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[After Trinity.
THREE in One and One in Three,
Ruler of the earth and sea,
Hear us, while we lift to Thee

Holy chant and psalm.
2 Light of lights! with morning, shine;

Lift on us Thy Light divine;
And let Charity benign

Breathe on us her balm.

3 Light of lights ! when falls the even,

Let it close on sin forgiven ;
Fold us in the peace of Heaven,

Shed a holy calm.

4. Three in One and One in Three,

Dimly here we worship Thee :
With the Saints hereafter we

Hope to bear the palm. Amen.

I AWAKE, my soul, and with the sun

Thy daily stage of duty run;
Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise
To pay thy morning sacrifice.
Redeem thy misspent time that's past,
And live this day as if thy last ;
Improve thy talent with due care,
For the great day thyself prepare.


3 Let all thy converse be sincere,

Thy conscience as the noonday clear;
Think how all-seeing God thy ways
And all thy secret thoughts surveys.

4 Wake and lift up thyself, my heart,

And with the angels bear thy part,
Who all night long unwearied sing
High praise to the Eternal King.


5 All praise to Thee Who safe hast kept

And hast refreshed me while I slept ;
Grant, Lord, when I from death shall wake,
I may of endless light partake.

6 Lord, I my vows to Thee renew,

Disperse my sins as morning dew;
Guard my first springs of thought and will,
And with Thyself my spirit fill.

7 Direct, control, suggest this day

All I design, or do, or say ;
That all my powers, with all their might,
In Thy sole glory may unite.

8 Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, angelic host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Bp. T. Ken.



FORTH in Thy Name, O Lord, I go,

My daily labour to pursue,
Thee, only Thee, resolved to know,

In all I think, or speak, or do.


The task Thy wisdom hath assigned

O let me cheerfully fulfil ;
In all my works Thy presence find,

And prove Thine acceptable will.

3 Preserve me from my calling's snare,

And hide my simple heart above,
Above the thorns of choking care,

The gilded baits of worldly love.


Thee may I set at my right hand,

Whose eyes mine inmost substance see,
And labour on at Thy command,

And offer all my works to Thee.

5 Give me to bear Thy easy yoke,

And every moment watch and pray ;
And still to things eternal look,

And hasten to Thy glorious day :

6 For Thee delightfully employ

Whate'er Thy bounteous grace hath given,
And run my course with even joy,
And closely walk with Thee to heaven.

C. Wesley.



Psalm V.
LORD, in the morning Thou shalt hear

My voice ascending high ;
To Thee will I direct my prayer,

To Thee lift up mine eye.
2 Oft to Thy house will I resort,

To taste Thy mercies there ;
I will frequent Thine holy court,

And worship in Thy fear.
3 O may Thy Spirit guide my feet

In ways of righteousness;
Make every path of duty straight
And plain before my face. Amen.

1. Watts. * Morning or Evening.

My God, how endless is Thy love !

Thy gifts are every evening new;
And morning mercies from above

Gently distil like early dew.
Thou spreadst the curtains of the night,

Great Guardian of my sleeping hours !
Thy sovereign word restores the light,

And quickens all my drowsy powers ! 3 I yield my powers to Thy command ;

To Thee I consecrate my days;
Perpetual blessings from Thy hand
Demand perpetual songs of praise !

1. Watts.







[Advent. The day is past and gone;

Great God, we bow to Thee;
Again, as shades of night come on,

Unto Thy side we flee.
Oh, when shall that day come,

Ne'er sinking in the west,
That country, and that holy home,

Where none shall break our rest?
Where all things shall be peace

And joyaunce without end,
And golden harps that never cease,

With echoing lips shall blend ?
So we, preserved beneath

The sheltering of Thy wing,
For evermore Thy praise shall breathe,

And love Thee, Lord, and sing.
To God the Sire be praise,

And to the Eternal Son,
And to the Holy Ghost always;

Co-equal Three in One. Amen.




[Christmas. 1 O BRIGHTNESS of the Immortal Father's

Most Holy, Heavenly, Bless'd,
Lord Jesus Christ, in whom His truth and grace

Are visibly express'd.

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