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Victis sibi cognomina.
'Tis for conquering kings to gain
Glory o'er their myriads slain :
Jesu, Thy more glorious strife
Hath restored a world to life.


So no other name is given
Unto mortals under heaven,
Which can make the dead to rise,
And exalt them to the skies.

3 That which Christ so hardly wrougkit,

That which He so dearly bought,
That salvation, mortals, say,

Will you madly cast away?
4 Rather, gladly for that Name

Bear the cross, endure the shame;
Joyfully for Him to die

Is not death, but victory.
5 Dost Thou, Jesu, condescend

To be called the sinners' Friend?
Ours then it shall always be
Thus to make our boast of Thee.

6 Glory to the Father be ;

Glory, Virgin-born, to Thee ;
Glory to the Holy Ghost,
Ever from the heavenly host. Amen.

7. Chandler. (tr.)


I JESUS! Name of wondrous love!

Name all other names above !
Unto which must every knee

Bow in deep humility.
2 Jesus ! Name decreed of old;

To the maiden mother told,
Kneeling in her lowly cell,

By the angel Gabriel,
3 Jesus ! Name of priceless worth

To the fallen sons of earth,
For the promise that it gave-

“Jesus shall His people save.” 4. Jesus! Name of mercy mild,

Given to the holy Child,
When the cup of human woe
First He tasted here below.

5 Jesus! Only Name that's given

Under all the mighty heaven,
Whereby man, to sin enslaved,

Bursts his fetters, and is saved.
6 Jesus! Name of wondrous love!

Human Name of Him above !
Pleading only this we flee,
Helpless, O our God, to Thee.

W. W. How.



O sola magnarum urbium.
BETHLEHEM! of noblest cities

None can once with thee compare ;
Thou alone the Lord from Heaven

Didst for us Incarnate bear.
Fairer than the sun at morning

Was the star that told His Birth;
To the lands their God announcing,

Hid beneath a form of earth. 3. By its lambent beauty guided,

See the Eastern kings appear,
See them bend, their gifts to offer,

Gifts of incense, gold, and myrrh. 4. Offerings of mystic meaning !

Incense doth the God disclose ;
Gold a royal Child proclaimeth ;

Myrrh a future tomb foreshows. 5 Hely Jesu ! in Thy brightness

To the Gentile world displayed,
With the Father, and the Spirit,
Endless praise to Thee be paid. Amen.

E. Caswall. (tr.)


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Hail the day, when in the sky
Shone the Day-spring from on high ;
When the star from heaven displayed
Where the holy Child was laid.


Onward moving that bright flame
Did the Saviour's birth proclaim ;
And the Gentiles came to bring
Offerings to their Infant King.

3 Lord of glory, may Thy light

Shine upon our darkened sight,
Till it guide us to the rest
Where Thy people shall be blest.

4 May it light us on the road

Leading to the throne of God;
And our offering then shall be
Hearts devoted, Lord, to Thee.

5 Hymns of glory and of praise,

Father, unto Thee we raise;
Praise to Thee, O Christ our King,
And the Holy Ghost, we sing. Amen.


Crudelis Herodes Deum. 1 Why, cruel Herod, quake with fear

To see thy God as King appear?
He who claims Heaven for His own
Will never snatch thy earthly throne.


The Eastern Sages, from afar,
Obey with joy the guiding star ;
The True Light, by its light, they seek,
And own Him God with homage meek.

3 In Jordan's pure baptismal wave

The lowly Lamb of God doth lave ;
Whose washing, sins which He ne'er brought
Hath borne away, and made as nought.

4 Surprise to trembling awe was hushed

When water in the vessels blushed ;
And, bidden by His word Divine,
The crystal drops formed ruddy wine.

5 Jesus ! to Thee be endless praise,

Whom Gentiles saw in later days;
And owned, revealed in Thy Face,
The Father's Love, the Spirit's Grace.

W. E. Green. (tr.)



Sons of men, behold from far!
Hail the long-expected Star !
Jacob's star, that gilds the night,
Guides bewildered nature right.


Mild it shines on all beneath,
Piercing through the shades of death,
Scatt'ring'error's wide-spread night,
Kindling darkness into light.

3 Nations all, far off and near,

Haste to see your God appear ;
Haste, for Him your hearts prepare,
Meet Him manifested there.

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