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This day the light, of heavenly birth,
First streamed upon the new-born earth ;
O Lord, this day upon us shine,
And fill our souls with light divine.


This day the Saviour left the grave,
And rose, omnipotent to save ;
O Jesu, may we raised be
From death of sin to life in Thee.

3 This day the Holy Spirit came

With fiery tongues of cloven flame :
O Spirit, fill our hearts this day
With grace to hear and grace to pray.

4. O day of light, and life, and grace,

From earthly toils sweet resting-place!
Thy hallowed hours, best gift of love,
Give we again to God above. Amen.


THE day of rest once more comes round,

A day to all believers dear;
The silver trumpets seem to sound,
That call the tribes of Israel near :

Ye people all,

Obey the call,
And in Jehovah's courts appear.


Obedient to Thy summons, Lord,

We to Thy sanctuary come ;
Thy gracious presence here afford,
And send Thy people joyful home;

Of Thee our King,

Oh! may we sing,
And none with such a theme be dumb !

3 Oh! hasten, Lord, the day when those,

Who know Thee here, shall see Thy face ;
When suffering shall for ever close,
And they shall reach their destined place :

Then shall they rest

Supremely blest,
Eternal debtors to Thy grace! Amen.

1. Kelly.


THIS is the day the Lord hath made :

He calls the hours His own ;
Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,

And praise surround the throne.

2 To-day He rose and left the dead,

And Satan's empire fell ;
To-day the saints His triumphs spread,

And all His wonders tell.

3 Hosanna to the anointed King,

To David's holy Son ;
Help us, O Lord ! descend and bring

Salvation from the throne.

4 Blest be the Lord, Who comes to men

With messages of grace-
Who comes in God His Father's name,

To save our sinful race.

5 Hosanna in the highest strains

The Church on earth can raise !
The highest heavens, in which He reigns,
Shall give Him nobler praise. Amen.

1. Watts.


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Psalm LXXXI.
SING to the Lord, our might, ,

With holy fervour sing ;
Let hearts and instruments unite

To praise our heavenly King.

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This is His holy house,

And this His festal day,
When He accepts the humblest vows

That we sincerely pay.


The Sabbath to our sires

In mercy first was given ;
The Church her Sabbaths still requires

To speed her on to heaven.


We still, like them of old,

Are in the wilderness;
And God is still as near His fold,

To pity and to bless.


5 Then let us open wide

Our hearts for Him to fill ;
And He, that Israel then supplied,
Will help His Israel still. Amen.

H. F. Lyte.
Ember Weeks.

(Advent. 1 O King of Salem, Prince of Peace,

Bid strife among Thy subjects cease!
One is our faith, and one our Lord ;
One body, Spirit, hope, reward :
One God and Father of us all,
On whom Thy Church and people call :
Oh! may we one communion be,

One with each other, one in Thee.
3 Bless all whose voice salvation brings,

Who minister in holy things;
Our bishops, priests, and deacons bless :

Clothe them with zeal and righteousness. 4 Let many in the judgment day,

Turned from the error of their way,
Their hope, their joy, their crown appear;
Save those who preach, and those who hear.


P. Doddridge. 282.

[Lent. O LORD, we come before Thee now

With earnest faith and prayer,
That in the world's great harvest Thou

Wouldst send more labourers there.


2 Endue the bishops of Thy flock

With wisdom and with grace
Against false doctrines like a rock

To set the heart and face.


3 To all Thy priests Thy truth reveal,

And make Thy precepts clear,
Make Thou Thy deacons full of zeal

And humble and sincere.

4 Give to their flocks a lowly mind

To hear and to obey :
That each and all may mercy find
At Thine appearing day. Amen.

7. M. Neale. *



THE Saviour, when to heaven He rose
In splendid triumph o'er His foes,
Scattered His gifts on men below;
And wide His royal bounties flow.


Hence sprang the Apostles' honoured name,
Sacred beyond heroic fame :
In lowlier forms, to bless our eyes,
Pastors from hence, and teachers rise.

3 From Christ their varied gifts derive,

And, fed by Christ, their graces live;
While, guarded by His potent hand,
'Midst all the rage of hell they stand.

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