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Contra Leonard Peikoff, "Religion vs America," and perhaps Ayn Rand's rationalizing Objectivism:
Aquinas DOES help to start the development of the modern scientific reliance on inductive thinking
, but this change is an EVOLUTION of medieval education and science, not a rejection of the core medieval emphasis on individual thought. As one point of correction to modern prejudice against a made-up medieval boogeyman, note that slavery was abolished early in the Middle Ages and was re-introduced with the rise of the early modern state. Another observable point is the technological development of agriculture and smith work, even through many invasions and wars and the absence of schooling.
Peikoff and Rand argue as if Western reason, science and technology only started after Aquinas, as if Aristotle didn't define deductive thinking, as if Augustine wasn't right that our reason serves our will, and as if Augustine opposed inductive thinking. NONE of that is true.

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