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changes of residence, etc., giving the name, date, position, department and compensation, on forms prescribed by the Board. All such changes in the service (changes of residence excepted) shall be certified to the City Comptroller by the Board, in order that the basis for the Comptroller's audits may be kept complete, and that no payments be made in violation of these rules.

Sec. 7. The Board will extend the operation of the rules to classes not yet under the rules as soon as practicable and advantageous to the city; will alter or rescind rules where circumstances make it necessary; will make new rules, and will, from time to time, adopt rulings, definitions and instructions for the Chief Examiner.



SECTION 1. The offices and places in the service of the city, coming within the provisions of Chapter 313 of the laws of 1895, shall be classified in two divisions.

The first division shall be known as the OFFICIAL SERVICE.
The second division shall be known as the LABOR SERVICE.

SEC. 2. The OFFICIAL SERVICE shall, as soon as practicable, include the following classes of offices and positions of a more or less permanent character drawing annual or monthly salaries, and such of those drawing wages per diem as require the supervision of the men of a subdepartment, ward or district, or the inspection of public work,

Exceptions are indicated in Sec. 6 of the Civil Service law.

CLASS I. Medical Service: All positions, the duties of which require knowledge of the profession of medicine, or of some branch thereof.

Class II. Civil Engineering: All positions, the duties of which require knowledge of the profession of civil engineering, or of some branch thereof.

CLASS III. Clerical Service: All positions of clerks, messengers, copyists, recorders, stenographers, typewriters, bookkeepers or other similar service, whether paid by the year, month or day, or by the piece, or in any other way.

Class IV. Electrical Service: All positions, the duties of which require a special knowledge of electricity in some form of its application.

Class V. Mechanical Service: All positions, the duties of which require a knowledge of steam engines, boilers and other machinery, their care and operation; and all other positions requiring special mechanical knowledge or skill.

CLASS VI. Inspection Service: All positions under the Department of Public Works, not included in any other class, the duties of which relate to inspection, whether of work done, material furnished, or other matters.

Class VII. Janitor and Elevator Service: All positions connected with the care and operation of public buildings.

Class VIII. Library and Museum Service: All positions connected with the administration of the Public Library and Public Museum.

CLASS IX. Bridge Tenders.

Class X. Service in the Nature of Police Service, including the positions of Harbor Master, Sanitary Inspectors, Park Police, Watchmen and other similar positions.

Class XI. Superintendents or Foremen of Labor officially designated by those titles.

CLASS XII. Miscellaneous Service: All offices and places of employment coming under the provisions of these rules, whatever the character and designation of the same may be, which are not included in any of the foregoing classes or in the Labor Service.

Sec. 3. The Classes of the OFFICIAL SERVICE shall be graded according to the compensation as follows:

1st GradeCompensation at the rate of less than $600 per year. 2nd Grade-Compensation at $600 or more, and less than $800. 3rd GradeCompensation at $800 or more, and less than $1,000. 4th GradeCompensation at $1,000 or more, and less than $1,200. 5th Grade-Compensation at $1,200 or more, and less than $1,500. 6th GradeCompensation at $1,500 or more, and less than $1,800. 7th Grade-Compensation at $1,800 or more, and less than $2,100. 8th Grade-Compensation at $2,100 or more, and less than $2,500. 9th Grade-Compensation at $2,500 or more.

The LABOR SERVICE shall include all common laborers and skilled laborers, or other employes, not included in the Official Service as above defined, in Sec. 2 of Rule II.

Sec. 5. Civil Lists: Two lists, to be known as the Civil Lists of the city, shall be kept in the office of the Board.

SEC. 4.

One of them shall contain the name of every person employed in and receiving compensation in the Official Service under the Civil Service rules, and shall be called “OFFICIAL CIVIL LIST."

The other shall contain the name of every person employed and receiving compensation in the Labor Service under Civil Service rules, and shall be called “LABOR CIVIL LIST."

Besides the names of officers and employes, they shall exhibit the titles of their offices or positions; the compensation attached thereto; the application number, if appointed since the Civil Service act went into effect; the department or sub-department in which employed; the date or dates of certification; the date of appointment, if known; the last previous position, if any, filled in the City Service; the date of promotion or transfer, if promoted or transferred; to what position promoted or transferred, if any; the date of termination of employment, and the cause of termination of employment.


QUALIFICATIONS, APPLICATION AND REGISTRATION. SECTION 1. Applicants for appointment in the service of the city must be citizens of the United States, of full age, and must have resided in the city not less than three years next preceding the date of their application.

SEC. 2. Every application must be in writing, signed by the applicant, and made under oath or affirmation before an officer authorized by law to administer oaths.

SEC. 3. Every application must be made in the form prescribed by the Board, at proper office hours.

SEC. 4. All applicants must furnish with their applications satisfactory proof that they are persons of good moral character, of correct and orderly deportment, and of temperate and industrious habits.

Every application must be accompanied by the certificates of not less than three reputable citizens of Milwaukee, freeholders therein, not holding any city, county or state office, each certifying that he has been personally acquainted with the applicant for at least three years last past, and believes him to be of good moral character, of correct and orderly deportment, of temperate and industrious habits, and

SEC. 5.

in all respects fit for the service he wishes to enter, and that such citizen is willing that his certificate shall be made public.

Additional certificates may be required in any case in the discretion of the Board.

SEC. 6. Any false statement knowingly made by any applicant in his application for admission to any examination, or made at his request or with his knowledge, in any certificate which may accompany his application, or any other fraudulent conduct, shall be regarded as good cause for excluding him from such examination, or for removing his name from any register or eligible list.

SEC. 7. No application will be accepted from any person habitually using intoxicating liquors to excess, or from any person who has been convicted of any offense against the laws of this or of any other state, or of the United States.

SEC. 8. Defective applications will be returned to applicants, if the defects are detected before registry, and an opportunity given them to correct the same.

SEC. 9. Whenever any application shows that the applicant is not qualified under these rules and regulations, such application will be rejected, and the applicant notified of the reason therefor. SEC. IO.

The date of the reception of each accepted application shall be endorsed thereon, the application filed in the office of the Board, and the name of the applicant entered upon an application register. SEC. II.

CITIZENSHIP: The written statement of an applicant of legal age, upon his oath or affirmation, that he was born at a certain specified place in the United States;

Or that he served in the Union army or navy during the late war of the rebellion and was honorably discharged;

Or that his father became a full citizen while the applicant was a minor, giving particulars as to time and place so far as known to such applicant,

Shall be considered sufficient proof of his citizenship to make his application acceptable, unless circumstances cause doubts as to the truthfulness of such statement, or as to the facts involved, in which case additional proof may be required.

Naturalized citizens must produce for inspection by the Chief Examiner their certificates of naturalization.

SEC. 12.

In case of loss of “citizen papers” or the “honorable discharge," by fire or otherwise, any one of the following proofs will be accepted, supplementing the affidavit of the applicant in question:

A. Certifications from the records of the court where the papers were originally issued, or of the War Department.

B. The affidavit of a citizen of the United States and freeholder of at least five years' residence in Milwaukee, to the effect that he knows the said applicant to have been in possession of his "second naturalization paper" at or about a certain time.

C. The affidavit of a citizen of the United States and freeholder of at least five years' residence in Milwaukee, or the certificate of the clerk of any court of record under the seal of said court, to the effect that the said applicant has served as a juror in said court.

D. In the case of a Union Veteran, the affidavit of one of his comrades-in-arms that he knows him to have served in the United States army or navy and to have had an honorable discharge from that service.

SEC. 13. Satisfactory information at any time produced to the Board, either before or after examination, of the bad character or dissolute habits of any applicant, or of any criminal or disreputable act or conduct of such applicant, or of his dismissal for good cause from any branch of the public service, shall be sufficient to exclude him from examination, or to remove his name from any eligible list.

Persons whose names have been stricken from any register or eligible list, shall not be permitted to make a new application within one year thereafter.

SEC. 15. The Board will make such regulations as they deem necessary to identify the registered applicants and to preserve a record of their conduct.

SEC. 14.



SECTION 1. The names of those whose applications have been received and filed will be admitted to examinations as hereinafter prescribed.

SEC. 2. Applicants who pass their examinations satisfactorily, shall be registered in the eligible lists of their respective classes according to the rules.

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