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(2.) The "identification sheet" (Form 4) and the small "identification envelope” you find on your desk, are marked with the same number; this will remain your "examination number” during the whole examination. Report immediately if the numbers on the sheet and envelope are not alike.

(3.) Sign your full name upon the identification sheet, place the latter in the small identification envelope, and seal it immediately.

(4.) Do not write your name on any other stationery or article used during the examination.

(5.) Write your examination number plainly on the right upper corner of each page of every sheet of paper used during the exanination.

For convenience in marking, leave a margin of about one inch on the right. Use both sides of the paper for your answers.

(6.) Keep a private note of your examination number, in ord:r to be sure of knowing it at the afternoon sessions. (7.) The questions are numbered.

Designate your answers by the corresponding numbers.
Do not copy the questions on the answer sheets.

Do not write the answers on the question sheets. (8.) No applicant is permitted during any examination, in any manner whatever, to give assistance to any other applicant, or to receive assistance from any person whatsoever, or to communicate with any person, or to leave the room without a guard provided by the Chief Examiner or his assistant.

(9.) As soon as you have answered all the questions and performed all the tasks as far as you are able to do so, place all your answer sheets in the large envelope marked with your examination number in ilie right upper corner, addressed “Board of City Service Commissioners,” and seal them up.

(10.) After you have finished the work and complied with the above instructions, deliver to the Chief Examiner or his assistant, when passing out:

The small identification envelope containing the identification sheet, SEALED.

b. The large envelope containing the sheets with your answers and tasks, SEALED.

c. The question sheets, NOT sealed.
(11.) Give all mathematical calculations in full.


(12.) A violation of the rules or of these instructions will exclude the offender from the examination and from all the registers of the City Service office.

(13.) Applicants will bear in mind that Division I of the questions usually forms the basis for the special marking in language and orthography, including capitalization, punctuation, etc.

SEC. II. The papers of each applicant shall be marked and graded under his examination number.

SEC. 12. The identification envelope shall not be opened unless by special direction of the Board or its President, until such marking and grading have been passed upon by the Board.

After the grading is finished, the envelopes shall be opened for the purpose of ascertaining the names of the successful applicants and determining their positions upon the proper eligible list.

Whenever, in the opinion of the President, it is necessary to obtain further information regarding the character, experience or other antecedents and qualifications of the competitors, or any one of them, before the Board meets to determine the final grading, he may authorize the Chief Examiner to open the identification envelopes for the purpose of obtaining the needed addresses and references,

SEC. 13. The examination and marking of every applicant examined shall be open to inspection by such applicant.

SEC. 14. The examination papers with marking and final rating of any applicant certified for appointment may be exhibited to the respective appointing officer at the office of this Board and in the presence of the Chief Examiner.



SECTION I. The names of those applicants who have attained a standing of seventy-five per cent. and over at any examination, shall be placed in the order of their relative standing upon a register called "eligible list."

The Board may consolidate two or more eligible lists of the same kind by rearranging all the eligibles named therein according to their standing

SEC. 3. When an applicant has been appointed to a position in the Official Service, his name shall be stricken from all eligible lists.

SEC. 2.

SEC. 4. An applicant registered in any eligible list, whose appointment is rejected by the appointing officer or board, for reasons reported to the Board, may be retained on said list, unless he or she shall be thus rejected three times.

Such repeated rejection shall be sufficient cause for removing the name of such person from the eligible list.

No eligible shall be certified for the same official position more than twice.


REQUISITIONS, CERTIFICATIONS AND APPOINTMENTS. SECTION 1. Whenever an appointing board or officer shall make a requisition upon this Board for names of eligibles for appointment, the Chief Examiner shall certify to such board or officer for the vacancy or vacancies to be filled, as many names of persons highest in standing upon the proper eligible list in the order of such standing, as fixed by Rule V. SEC. 2.

In case any office or employment requires such special qualifications that the Board is unable to comply with the requisition made with a view to an appointment to that office, they may in their discretion allow a provisional appointment to be made, subject to their approval, and to continue in force only until a proper eligible list can be obtained by examination, or until further action by the Board.

In other cases, if there be no.eligible list, and a prompt appointment be required, the Board may authorize the appointing officer to select a suitable person possessing the general qualifications required of all applicants. Such person shall be subjected by the Board to a noncompetitive examination, and if found qualified shall be certified for appointment.

Whenever practicable, however, a competitive examination of applicants shall be held for





SECTION 1. Any person holding a position in the Official Service may be transferred to another position of the same class and grade, in the same or another department, without a new examination, whenever, in the opinion of the appointing officer, such transfer shall be desirable.. SEC. 2. Any person holding a position in the Official Service may be promoted to a higher grade of the same or a similar class, in the same or another department, without a new examination, whenever, in the opinion of the appointing officer, such promotion shall be for the best interest of the service.

SEC. 3. All transfers and promitions shall be subject to approval by the Board.



SECTION 1. No applicant shall be certified for the position of inspector of any work to be done under contract who is not a practical and experienced workman in the branch of work over which he seeks to be made an inspector. SEC. 2.

In the case of applicants who have heretofore been employed by the city in such positions, the head of the department under which such former employment was had will be called upon for full reports as to the past record of such applicants for faithfulness, competency and efficiency, and such reports shall be made in writing. Great weight will be given to such reports.

SEC. 3. Any applicant for the position of inspector of work to be done under contract, whose name shall have been placed on the proper eligible list, and who shall thereafter have received an appointment to such a position, will not again be required to make an application to the Board of City Service Commissioners; but his name shall remain upon the proper eligible list until removed therefrom by the Board for cause.

Sec. 4. Whenever any new public work is to be commenced, the inspector having the highest standing among the unemployed individuals of the eligible list of his class shall have preference, and each one shall at all times be reassigned to work in the order of his rating.

Sec. 5. But if not appointed to such position, no applicant's name shall be retained upon such eligible list for more than one year, unless he shall so request in writing and his request be granted by the Board.

In case he so request, his name may be continued upon such eligible list, at the discretion of the Board, for a second year, or a shorter period of time, subject, however, to be removed therefrom at any time for cause, in accordance with these rules.

Special Rules for the Government of the Labor Service.


CALIFICATIONS OF APPLICANTS. SECTION 1. On the written request of an appointing officer or board in any department, the Board may direct that employment in any designated branch oi the Labor Service in such department shall be open to minors, not, however, less than fifteen years of age.

Str. 2. Skilled mechanics must have served not less than four years as journeymen at their respective trades.


APPLICATIONS. SECTION I, When the applications for work in any branch of the Labor Service are, in the opinion of the Board, sufficient in number to meet all probable demands for a period of six months or more, registration in that branch shall be suspended until again ordered by the Board.

SEC. 2. Each application shall show the following facts:

(1.) That the applicant desires employment in the Labor Service of the city. If the applicant is a skilled laborer he will specify in what particular line of work he desires to be employed, and any important specialty of his trade in which he excels.

(2.) The full name, residence and postoffice address of the applicant.

(3.) Citizenship. (4.) Place and date of birth. (5.) Period of residence in Milwaukee. (6.) Period of residence in the ward in which the applicant resides.

(7.) Condition of health and physical capacity for the public service.

(8.) What, if any, employment in the public service the applicant has had.

(9.) The business or employment and the residence of the applicant for the previous five years.

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