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10 Faint and weary Thou hast sought me,

On the cross of suffering bought me ;
Shall such grace be vainly brought me?
Righteous Judge! for sin's pollution
Grant Thy gift of absolution,

Ere that day of retribution.
12 Guilty, now I pour my moaning,

All my shame with anguish owning;

Spare, O God, Thy suppliant groaning. 13 Thou the sinful woman savedst;

Thou the dying thief forgavest;

And to me a hope vouchsafest. 14 Worthless are my prayers and sighing,

Yet, good Lord, in grace complying,

Rescue me from fires undying. 15 With Thy favoured sheep Oh! place me,

Nor among the goats abase me ;

But to Thy right hand upraise me. 16 While the wicked are confounded,

Doomed to flames of woe unbounded,

Call me, with Thy saints surrounded. 17 Low I kneel, with heart-submission;

See, like ashes, my contrition;

Help me in my last condition.
18 Ah, that day of tears and mourning!

From the dust of earth returning,
Man for judgment must prepare him,
Spare! O God in mercy spare him !
Lord, all-pitying, Jesu blest,
Grant us Thine eternal rest. Amen.

Thomas of Celano.



THOU Judge of quick and dead,

Before whose bar severe,
With holy joy or guilty dread,

We all shall soon appear ;
Our cautioned souls

For that tremendous day,
And fill us now with watchful care,

And stir us up to pray.
To pray, and wait the hour,

The awful hour unknown,
When, robed in majesty and power,

Thou shalt from heaven come down,
The immortal Son of Man,

To judge the human race,
With all Thy Father's dazzling train,

With all Thy glorious grace.
To damp our earthly joys,

To increase our duteous fears,
For ever let the Archangel's voice

Be sounding in our ears ;
The solemn midnight cry,
“ Ye dead, the Judge is come !
Arise, and meet Him in the sky,
And meet your instant doom !”
Oh! may we thus be found,

Obedient to His word,
Attentive to the trumpet's sound,

And looking for our Lord :
Oh! may we thus insure

Our lot among the blest,
And watch a moment, to secure
An everlasting rest! Amen.

C. Wesley.


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that dim and awful day, When this world shall pass away, Where shall be the sinner's stay ?

Miserere Domine !

2 Not alone I then shall stand,

Trembling 'mid the uncertain band,
Who shall watch Thy dread right hand.

Miserere Domine!

3 Not alone, but one with Thee,

In thy true humanity,
Saviour, shall my portion be.

Miserere Domine !

4 I should fear my soul to cast

On that shadowy realm so vast,
Held I not Thy Manhood fast.

Miserere Domine !

5 Thine, by angel-hosts adored,

Thine, the all-creating Word,
Thine, the Church's Head and Lord.

Miserere Domine !

6 At that awful judgment-tide,

Rock of Ages, let me hide
Deep within Thy wounded side.

Miserere Domine !



THAT day of wrath, that dreadful day, ,
When heaven and earth shall pass away,

power shall be the sinner's stay?


When shrivelling, like a parched scroll,
The flaming heavens together roll ;
When louder yet, and yet more dread,
Swells the high trump that wakes the dead ;

3 Oh! on that day, that wrathful day,

When man to judgment wakes from clay,
Be Thou, O Christ, the sinner's stay,
Though heaven and earth shall pass away.


Sir W. Scott.

GREAT God, what do I see and hear?

The end of things created :
The Judge of mankind doth appear

On clouds of glory seated :
The trumpet sounds, the graves restore
The dead which they contained before ;

Prepare, my soul, to meet Him.



The dead in Christ are first to rise

At the last trumpet's sounding ;
Caught up to meet Him in the skies,

With joy their Lord surrounding ;
No gloomy fears their souls dismay;
His presence sheds eternal day

On those prepared to meet Him.

3 But sinners, filled with guilty fears,

Behold His wrath prevailing ;
For they shall rise and find their tears

And sighs are unavailing.
The day of grace is past and gone;
Trembling they stand before His throne,

All unprepared to meet Him.

4 Great Judge, to Thee our prayers we pour,

In deep abasement bending;
O shield us in that last dread hour,

Thy wondrous love extending ;
May we, in this our trial day,
With faithful hearts Thy word obey,

And thus prepare to meet Thee. Amen.

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JERUSALEM, my happy home,

When shall I come to thee?
When shall my sorrows have an end,

Thy joys when shall I see?


O happy harbour of the saints !

O sweet and pleasant soil !
In thee no sorrow may be found,

No grief, no care, no toil.

3 We that are here in banishment

Continually do moan,
We sigh, and sob, we weep, and wail,

Perpetually we groan.

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