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2 Whom the Lord our God did choose

To the farthest lands to go :
Whom the Husbandman did use

Holiest seed on earth to sow.

3 In the New Jerusalem

Twelve foundations firm are laid:
On the Apostles of the Lamb

Is the glorious building stayed.

4. Firmly built on them, may we,

Bound to Christ our Corner-stone,
In the heavenly temple be

One in heart, in doctrine one.


5* God the Father, God the Son,

God the Holy Ghost we bless;
Persons Three in Godhead One,
We with faithful heart confess. Amen.

H. Alford.
All Saints' Day.

Celestis o Jerusalem.
JERUSALEM, the holy !
That ever shalt abide :
Within thy walls, thrice happy
Who, citizens, reside.
Thou home of peace eternal,
The saints' beloved rest;
Seat of divine fruition ;
Throne of the King all-blest.



3 God there in glory reigneth,

The Fount of all delight :
The Lamb in splendour shineth ;
Nor sets that Sun in night.

4 Those mansions, who attaineth

Hath undisturbed repose:
The praise of God for ever,
The only toil he knows.

5 Our hope doth there invite us :

Our vows all thither tend :
Brief labour shall not fright us
From joys that never end.

6 Sun of our native country,

All glory be to Thee;
All glory to the Father,
And Spirit endlessly. Amen.

W. E. Green. (tr.)



How bright these glorious spirits shine !

Whence all their white array ?
How came they to the blissful seats

Of everlasting day?


Lo! these are they from sufferings great

Who came to realms of light;
And in the blood of Christ have washed

Those robes which shine so bright.

3 Now with triumphal palms they stand

Before the throne on high,
And serve the God they love, amidst

The glories of the sky.
4 His presence fills each heart with joy,

Tunes every mouth to sing ;
By day, by night, the sacred courts

With glad hosannas ring.
5 Hunger and thirst are felt no more,

Nor suns with scorching ray ;
God is their Sun, whose cheering beams

Diffuse eternal day. 6 The Lamb, which dwells amidst the throne,

Shall o'er them still preside,
Feed them with nourishment divine,

And all their footsteps guide. 7 'Mong pastures green He'll lead His flock,

Where living streams appear ;
And God the Lord from every eye
Shall wipe off every tear. Amen.

1. Watts & W. Cameron.


WHAT are these in bright array,

This innumerable throng,
Round the altar, night and day,

Hymning one triumphant song ?
Worthy is the Lamb once slain,

Blessing, honour, glory, power,
Wisdom, riches, to obtain,

New dominion every hour."

2 These through fiery trials trod;

These from great affliction came ;
Now, before the Throne of God,

Sealed with His Almighty Name,
Clad in rain

pure and white,
Victor-palms in every hand,
Through their dear Redeemer's might,

More than conquerors they stand. 3 Hunger, thirst, disease unknown,

On immortal fruits they feed ;
Them the Lamb amidst the Throne

Shall to living fountains lead :
Joy and gladness banish sighs;

Perfect love dispels all fear;
And for ever from their eyes
God shall wipe away the tear. Amen.

7. Montgomery.

O GOD, in whom the happy dead
Yet live, united to their Head,

Their Lord and ours the same;
For all Thy saints, to memory dear,
Departed in Thy faith and fear,

We bless Thy holy Name.
2 By the same grace upheld, may we
So follow those who followed Thee,

As with them to partake
The free reward of heavenly bliss :
Merciful Father, grant us this
For our Redeemer's sake. Amen.

7. Conder.





[Advent. 1 CHRIST, whose glory fills the skies ;

Christ, the true, the only Light ;
Sun of Righteousness, arise,

Triumph o'er the shades of night !
Day-Spring from on high be near !
Day-Star, in my heart appear !


Dark and cheerless is the morn

Unaccompanied by Thee;
Joyless is the day's return,

Till Thy mercy's beams I see ;
Till they inward light impart,
Glad my eyes, and warm my heart.

3 Visit then this soul of mine,

Pierce the gloom of sin and grief ;
Fill me, Radiancy Divine,

Scatter all my unbelief;
More and more Thyself display,
Shining to the perfect day! Amen.

C. Wesley.

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