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When an applicant having the necessary qualifications for the position sought, in the judgment of the Board, merits special recognition for extraordinary services rendered to the city, the State of Wisconsin or the United States, or for other sufficient reasons, the Board may advance his standing upon the eligible lists on the ground of character and experience. The reasons for such action shall be recorded in the proceedings.

SEC. 4. If an applicant on any eligible list is appointed to a temporary position, he shall resume his standing on the eligible list after the termination of the temporary employment.

SEC. 5. The names of applicants
Who, for sufficient reasons, are not admitted to an examination, or

Who do not respond to a call for examination, or for correction of papers, or

Who report for examination, but do not complete the same, or

Who do not attain the required minimum rating at any examination,

Shall be stricken from the registers.

SEC. 6. If any applicant whose name is on the eligible list, refuses or neglects to accept a place offered him upon proper appointment, his name shall be stricken from the said eligible list, unless he gives reasons satisfactory to the Board for continuing him on the list, notwithstanding such refusal.

Sec. 7. No applicant's name shall be continued upon any eligible list for more than one year from the date of his entry thereon, unless he shall so request in writing; in which case his name may, in the discretion of the Board, be continued upon such eligible list for a second year or a shorter period of time, subject to be removed therefrom at any time in accordance with these rules.

Sec. 8. The Board may at any time, by resolution, discontinue any eligible list or continue any eligible list in force for a second year, or for a shorter period of time.

Sec. 9. The Secretary may from time to time require eligibles to declare whether they wish to have their names retained upon


respective eligible lists. If they answer in the negative or do not respond within ten days, their names shall be expunged therefrom.

SEC. 10. Any applicant whose name shall have been placed upon the proper eligible list, and who shall thereafter have been employed in

the City Service under these rules and temporarily laid off or granted leave of absence, will not again be required to make application for employment, but his name shall remain upon the proper Civil List until removed therefrom by the Board for cause.


REQUISITIONS, CERTIFICATIONS AND APPOINTMENTS. SECTION 1. Except in cases hereinafter mentioned, whenever there is a vacancy to be filled in any position in the City Service subject to these rules, the appointing officer or board shall make written requisition in duplicate upon this Board, on the blank forms prescribed by the same, for the names of persons eligible for appointment to such position. SEC. 2.

In order to allow the appointing power a limited selection, the Chief Examiner shall, after receiving the requisition, certify the following number of names from the head of the pertinent eligible list:

For 1 or 2 appointments, 2 names more than the required number shall be certified.

For 3 or 4 appointments, 3 names more than the required number shall be certified.

For 5 to 7 appointments, 4 names more than the required number shall be certified.

For 8 to 11 appointments, 5 names more than the required number shall be certified.

For 12 to 16 appointments, 6 names more than the required number shall be certified.

For 17 to 30 appointments, 7 names more than the required number shall be certified.

For more than 30 appointments, approximately 11 times the number required shall be certified.

In case the requisition shall specify the female sex, persons of that sex may be certified; otherwise persons of the male sex alone will be certified.

SEC. 3. Whenever the Board is notified, in and by the requisition, that any position to be filled requires special skill and proficiency in a particular branch of industry, art or service, they may direct the Chief Examiner to certify the proper number of names of persons having the highest standing among those proficient in such special branch.

SEC. 4. The appointing officer or board may select the required number of names from those certified to him.

In all cases where the names of such appointees are not the first of the names certified, the officer or board making the appointments shall notify the Board in writing of the reason for such action.

SEC. 5. No appointment to any office or place, subject to the provisions of Chapter 313 of the laws of 1895, and to the provisions of these rules, shall be made except in the manner required by these rules.

Sec. 6. Temporary exceptions may be made in cases of emergency, where the public business would suffer otherwise from delay. No such appointment for an emergency shall continue for more than ten days, except with the express consent of the Board.

In every case the officer making such temporary appointment shall immediately report the same with a statement of the reason therefor, and of the time for which he deems such appointment necessary.

Such temporary appointment may be suspended by the Board, if, in its judgment, no satisfactory reason existed for making the same.


Special Rules for the Government of the Official Service.


SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS OF APPLICANTS. SECTION I. Where, in the opinion of the Board, special qualifications are required, and the appointing officer requests, in writing, that the examination for any position in the Official Service be open to persons who are not citizens or residents, or not of full age, the Board may grant such exceptions if it approves of the reasons given.


APPLICATIONS. SECTION I. Application for admission to any examination in the Official Service may be made at proper office hours, subject, however, to the restriction that it must be filed with the Chief Examiner at least three days before the day fixed for the examination, and to other restrictions herein mentioned, or published by the Board from time to time.

SEC. 2.

Each application must contain a statement under oath or affirmation, and in the applicant's own handwriting, showing the following facts:

(1.) Position for which application is made.
(2.) Full name, residence and postoffice address.
(3.) Citizenship.
(4.) Place and date of birth.
(5.) Period of residence in Milwaukee.

(6.) In the case of Ward Superintendents and Assessors, period of residence in the ward.

(7) Condition of health and physical capacity for the public service.

(8.) Previous employment in the public service.

(9.) Business or employment and residence for the previous five years.

(10.) Names, occupation and residence of all persons in whose employ the applicant has been during the next preceding five years.

(11.) Character and extent of applicant's education.

(12.) That the applicant is not in the habit of using intoxicating liquors to excess.

(13.) That he has not been convicted of any offense against the laws of this or any other State or of the United States.

(14.) Whether married or single, and, in the former case, the number and age of members of the family dependent upon his or her support.

(15.) Such other information as may reasonably be required touching applicant's fitness for the public service.

SEC. 3. Applicants for the positions of Ward Superintendent and Assessor must have been residents not less than six months in the ward in which their duties are to be performed.

SEC. 4. No application for the position of bridge tender shall be received from any man who has not attained the age of fifty (50) years.

SEC. 5. The Chief Examiner will give to each applicant, by mail, at least two days' previous notice of the time and place of examination.

Applicants must produce this notice at the place of examination, where it will be taken up by the Chief Examiner or other person in charge of the examination.



SECTION I. Examinations for the OFFICIAL SERVICE shall be open to all persons possessing the qualifications required by law and by these rules to entitle them to the same, and who have made due application in the form required by these rules. SEC. 2.

Examinations shall be held at such times and places as the Board shall from time to time designate.

Sec. 3. No visitors shall be admitted during examinations, except by special permission of the Chief Examiner or the Board.

SEC. 4. The subjects of examination shall be designated from time to time by the Board.

SEC. 5. The relative weight to be attached to each subject at each examination shall have regard to the importance of such subject as a test of fitness for the particular position to which such examination relates.

Sec. 6. No person shall be entitled to a place upon an eligible list whose average standing upon a just grading in the examination, taking into consideration the relative weight given to the different subjects covered by the examination and to character and experience, shall be less than seventy-five per cent. of complete proficiency.

SEC. 7. The examinations shall be carried on under the supervision of the Chief Examiner, and shall be conducted by him personally whenever practicable.

SEC. 8. In any case where technical or special knowledge or skill is required as a qualification for the position sought, the Board may designate any suitable person or persons possessing the necessary qualifications to conduct or assist in such examination.

SEC. 9. An applicant whose name is on an eligible list, may take a new examination for the same position before or after his term of eligibility has expired.

SEC. 10. Every applicant present at any examination shall conform to the following instructions:

(1.) Take the seat assigned to you, and keep it during all sessions conducted in the same room.

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