Memorabilia Cantabrigiae: Or, An Account of the Different Colleges in Cambridge; Biographical Sketches of the Founders and Eminent Men; with Many Original Anecdotes; Views of the Colleges, and Portraits of the Founders ...

E. Harding, 1803 - 341 páginas

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Página 246 - MEMOIRS OF SAMUEL PEPYS, ESQ., FRS Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II. and James II.; comprising his Diary from 1659 to 1669, deciphered by the Rev.
Página 320 - Judgment, Heaven, Hell, Purity of heart, &c. or whatever else may be judged by the Vice-Chancellor, Master of Clare Hall, and Greek Professor to be most conducive to the honour of the Supreme Being and recommendation of Virtue.
Página 320 - Which three persons aforesaid shall give out a subject, which subject shall, for the first year be one or other of the perfections or attributes of the Supreme Being, and...
Página 29 - For we see orators have their declamations, lawyers have their moots, logicians their sophisms; and every practice of science hath an exercise of erudition and initiation before men come to the life ; only preaching, which is the worthiest, and wherein it is most danger to do amiss, wanteth an introduction, and is ventured and rushed upon at the first.
Página 272 - From a mind delighting in sorrow, from spirits wasted with passion, from a heart torn in pieces with care, grief, and travel, from a man that hateth himself and all things else that keep him alive, what service can your majesty expect; since any service past deserves no more than banishment and proscription to the cursedest of all islands? It is your rebels...
Página 81 - Fellows) is completed with thirty-four panels ; in fifteen of which, on each side of the choir, are carved the arms of all the Kings of England, from Henry V. to James I.; the arms of the two Universities, Cambridge and Oxford ; and of the two Colleges, King's and Eton.
Página 130 - His library, which was a very large and curious one, was open to all men of letters, to whom he readily communicated all the lights and...
Página 17 - Our pope which art in Rome, cursed be thy name ; perish may thy kingdom ; hindered may thy will be, as it is in heaven, so in earth. Give us this day our cup in the Lord's Supper ; and remit our monies which we have given for thy...
Página 28 - ... quarter of an hour or better, and in the whole some two hours : and so the exercise being begun and concluded with prayer, and the president giving a text for the next meeting, the assembly was dissolved. And this was, as I take it, a fortnight's exercise; which, in my opinion, was the best way to frame and train up preachers to handle the word of God as it ought to be handled, that hath been practised.
Página 215 - Majesty, out of Daniel and the Revelations, that four years hence there would be a war of religion; that the King of France would be a Protestant, and fight on their side ; that the Popedom would be destroyed, &c.

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