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4 Much he asked in loving wonder,

On Thy bosom leaning, Lord ;
In that secret place of thunder

Answer kind didst Thou accord,
Wisdom for Thy Church to ponder

Till the day of dread award.

5 Lo! heaven's doors lift up, revealing

How Thy judgments earthward move,
Scrolls unfolded, trumpets pealing,

Wine cups from the wrath above;
Yet o'er all a soft voice stealing-
“Little children, trust and love !"

7. Keble.



Jussu tyranni pro fide.
EXPELLED by tyrant's harsh command,
The Exile on the sea-girt strand,
Disdainful of the chains of earth,
Asserts his free celestial birth,

2 Before him stands, in vision dread,

Jesus who liveth, and was dead:
The Lamb for us a Victim slain ;
The Lion who hath rent death's chain.

3 There, to the prophet's kindling eye,

He pictures heaven's bright mystery ;
And shows, with blood of martyrs sown,
Earth's kingdoms conquered for His own.


4 Grant us, O Christ, with Thee to die ;

With Thee to rise and reign on high ;-
All gain terrestrial to despise,

And joys celestial only prize.
5 We praise the Father, and the Son

Who hath o'er death the victory won,
That we, with Him, may conquerors be ;
With whom, blest Spirit, praise to Thee. Amen.

W. E. Green. (tr.)
The Innocents' Day.

Hymnum canentes martyrum.
THE hymn for Infant Martyrs raise
Through whom the Lord did perfect praise ;
Whom earth so early cast away,
And heaven with joy received to-day;
Whose angels see the Father's face,

World without end, and sing His grace. 2 A voice from Ramah was there sent,

A voice of weeping and lament,
When Rachel mourned her children sore,
Whom for the tyrant's sword she bore;
Triumphant is their glory now,

The first for Christ in death to bow. 3 Dwelling on Sion's holy hill,

The Lamb's own steps they follow still ;
Death hath no power to hurt them more,
The hour of pain and grief is o'er ;
All bright they shine in heavenly day,
And every tear is wiped away.

Ven. Bede. 7. M. Neale. (tr.*)

1 GLORY to Thee, O Lord !

Who, from this world of sin,
By the fierce Herod's ruthless sword

Those precious ones didst win.

2 Glory to Thee, O Lord !

For now, all grief unknown,
They wait in patience their reward,

The martyr's heavenly crown.

3 Baptized in their own blood,

Earth's untried perils o'er,
They passed unconsciously the flood,

And safely gained the shore.

4 Glory to Thee for all

The ransomed infant band, Who since that hour have heard Thy call,

And reached the quiet land !

5 Oh, that our hearts within,

Like theirs, were pure and bright; Oh, that as free from deeds of sin

We shrunk not from Thy sight!

6 Lord, help us every hour

Thy cleansing grace to claim ; In life to glorify Thy power,

In death to praise Thy Name. Amen.



BEHOLD from heaven a Saviour sent,

Earth kneel thy Prince before ;
And let the starry firmament

The Virgin-born adore.


Maker of all, Himself hath He

In servant guise arrayed ;
With flesh of man, man's flesh to free,

And save the souls He made.

3 Word of the Siremere Time began,

The Father's breast He leaves ;
And born in Time-as Son of Man,

An infant's birth receives.

4 Where feeds the ox He deigns to feed,

The hay His pallet-bed ;
He deigns a little milk to need,

On whom the Saints are fed.

5 The Hands that wield earth, seas, and skies,

With swaddling bands are wound;
A weak and wailing Babe He lies,

To lift us from the ground.

6 Judge of the world-His outstretched hands

Us to His crib invite ;
O love unbounded, that demands

A love as infinite.

7 Borne at the Virgin Mother's breast,

Lord Jesu, praise to Thee;
With Holy Sire and Spirit Blest,

To all eternity. Amen.


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Joy to the world! the Lord is come ;

Let earth receive her King ;
Let every heart prepare Him room,

And heaven and nature sing.

2 Joy to the earth ! the Saviour reigns ;

Let men their songs employ ;
While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains

Repeat the sounding joy:
3 Let the whole earth His love proclaim,

With all her different tongues ;
And spread the honour of His Name,

In melody and songs.
4. No more let sins and sorrows grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make His blessings flow,

Far as the curse is found.

5 He rules the world with truth and grace,

And makes the nations prove
The glories of His righteousness,
And wonders of His love.

1. Watts.

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