strain their nobler powers
And sweep the immortal string.

1. Watts. *


1 OUR God is love ; and all His saints

His image bear below:
The heart with love to God inspired

With love to man will glow.


Teach us to love each other, Lord,

As we are loved of Thee;
For none are truly born of God

Who live in enmity.

3 Heirs of the same immortal bliss,

Our hopes and fears the same,
The cords of love our hearts should bind,

The law of love inflame.

4 So may the vain contentious world

Our peaceful lives approve,
And wondering say, as they of old,

“ See how these Christians love." Amen.

Second Sunday after Trinity.

155 1 FATHER of love, our Guide and Friend,

Oh lead us gently on,
Until life's trial-time shall end,

And heavenly peace be won !
We know not what the path may be

As yet by us untrod;
But we can trust our all to Thee,

Our Father and our God !


If called, like Al aham's child, to climb

The hill of sacrifice,
Some angel may be there in time ;

Deliverance shall arise :
Or, if some darker lot be good,

Oh, teach us to endure
The sorrow, pain, or solitude,

That makes the spirit pure !

3 Christ by no flowery pathway came;

And we, His followers here,
Must do Thy will and praise Thy Name.

In hope, and love, and fear.
And, till in Heaven we sinless bow,

And faultless anthems raise,
O Father, Son, and Spirit, now
Accept our feeble praise! Amen.

W. 7. Irons.



WALK in the light! so shalt thou know

That fellowship of love,
His Spirit only can bestow

Who reigns in light above.

2 Walk in the light! and sin abhorred

Shall ne'er defile again ;
The blood of Jesus Christ, the Lord,

Shall cleanse from every stain.

3 Walk in the light ! and thou shalt find

Thy heart made truly His,
Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined,

In Whom no darkness is.

4 Walk in the light ! and thou shalt own

Thy darkness passed away,
Because that light hath on thee shone,

In which is perfect day.


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