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LORD, teach us how to pray aright,

With reverence and with fear :
Though dust and ashes in Thy sight,

We may, we must draw near.
2 We perish if we cease from prayer,

Oh! grant us power to pray,
And when to meet Thee we prepare,

Lord, meet us by the way.
3 God of all grace, we come to Thee,

With broken, contrite hearts;
Give what Thine eye delights to see,

Truth in the inward parts.
4 Give true humility: the sense

Of godly sorrow give ;
A strong desiring confidence

To hear Thy voice, and live ; 5 Faith in the only Sacrifice

That can for sin atone ;
To cast our hopes, and fix our eyes

On Christ, and Christ alone;
6 Patience to watch, and wait, and weep,

Though mercy long delay;
Courage, our fainting souls to keep,

And trust Thee though Thou slay.
7 Give these, and then Thy will be done ;

Thus strengthened by Thy might,
We, by Thy Spirit, and Thy Son,
Shall pray, and pray aright. Amen.

9. Montgomery.

287. 1 O KING of kings ! Thy blessing shed,

On our anointed Sovereign's head ;
And, looking from Thy throne in heaven,
Protect the crown Thyself hast given.

2 Her, for Thy sake, may we obey ;

Uphold her right, and love her sway;
Remembering that the powers that be
Are ministers ordained by Thee.

3 By her this favoured nation bless;

To all her counsels give success;
In peace, in war, Thine aid be seen;
Confirm her strength :-O save our Queen!

4 And, oh! when earthly thrones decay,

And earthly kingdoms fade away,
Give her a nobler throne on high,
A crown of immortality. Amen.


FROM foes that would the land devour,
From guilty pride, and lust of power,
From wild sedition's lawless hour,

From yoke of slavery,
From blinded zeal by faction led,
From giddy change by fancy bred,
From poisonous error's serpent head,

Good Lord, preserve us free.



Defend, O God, with guardian hand,
The laws and ruler of our land,
And grant our Church Thy grace to stand

In faith and unity.
The Spirit's help of Thee we crave,
That Thou, whose blood was shed to save,
May'st, at Thy second coming, have
A flock to welcome Thee.

Bp. R. Heber.




LORD of the harvest! once again
We thank Thee for the ripened grain ;
For crops safe carried, sent to cheer
Thy servants through another year ;
For all sweet holy thoughts supplied
By seed-time, and by harvest-tide.
The bare dead grain, in autumn sown,
Its robe of vernal green puts on ;
Glad from its wintry grave it springs,
Fresh garnished by the King of kings :
So, Lord, to those who sleep in Thee
Shall new and glorious bodies be.
Nor vainly of Thy word we ask
A lesson from the reaper's task;
So shall Thine angels issue forth;
The tares be burnt; the just of earth,
Playthings of sun and storm no more,
Be gathered to their Father's store.


4 Daily, O Lord, our prayers be said,

As thou hast taught, for daily bread :
But not alone our bodies feed;
Supply our fainting spirits' need !
O Bread of Life! from day to day,
Be Thou their Comfort, Food, and Stay! Amen.

7. Anstice.

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THY goodness, Lord, our souls confess,

Thy goodness we adore ;
A spring, whose blessings never fail,

A sea without a shore.

2 Sun, moon, and stars, Thy love attest

In every cheerful ray;
Love draws the curtains of the night,

And love restores the day.

3 Thy bounty every season crowns

With all the bliss it yields,
With joyful clusters bend the vines,

With harvests, wave the fields.

4 But chiefly Thy compassions, Lord,

Are in the Gospel seen ;
There, like the Sun, Thy mercy shines

Without a cloud between.

5* To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

The God whom we adore,
Be glory; as it was, is now,
And shall be evermore. Amen.

T. Gibbons.



FOUNTAIN of mercy, God of love,

How rich Thy bounties are !
The rolling seasons, as they move

Proclaim Thy constant care.


When in the bosom of the earth

The sower hid the grain,
Thy goodness marked its secret birth

And sent the early rain.

3 The Spring's sweet influence was Thine,

The plants in beauty grew;
Thou gav'st refulgent suns to shine,

And mild refreshing dew.

4. These various mercies from above

Matured the swelling grain ;
A yellow harvest crowns Thy love,

And plenty fills the plain.

5 Seed-time and harvest, Lord, alone

Thou dost on man bestow;
Let him not then forget to own

From whom his blessings flow.

6 Fountain of love ! our praise is Thine ·

To Thee our songs we'll raise,
And all created nature join
In sweet harmonious praise. Amen.

A. Flowerdew.

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