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Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 209



VIRGIN-born! we bow before Thee ;
Blessed was the womb that bore Thee !
Mary, mother meek and mild,
Blessed was she in her Child !
Blessed was the breast that fed Thee !
Blessed was the hand that led Thee !
Blessed was the parent's eye

That watched Thy slumbering infancy! 3 Blessed she, by all creation,

Who brought forth the world's Salvation !
And blessed they, for ever blest,

Who love Thee most and serve Thee best ! 4 Virgin-born! we bow before Thee !

Blessed was the womb that bore Thee !
Mary, mother meek and mild,
Blessed was she in her Child !

Bp. R. Heber,

St. Mark's Day.



Christi perennes nuntii.
CHRIST'S everlasting messengers,

Who from the opening skies,
Traverse the earth in showers of light,

And sow with mysteries !
The things discerned by seers of old,

Behind the shadowy screen,
In the full day have ye beheld,
With not a veil between.



3 The things which God as Man hath borne,

Which Man as God hath done,
Ye write, as God dictates, to all

Who see the circling sun.

4. Though far in space and time apart,

One Spirit sways you all ;
And we in those blest characters,

Hear now that living call.

5 Glory to God, the Three in One;

All glory be to Thee,
Who from our darkness callest us
Thy glorious light to see. Amen.

1. Williams. (tr.)

St. Philip & St. James's Day.


O JESU Lord, the Way, the Truth,

The Life, the Crown of all
Who here on earth confess Thy Name ;

O hear us when we call !


We bring to mind with grateful joy

Thy servants who of old
Withstood the snares of earth and hell,

And now Thy face behold ;

3 Who sought on earth the joys of prayer,

And that communion knew,
Which saints and angels share above

With those who seek it too.

4 Vouchsafe us, Lord, we pray Thee now,

To us it may be given,
Like them to live and die in Thee,

And with Thee rise to heaven.

5 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God whom we adore,
Be glory as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore. Amen,

St. Barnabas Day.


235. BRIGHTLY did the light divine From his words and actions shine, Whom the Twelve, with love unblamed, “ Son of Consolation" named.

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Full of peace and lively joy,
Sped he on his high employ :
By his mild exhorting word,
Adding many to the Lord.

3 Blessèd Spirit, Who didst call

Barnabas and holy Paul,
And didst them with gifts endue,
Mighty words and wisdom true;

4 Grant us, Lord of Life, to be,

By their pattern, full of Thee;
That beside them we may stand
In that day, on Thy right hand.

5* Glory be to God above,

Fountain of eternal love;
To the Father, and the Son,
And the Spirit, Three in One. Amen.

H. Alford.

St. John the Baptist's Day.



WHEN Christ the Lord would come on earth

His messenger before Him went,
The greatest born of mortal birth,

And charged with words of deep intent.
The least of all that here attend

Hath honour greater far than he ;
He was the Bridegroom's joyful friend,

His Body and his Spouse are we. 3 A higher race, the sons of light,

Of water and the Spirit born ;
He the last star of parting night,

And we the children of the morn. 4 And, as he boldly spake Thy word,

And joyed to hear the Bridegroom's voice,
Thus may Thy pastors teach, O Lord !

And thus Thy hearing Church rejoice. 5* To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God whom heaven and earth adore,
Be glory from the angel host
And all mankind for evermore. Amen.

H. Alford.



Nunc suis tandem novus e latebris,
Lo! from the desert homes

Where he hath hid so long,
The new Elias comes,
In sternest wisdom strong;
The voice that cries

Of Christ from high,

And judgment nigh

From opening skies.
2 Your God e'en now doth stand

Within heaven's opening door,
His fan is in His hand,
And He will purge His floor ;
The wheat He claims,

And with Him stows;

The chaff He throws

To quenchless flames.
3 Ye haughty mountains, bow

Your sky-aspiring heads;
Ye valleys, bowing low,
Lift up your gentle meads ;
Make His way plain

Your King before,

For evermore

He comes to reign.
4. Let Thy dread voice around,

Thou harbinger of Light,
On our dull ears still sound

Lest here we sleep in night,

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