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or at least the simplicity, of style that is suited to a sacred subject. It is hoped that as a result there will be found in this book most of the really good hymns in the English language, with but few that are unworthy, as compositions, of the place accorded to them.

As, with few exceptions, the use of the hymns here collected is unauthorized, it has been thought right to append to them the names of the authors or translators, where they are ascertainable. There is, however, so much doubt as to the authorship of the earlier Latin hymns, that in many cases the names cannot be attached with any degree of certainty.

The hymns have been printed mostly in the form in which the writers left them ; but where any deviation from the original text has been generally adopted, and appears desirable, it has been retained ; and in all the cases in which an alteration is known to have been made, an asterisk is placed after the name. Where an asterisk is placed against the doxology, the latter did not originally form part of the hymn, but has been appended to it.

The compiler acknowledges with gratitude the kindness of those who have permitted the use of their copyright hymns. Amongst these

his thanks are especially due to the Very Rev. the Dean of Canterbury, the Rev. Dr. Wordsworth, the Rev. Dr. Kennedy, the Rev. W. J. Blew,* the Rev. W. W. How, and the Rev. Edward Caswall, for the hymns of which they are respectively the authors; to the Rev. Dr. Neale, for seven hymns from “Mediæval Hymns and Sequences” (London: Masters); five from "Hymns of the Eastern Church” (London : Hayes); and six from “Hymns for Children” (London: Masters); to the Rev. William E. Green, of Trinity Church, Lambeth, for the hymns and translations bearing his name, and which appear in this book for the first time; to the proprietors of the copyright of “Hymns Ancient and Modern," for four hymns + inserted from their collection; and to Messrs. Longman and Co. for six hymns translated from the German by Miss Winkworth, from the “Lyra Germanica.”

Regarding the arrangement of the hymns a few words are necessary. It has lately been said by a high authority, and seems to be now generally felt, that no hymn-book can be regarded as altogether satisfactory, or as practically adapted for use in our Churches, unless

* No. 30, 138, 141, 179, 227, and 261.

† Nos. 24, 67, 70, and 91.

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it provides appropriate hymns for each Sunday and Holy-day throughout the year. The difficulty of making the distribution is great, but it has been attempted in this compilation. In assigning the hymns to the several days, the Editor has had regard rather to the general appropriateness of the hymn to the season or day, than to its coincidence with casual expressions in the services. Admitting that in many cases he could have wished for a hymn more specially fitted for the day than he has been able to obtain, he yet trusts that in no case will the selection be found to be altogether inappropriate.

Any information or advice that may serve to render a future edition of this collection more worthy of general adoption will be very thankfully received.





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Sundays in Advent
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
St. Stephen's Day
St. John the Evangelist's Day.
The Innocents' Day
Sunday after Christmas
The Circumcision
Sunday after the Circumcision.
The Epiphany
Sundays after the Epiphany
Septuagesima Sunday
Sexagesima Sunday
Quinquagesima Sunday
Ash Wednesday
Sundays in Lent
Sunday next before Easter
Monday before Easter
Tuesday before Easter
Wednesday before Easter
Thursday before Easter
Good Friday .
Easter Eve
Easter Day

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