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Psalm CXXXIX. i LORD, Thou hast known mine inmost mind,

Thou dost my path and bed enclose ;
My waking soul on Thee reclines;
On Thee my sleeping thoughts repose :
Where from Thy presence can I fly?
Lord, ever present, ever nigh!
If to the highest heaven I climb,
Or on the wings of morning soar,
Thy dwelling-place salutes me there,
Thy piercing eyes my steps explore :
Where from Thy presence can I fly?

Lord, ever present, ever nigh !
3 And if, to hide the evil thought,

To secret darkness I repair,
A still small voice within me speaks,
And tells that God is also there :
Where from Thy presence can I fly?
Lord, ever present, ever nigh !


THOU, Lord, the Living Bread

To feed the world hast given ;
And now Thou ever praying art

Upon the hills of heaven.
Thy Church is tost with waves,

The night is drear and dark,
A weary night to them who row

In the storm-beaten bark.



But walking on the waves,

In the last watch of night,
Thou wilt appear, and in the gloom

Wilt shine with glorious light.


All swellings of the proud

Thou wilt beneath Thee beat;
The billows of the world will be

A pavement for Thy feet.


And then, O Lord, Thy Church

In heavenly peace will be,
Securely anchored evermore
In the calm crystal sea. Amen.

C. Wordsworth.



On the mountain's top appearing,

Lo! the sacred herald stands,
Welcome news to Zion bearing,
Zion long in hostile lands;

Mourning captive !
God Himself will loose thy bands.


Has thy night been long and mournful ?

Have thy friends unfaithful proved ?
Have thy foes been proud and scornful,
By thy sighs and tears unmoved ?

Cease thy mourning !
Zion still is well beloved !

3 God, thy God, will now restore thee;

He Himself appears thy friend ;
All thy foes shall flee before thee;
Here their boasts and triumphs end :

Great deliverance
Zion's King vouchsafes to send !

4 Enemies no more shall trouble ;

All thy wrongs shall be redress’d;
For thy shame thou shalt have double,
In Thy Maker's favour bless'd ;

All thy conflicts
End in everlasting rest! Amen.

T. Kelly.

St. Andrew's Day.


O JESUS, Source of holiness !

In whom Thy servants live,
All glory for Thy Saints to Thee,

Saviour of men, we give.


All glory for Thy chosen band,

To whom the charge was given,
To publish peace from land to land,

And point the way to heaven.

3 All glory for Saint Andrew's faith,

Who sought Thy low abode,
And, warmed by love, his brother led

To Thee, the Lamb of God.

4 For him we bless and praise Thy name,

And humbly pray that we,
Strong in Thy faith, may follow him,

As he, Lord, followed Thee.

5 To Thee, O Father ; Son, to Thee,

To Thee, O Spirit Blest,
Through endless ages glory be

By all Thy Church addrest. Amen.

St. Thomas's Day.

225. I O THOU, Who didst, with love untold,

Thy doubting servant chide,
And bad'st the eye of sense behold

Thy wounded Hands and Side.


Grant us, like him, with heartfelt awe,

To own Thee God and Lord,
And from his hour of darkness draw

A fuller faith's reward.

3 And while that wondrous record now

Of unbelief we hear,
Oh ! let us only lowlier bow

In self-distrusting fear;

4 And pray that we may never dare

Thy Spirit so to grieve;
But at the last their blessing share

Who see not, yet believe !

5 Our Lord and God, Eternal Son,

To Thee all glory be,
With Father, Spirit, Three in One,

Through all eternity. Amen.



We walk by faith, and not by sight;

No gracious words we hear
From Him who spoke as never man ;

But we believe Him near.


We may not touch His Hands and Side,

Nor follow where He trod;
But in His promise we rejoice,

And cry “My Lord and God.

3 Help Thou, O Lord, our unbelief:

And may our faith abound,
To call on Thee when Thou art near,

And seek where Thou art found:

4. That when our life of faith is done,

In realms of clearer light,
We may behold Thee as Thou art

With full and endless sight.

5* To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God Whom we adore,
Be glory, as it was,
And shall be evermore. Amen.

H. Alford.

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