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fund of your own experience, the movements of the foul, the measures of conscience, the falutary pains of conversion, the secret struggles of virtue, the aspirations of an advancing piety, in short, the whole rise and progress of the divine life !

Let me particularly remind you, that no. thing will more affift or animate you in the ' exercises of the pulpit, than the devotions of

the clofet; provided these are humble and liberal, simple and exalted, serious and fervent. In that case, they will be what will they be? -a rich, perennial spring of inspiration. They will diffuse through your public addresses, both to God and to man, a certain æthereal influence, that will be universally seen and felt. Oh, how different from the constraint, the formality, the frigidity, the deadness, you have sometimes witneffed !

After all, let it be remembered, that the benediction of God alone can give proper power to all your ministrations. I hope you daily ask it. But remember likewise, you can only expect it in the road of righteousness. And therefore, to all your improvements, and all your exertions, fail not, (I will take the liberty to say it to the whole order present), fail not to join purity of heart and fanctity of manners. Practise as much as posible the breeding of gentlemen ; but never drop the character of clergymen. Between these, when truly understood, there is, I am persuaded, no incompatibility. But if there


were, it is easy to see which of the two, in point of propriety and uniformity, ought to give place in your deportment. An engaging demeanour, it is certain, can never be inconfiftent with clerical decorum. But where-ever the fashion of the times, or the folly of men, would attempt to build either pleasure or refinement on the ruins of virtue, may we have the firmness in our behaviour, to fink the man of the world in the man of God. “ Finally, brethren, farewell : Be perfect, bę “ of good comfort, be of one mind, live in

peace, and the God of love and peace shall “ be with you." Amen.

The End of the FIRST VOLUME.


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