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throughout all, and a simplicity of action in all, which bespeak one grand efficient First Cause as the ever-living, ever-actuating source of the whole stupendous plan. Now it would seem to have been the purpose of Divine Providence, in these His dealings with mankind, that each succeeding period of the world should have the Almightiness of Divine agency in some particular field of Nature specially unveiled to its view—tending thus as generation follows generation to keep the intellectual powers, in adoring amazement always awake by these fresh insights, ever and anon, to each age opened, into the arcana of God's workmanship in the universe. At one time we see the human mind taking a widening sweep over the regions of space, and bringing down the starry worlds, as it were, to the very earth, opening new springs for adoring intelligence in the wonders of Astronomy. At a succeeding time we see the hand of scientific research penetrating into the very minutiæ of Nature's mysteries, and by the combinations of elementary things entering through the operations of Chymistry almost into the laboratory itself of the world's primal constituents. At another time we see investigation bringing to light the hidden springs and working of the human frame, and by the revelations of Physiology evidencing the beautiful laws that govern and sustain all animal economies. At a more recent period, that sphere of Nature's operations more particularly in course of development, may be said to be, the exhumed wonders of an Archaic Earth, with all its long-revolving series of past economies, and its continuous successions of sentient creations, as revealed by the researches of modern Geology. This branch of Natural Science in its very infancy was in aspect, a giant, from the almost supernatural amplitude of its vast pretensions ; indeed, it drew forth to light, at once, from the secrecies of nature, more objects of startling novelty, more subjects of mysterious wonder, than had ever before, at one step, been adduced, by any prior investigation of her hidden sanctuaries. For while Astronomy, penetrating into the illimitable regions of Space, had brought back to us wondrous intelligence of other worlds upon worlds, revolving there besides our own, Geology, on the other hand, penetrated into the illimitable regions of Time, and thence brought back intelligence of multitudinous worlds having evolved through unmeasured epochs on our little globe—the theatre, as she disclosed it to be, of unnumbered distinct races of living beings, during immensely distant periods,—and pointing to the successive revolutions, and the accumulated reliques of these ancient systems, she thence revealed the source of that deep crust of the Earth, thus long, in bygone ages, elaborated for our present human abode. Men had previously, from a long study of the starry heavens, some slight glimmerings of the newly-revealed celestial economies, and hence the discoveries modern Astronomy unfolded were received with wonderment indeed, but not with a general repugnance.—But it was altogether different with the more recent terrestrial discoveries of modern Geology. No conception of the marvellous facts thereby disclosed had, in aforetime, been entertained ; an entirely new field of vision burst at once upon the human mind; that which just before had been conceived of only as a confused amorphous mass of rock, unyielding in usefulness, save as materials for our own proud habitations, was, in an instant, found teeming with reliques of living creatures, and possessing a regular organization, and successive periods of evolution, which, by their vastness, reduced to very nothingness in comparison our own tiny existences. Where before, therefore, was chaos, light sprung forth : it was like opening all at once an illumined chamber to a previously darkened eye; the mind was confused; the senses shocked ! men stood amazed to be, in an instant, called to admit as indubitable truths certain advanced facts and inferences at variance with their preconceived notions of things. Especially the Christian stood in awe, in doubt, in oppugnance, when such new and astounding demands were made upon his belief, and so many changes required in his interpretations of things, by these new researches of Science. For, necessarily it must happen that every additional unfolding of Creation's works will call for some modification of many of our previous conceptions. The full truth in things is not ordinarily unfolded at once; there is the twilight, and the dusky dawn, before the full sun shines forth; and objects around will take their form and colouring according to that degree of light which may fall upon them—hence it will be claimed, that both in relation to Science and Theology, many notions entertained under partially informed conceptions of the truth, must, when her fuller revelation takes place, be relinquished for views more in accordance with these clearer manifestations. The dimly-outlined shadows, that were deemed realities during the advancing dawn, must give way to the substantial embodiments the full daylight unfolds to view. This is specially applicable to those records of Scripture which relate to natural objects; those objects have, as a matter of course been viewed, and hence interpreted, by the light of that knowledge of the several matters we then had at hand; but it was the dawning, not the full light we then had ; it could not reveal objects as yet in their full true lineaments ;-more advanced manifestations shew that our knowledge of the matter was not fully instructed; our prior conceptions therefore call for modification ; there must be a revised interpretation of the scene :-nevertheless, a relinquishment is not readily made of any such

long-cherished interpretations of things, although formed, it may be, in these chambers of ill-illumined perception. Especially will such unwillingness be manifested, when the interpretation has for its subject any enunciation recorded in God's holy Word. Then a holy jealousy is oftentimes aroused which repels the reception of many well-manifested scientific truths. But without reason is any such jealousy entertained with respect to the claims made upon our convictions by the advanced fact of the Earth's antiquity. The object of these pages is to shew, that, although Geology does indeed in its disclosures relative to an antique World, make large demands upon our belief, and call for a considerable modification of currently entertained Biblical interpretations, yet, that the Scriptures of God remain in the midst of these novel revelations conspicuous still as the grand standard of truth, manifesting more and more, from every scrutiny, their origin from the One Omniscient Mind, whose finger and whose tongue, whatever may be the apparent discrepancy, ever are in unison, speaking one voice, revealing one consentaneous course of action, alike in His Works and in His Word.

It is quite certain that there never can be in reality any discrepancy, beyond what is merely apparent or accidental, between the Word and Works of God; no more than two streams issuing from one and the same living fountain, can, intrinsically, differ,

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