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3 Never, from Thy pasture roving,

Let them be the lion's prey ;
Let Thy tenderness so loving

Keep them all life's dangerous way:

4 Then, within Thy fold eternal,

Let them find a resting-place,
Feed in pastures ever vernal,

Drink the rivers of Thy grace!

5* Glory give we, praise and blessing,

To the Father, and the Son,
And the Holy Ghost, confessing

One true God, the Three in One. Amen.



O GOD, in whose all-searching eye
Thy servants stand, to ratify
The Vow Baptismal by them made,
When first Thy hand was on them laid !
Bless them, O Holy Father, bless,
Who Thee with heart and voice confess ;
May they, acknowledged as Thine own,
Stand evermore before Thy Throne.


O Christ, who didst at Pentecost
Send down from heaven the Holy Ghost !
Arm these thy youthful soldiers, Lord,
With shield of faith, and Spirit's sword;

Forth to the battle may they go,
And boldly fight against the foe,
And so at last receive from Thee
The palm and crown of victory.

3 Come, ever-blessed Spirit, come !

And make Thy servants' hearts Thy home;
Thus consecrated, Lord, to Thee
May each a living temple be:
Enrich that temple's holy shrine
With sevenfold gifts of grace divine ;
With wisdom, light, and knowledge, bless,
Strength, counsel, fear, and godliness.

4 O Trinity in Unity,

One only God, and Persons Three !
In whom, through whom, by whom we live,
To Thee we praise and glory give :
O grant us so to use Thy grace,
That we may see Thy glorious face,
And ever with the heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

C. Wordsworth.



THINE for ever! God of love,
Hear us from Thy throne above;
Thine for ever may we be,
Here and in eternity.

2 Thine for ever! Lord of life,

Shield us through our earthly strife;
Thou, the Life, the Truth, the Way,
Guide us to the realms of day.

3 Thine for ever! O how blest

They who find in Thee their rest;
Saviour, Guardian, heavenly Friend,
O defend us to the end.

4 Thine for ever! Saviour, keep

These Thy frail and trembling sheep ;
Safe alone beneath Thy care

Let us all Thy goodness share.
5 Thine for ever! Thou our Guide,

All our wants by Thee supplied,
All our sins by Thee forgiven,
Lead us, Lord, from earth to heaven! Amen.

Holy Matrimony.

THE voice that breathed o'er Eden,

That earliest wedding day,
The primal marriage blessing,

It hath not passed away.

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2 Still in the pure espousal

Of Christian man and maid,
The Holy Three are with us,

The three-fold grace is said :

3 For dower of blessèd children,

For love and faith's sweet sake,
For high mysterious union

Which nought on earth may break.

4 Be present, awful Father,

To give away this Bride,
As Eve Thou gav'st to Adam

Out of his own pierc'd side.

5 Be present, Son of Mary,

To join their loving hands,
As Thou didst bind two natures

In Thine eternal bands.

6 Be present, Holiest Spirit,

To bless them as they kneel;
As Thou, for Christ the Bridegroom,

The heavenly Spouse dost seal.

? O spread Thy pure wing o'er them !

Let no ill power find place,
When onward to Thine altar

The hallowed path they trace,

8 To cast their crowns before Thee

In perfect sacrifice,
Till to the home of gladness
With Christ's own Bride they rise. Amen.

7. Keble.

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LORD, who at Cana's wedding feast

Didst as a guest appear,
Thou dearer far than earthly guest,

Vouchsafe Thy presence here:
For holy Thou indeed dost prove

The marriage vow to be,
Proclaiming it a type of love

Between the Church and Thee. 3. On those who at Thy altar kneel,

O Lord, Thy blessing pour,
That each may wake the other's zeal

To love Thee more and more.
4 O give them here in peace to live,

In purity and love,
And, this world leaving, to receive

A crown of life above.
5* To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God whom we adore,
Be glory, as it was, is

And shall be evermore. Amen.

Burial of the Dead.



Now lay we calmly in the grave
This form, whereof no doubt we have
That it shall rise again that day,
In glorious triumph o'er decay.

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