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The whole world are now near neighbors. Only a short time once, he who had circumnavigated the globe was looked upon with wonder, as among the favored of mortals. Now, he whose dwelling is the nearest to your own, may, within a few months, have visited the uttermost parts of the earth," and the fact not considered sufficiently novel for your knowledge.

With rapidly increasing intercourse all the world is changing. Commerce, the great civilizer, is introducing us to everybody and everybody to us. Such a general shaking of hands never was before seen since Father Time commenced his travels. Such a universal interchange of ideas never entered the conception of the wisest of the ancients. Such a magnificent “ clearing” was never before opened to

the Pioneer in Enterprise. Everybody is learning something from O i everybody. Civilized nations are consequently growing more liberal

and more humane, and those not civilized are fast becoming so.

To the inhabitants of a far-distant isle, the first vessel whose canvas x is seen whitening their seas, is a mighty idea — not even their A fathers dreamed so great a thing ;” and if this be succeeded by others

and commerce springs up, then, with new ideas arise new wants, and for the gratification of these comes industry-the germ of all civilization. If still more favored, a stranger, with a benign countenance and a book in his hand, lands upon their island. He brings “glad tidings of great joy,” proclaiming “Peace on earth and good will to man." Through the power of his words the islanders cast down their idols, they no longer sacrifice to false gods; they become charmed with the moral heroism of Him who came and offered his life for their good, and christian civilization is begun—that which is to leap from isle to isleto penetrate the reinotest recesses of every land, and to bring all nations into one brotherhood.

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