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ment of the year we had but two or fort ; but several have just now left for three members, we have now about the field. May God preserve precious twenty. Some continue in Fort-Beau- lives! ALBANY.-Extract of a Letter from the Rev. George H. Green, dated Cradock,

September 23d, 1847. In continuation of my former commu. sary pastoral care. The congregations nication respecting this Circuit, I beg in some of the country places are very now to give some account of the labours smal', as in but few cases can we assemin which we are here engaged. The ble more than the people of our estab. English congregation in Cradock has lishment. The nature of this part of the much improved within the last few colony renders it impracticable for the months; so that it is now deemed neces- inhabitants to live so near together as sary either to enlarge the present chapel, they do in Albany, and other places near or to build a new one. The friends are the coast. The labour of travelling, now deliberating as to which of these which must all be performed on horseobjects they shall attempt to accomplish; back, is great ; and many days together but all acknowledge that a larger place are occupied in this way, in order to of worship is necessary, at all events; preach the word of life to a few scattered and it seems most probable that we shall families. Not withstanding this disad. ultimately determine on having a new vantage, we have good reason to hope chapel, so that the present one may be that the word of the Lord is not preached used solely by the native congregation. in vain.

The Missionary has to preach twice While we are encouraged to look for on the Sabbath-day to the English con- a present blessing on our labours, and gregation, and once to the Kaffir and can indeed testify that the Great Head of Hottentot congregations alternately, in the church does not allow us to spend addition to visiting either the native or our strength for nought and in vain, yet English Sunday-schools ; so that often we are conscious that we must rather on the Sabbath he has four distinct ser look to the future for adequate results of vices to attend to, which, during the these labours. In this country we are heat of the summer season, in this cli- but laying the foundation of the social mate, is sometimes quite exhausting to fabric. The population is rapidly inhis strength. During the week there are creasing, and will get more rapidly inregular services both for the English crease. The war, and its consequences, and Dutch congregations. The regular will lead to this. We are taking our itinerant work of this Circuit occupies a position, and establishing ourselves, so considerable portion of the Missionary's as to be fully prepared to act upon the time. Eight different places are regu- population as it shall flow in upon us. larly visited in rotation, and divine ser. Our present efforts will give us great vice held at each, in most instances, in advantages in time to come; and the the Dutch as well as the English lan. seed which we now sow will yet spring guage. The nearest of these preaching up, and yield a blessed harvest. places is about twenty-one miles distant The Lord has been pleased to add to from the Circuit-town, and some of them our numbers lately, and we trust he will as much as fifty. As our people are so shortly visit us with a gracious outpour. widely scattered, it requires much labour ing of the Holy Spirit. It is for this and diligence to secure them the neces. that we look and pray.


BADAGRY AND ABBEOKOUTA. Tue interest so deeply felt in these Missions, by many English Christians and friends of the African race, will make the following communications from the dark and miserable regions to which they refer exceedingly acceptable and gratifying. Extract of a Letter from the Rev. John Thomas, daled Badagry,

September 28th, 1847. HAVING reached my station, I desire came to the Mission-house to welcome to fulfil my duty in writing to you. On me the same evening, and the members of Saturday, September 4th, many friends the society showed the greatest kindness in receiving me. The next morning, joicing; for in every congregation you Sanday, I preached to them, and had a might find some whose understandings good congregation, some of whom came, had been enlightened by the rays of I suppose, to see the stranger white divine truth, and whose hearts had been man. Mr. Grant, pative Teacher, took changed by the Spirit of God. My the afternoon service, as my legs were so heart has often been cheered when I have bruised in landing, that it was with diffi. looked on the features of those who a culty that I could stand.

short time before were worshipping idols, I feel at home in my station, and trust putting their trust in objects that could I am in the place where God would have do them no good, in seeing them now me be.

bowing at the feet of Jesus, and reveI am thankful to state, that I have rently pleading in prayer with the God never doubted my being in the way of that made them. And then you might Providence, in being sent to this part of look on others whose eyes were glistenthe world, though I have thought that ing, and the expression of whose countethe Committee might have found many tances bespoke the deepest inquiry as to more suitable for carrying out their plans what could be the meaning of the word in preaching the Gospel here : yet I spoken. bave always believed them to be under C ould our English friends behold the guidance of the Divine Spirit, and scenes of this nature, and observe the therefore take the appointment as from collateral benefits, which may be witGod; and, with this impression resting nessed in families where nothing but on my mind, I could not repine even in disorder reigned, when the darkness of the darkest seasons of gloom; and when Heathenism was pervading the mind, I have regretted most my own inade. but which are now governed with propriquacy for the great work, I have been ety, and peace continually reigns in the consoled by the reflection, that as long as domestic circle,-methinks none of them I perform my own part, however small would regret what they had done for the that may be, Jehovah will require no Heathen. inore, May I be faithful to my trust! And there is one class to which I can I see a great work before me, in which, never look without deep interest : I refer were it the work of man merely, I should to the youthful parts of our congregadespair of success ; but as it is the work tions : it always produces pleasure in my of God, I feel assured of its ultimate mind to see the children of our schools accomplishment; and that the success drawn up under the care of their Teachwill, in the end, be more than commen- ers, and furming not unfrequently a very sarate to the labour bestowed. The prominent part of our assemblies,-in Gospel, I ren ember, is compared to which they are found of service in leading leaven, hid in meal, the operations of the singing, &c. And then to remember which may be slow and unseen, but that these children are taken from a state still they are sure ; and effects appear of profound ignorance, and are now being after being long waited for at times ; and taught truths which, if cherished, will effects will appear, most glorious in their not only prove blessings to themselves, nature, on many barren scenes over but may prove the means of raising their which the faithful Missionary mourns at nation! You cannot but discover in some present, because he sees so little fruit of of our small boys, that already they see his labours.

the vanity of their national gods, and But already there is great cause for even despise their Fetish; for as persons gratitude in seeing what has been done make sacrifices by depositing cowries in even in this land of darkness. In Cape. Curtain places for the purpose of inducing Coast and its vicinity, where I have been their gods to remove diseases with which privileged with labouring for a few they are troubled, or to avert evils which months when my health would permit, they fear will come upon them, the boys there have been important changes pro- will watch them, and, as soon as they are duced by the glorious Gospel of the gone, take the cowries for themselves ; blessed God." Though many stand which, before they were taught in our aloof from the preaching, and wonder schools, they would not touch on any acwhat the white man can mean by his count, fearing letish would bring the proceedings, and others mock the feeble evil upon them, or cause them to suffer efforts of the Missionary, as he tries to the disease which plagued the offender. break down the mighty superstitions But whilst we rejoice in what has been sbich for ages have enchained the powers done for Africa, we still see that little, of the mind; still I could not leave very little, has been effected, considering the different places I visited without re- the thousands, yea, tens of thousands,

that are scattered over this vast continent; many of them fall into the hands of the the majority of whom have never heard enemies ; hands are laid especially on the the sound of the Gospel; whose towns young and healthy, who are hurried would, nevertheless, be thrown open to away in horrible secrecy, to become the the messengers of the cross, if men could victims of cruelty. And then in the be found to visit them, and means were morning another scene of grief takes provided for their support. I seem to place : the father has lost a beloved son, feel, from what I have seen in the places the mother finds herself deprived of a which I have visited, which are yet des- daughter, who was an object of sincere titute of a Teacher, and from what I affection. The Africans are not destitute hear concerning large towns, containing of affection : they have a genuine love for from ten to twenty thousands of inhabit their children. O, pity their wounded ants, (not many days' journey from this feelings ! The oppressed turns his eye place,) where we have facts like these be anxiously towards England for help. fore our eyes, I feel as if we had only It was only last Sunday week that the just begun to labour in Africa.

gong-gong was beaten through the streets Still we have opposition to contend of Badagry, and an announcement was with, and that too of a most powerful made respecting a child being lost, which kind. The slave-trade forms in some had no doubt been kidnapped for slavery. places an insuperable barrier to our ope- Persons were urged to give it up, and rations : the Kings and Chiefs of some warned that Fetish would discover if towns near at hand are willing to admit they were going to sell or kill it; and us into their dominions, being discon- they had better return the child, or nected with the slave-trade themselves; Fetish would bring vengeance upon but they are prevented by other Kings them. But those who engage in these near, who are more powerful, and are en- practices know Fetish, and are not afraid gaged in the abominable traffic of buy. of his power. It seems the child had ing and selling human beings, who been sent on an errand, and, no doubt, threaten to burn their towns if they al. the parent awaited its return with deep low the white Missionary to come among anxiety ; but, alas, the parents may no them, because they know that our preach- more gaze upon it in this world! ing would be inimical to their iniquitous Another source of opposition is the practices, and lessen their influence. Fetish. The Priests have houses in

We trust that the strong hand of Eng. which they place children, and the deland will be outstretched very soon, to luded parents dare not take them out : aid us in this respect, by pulling down they carry meat to them, and thus they the slave-factories which lie scattered are kept for years; are taught certain along the coast, and raising the British sounds and a particular walk; while, on flag to awe the traders in their pro- their coming out of these places, they ceedings.

represent themselves as being most sa. The slave-trade is still carried on to cred, and as having received revelations an awful extent: it is said that from this from another world ; but the Priests place parties are constantly going out on keep them in ignorance : yet, strange as kidnapping expeditions; and I believe it may seem, many of the children are the report is not without good founda. dedicated to Fetish before their birth. A tion. One can hardly conceive all the man came hither last Friday, from some horrors that are froin first to last con- distance, to fetch his boy, in order, he nected with this cruel system. We said, to clean off Fetish from him. The might picture out some of its miseries boy had been in our school for some which not unfrequently take place. Ima- time, and I was unwilling to let him go. gine a peaceful little kroom, the inhabit. I appealed to the man's conscience, and ants of which are just retiring to rest, talked to him for some time; but still he as the shades of evening gather around said the boy had Fetish about him, them ; but all at once they are aroused which must be taken off; and if we obby the sound of muskets firing, and the jected to his going, the friends would smoke of powder is blowing about them : come and take him by force ; (which had they know the awful alarm; but what been the case with one before, which had can they do? They are unable to defend not been brought back again ;) but he themselves, all is consternation ; and said, if we allowed him to take him then, whilst the alarm is pervading, they be- he would return him in ten days. I hold their huts in flames : those who talked to him, and then gave him his can, immediately fly to the bush; the choice; but he took the boy with him. mother hurries her children, the father Such are the hinderances that we meet hastens for his own safery ; but a great with here ; but still we are getting a firm

hold; and whilst some are duped by to be in a good state. May our numsuperstition, we are gaining others : webers be increased! I trust the friends bave had three new scholars this week. in England will continue to pray for The society here, though small, appears Badagry. Extract of a Letter from the Rev. John Martin, dated Albeokouta,

September 21st, 1847. HEARING that a vessel will leave Ba. Leone, and of the word of God which dagry in a few days for England, I em. they had heard in a strange land. It brace the opportunity to acquaint you was pleasing to hear from those Chiefs with my visit to Abbeokouta for the pur. frequent allusions to the astonishing pose of commencing Missionary opera- kindness of the English in rescuing tions in this place. I arrived on the their children from slavery, and send3d instant, accompanied by Mr. Mor- ing them back without money or price. goe and his wife, natives of Cape-Coast, Truly the return of these people has who will remain here, build a house, and opened a great, I trust an effectual, door make other preparations for a European for the Gospel in this country. You Missionary.

will, however, be grieved to learn, that Mr. Morgue was for some years con- many of the men have ceased to sustain nected with the Mission at Badagry; a Christian character, and have fallen and as he has some knowledge of the into polygamy, the great sin of the land. native character and language, he was At my request, a number of them as. thought best fitted, under existing cir- sembled, when I spoke to them seriously cumstances, to proceed to Abbeokouta. on the subject. They are aware of their It is to be regretted that the repeated ap- sin : several deeply deplore it. I have a plications of our General Superintendent hope they will cast it from them. for a person from Sierra-Leone, ac- We are now staying on the Church quainted with the Yaruba language, Mission premises with the Revs. H. bare proved unsuccessful, as the labours Townsend and Crowther, from whom we of a respectable, well-informed native have received every kindness and assistwould be very acceptable to his country- ance : to whom may our God give his men.

blessing, and prosper their labours, as he I cannot now write you any particu- has already done! lars, because, through the jealousies of Abbeokouta is a large town, covering an the Chiefs as to precedency and other extent of ground, I should think, almost matters among themselves, I have not as large as Bristol ; and within two days' been able to fix on a spot for building, journey of other towns of almost equal nor to attend to other necessary business. magnitude. The inhabitants generally

We were received by Chiefs and peo- do not manifest that carelessness respectple with every mark of good-will : re. ing the Gospel, which is shown by the peated assurances have been given that natives on the coast. Altogether, it is a their quarrel is altogether among them- place well worthy the attention of the selves, and not with us. I hope that in Committee; well worthy to be occupied a few days the affair will be comfortably by, at least, two European Missionaries. settled.

You will, I am sure, excuse me, when The emigrants from Sierra-Leone, I entreat you to supply the place with members of the Wesleyan society, wel- Missionaries as soon as possible. May comed us with joy. Several of them God incline the hearts of my countryinen spent four days accompanying us around to supply you with the means ! the town on our visits to the Headmen. By direction of our General SuperinOne of them, in the name of the rest, tendent, I shall leave by the first opporaddressed the Chiefs, who were assembled tunity for Cape-Coast. My health is to meet us, telling them of the kind still good, and my soul happy in niy treatment they had met with in Sierra. work.

DOMINICA.- Extract of a Letter from the Rev. Thomas Pearson,

dated Dominica, November 10th, 1847.
VISITS TO OUT-STATIONS. where, on the same evening, I held a
On the 16th of September, I left meeting for the benefit of the Leaders,
Roseau in a canoe for Mount-Wallis, at which they related their religious ex-

perience, and I gave them advice respecte Meeting was disturbed and eventually ing their growth in grace, and the proper broken up by a lawless rabble, who were mode of meeting their classes. On the carrying stones for the enlargement of following day I proceeded to Lasoye, the Roman Catholic church, and who a distance of twenty miles, where i were encouraged, I am sorry to say, by preached twice on the Sabbath, baptized individuals from whom (considering the several children, held the Leaders' Meet situations they fill) we ought to expect ing, and the quarterly love-feast. The something better. One stipendiary Mafour following days were spent in attend. gistrate distinguished himself, not by ing to several repairs of Mission pro endeavouring to make peace, but by perty on this distant station, and in striking one of the policemen who was visiting the school, and several sick doing his duty; for which he has since members on the neighbouring estates. been fined £3 sterling. On Thursday evening I held a meeting His Honour the President was obliged similar to the one at Mount-Wallis, with twice to leave the Meeting, for the purthe Leaders on this station; and the Lord pose of using his influence to put down was with us indeed, and that to do us the noise; while Edward Sharpe, Esq., good. On the 24th I left Lasoye for the acting Police-Magistrate, and several Castle-Bruce estate ; and certainly such other gentlemen, did their utmost to a journey I never had before. The secure for us a quiet audience; but all roads (if roads they may be called) were was in vain. The mob rapidly increased, in such a condition, that, had it not been and, when they saw that shouting and for the wants of this distant station, and yelling did not succeed in breaking up the fact that the members only see the the Meeting, immediately after the col. face of a Minister once in three, and lection was made, they filled the chapelsometimes once in six, months, I should yard, brandished large sticks at the win. have returned. I, however, proceeded, dows and doors, and threw in several over such steep ascents and descents, on stones, by one of which a young female the verge of such precipices, and over was cut in the forehead. At this mosuch dangerous places, as neither man ment the greatest excitement prevailed nor beast ought to be obliged to travel in the chapel, some running one way, in a civilized country. But God in and some another; and, as I did not much mercy brought me in safety to the think it prudent to continue the Meeting, end of my journey, where I spent Satur. I exhorted the congregation to retire from day and Sunday in preaching the word the chapel gradually, and to repair to of life, renewing the quarterly tickets of their homes in peace and quietness. We the members, administering the sacra have applied to the authorities here for ments, and catechising the children, protection ; and hope that in future we Early on Monday morning I prepared to shall be able to worship God, none leave for Roseau ; but the rain falling daring to make us afraid. Up to the heavily, caused the river running through present time our members are not able this beautiful estate to be so much swol to walk in the streets without being len, that it was with the greatest diffi mocked, jeered, and insulted by the culty I and my men crossed it ; and after Roman Catholics; but I am happy to riding eight hours, over mountains cap be able to say that not one instance has ped by clouds, wet, and wearied, I come to my knowledge of their having reached Roseau.

returned railing for railing. But they

especially need an interest in the prayers ANNUAL MISSIONARY MEETING

of the friends of Missions, that God may POPISH INTOLERANCE.

preserve them amidst the persecutions te On the evening of the 18th ultimo we which they are daily exposed. held our annual Missionary Meeting in I have not been able to attend the Roseau. The attendance was large, and Meetings in the country ; but my cola number of influential gentlemen were league, Mr. Chambers, assisted by Mr. present, some of whom had never before Fillan, our Local Preacher, and other attended one of our Missionary Meet- friends, have held them; and we shall be ings. William Davies, Esq., a pro- able to report an increase of Missionary prietor, and principal Attorney on this money in every place, as compared with island, kindly occupied the chair, and the last year. The total increase will be in his opening address bore testimony to about forty pounds sterling. At the the steadiness and industry of the Wes- close of the last quarter we had a small leyan labourers generally, and especially increase in numbers and finances, and those in the Lasoye part of the island. our members continue steadily to grow But you will be sorry to learn that the in grace. We have often times of re

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