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Ships' papers in Barbados-Continued.

Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, her heirs and successors, in the following sums, that is to say, the said in the sum of £50 and the said the sum of £50, upon condition following:


18-. "

Dated this day of Sealed with our seals.

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The condition of this obligation is such that the said master, or other the master or commander for the time being, shall not at any time or on any occasion on or before the expiration of one year from the date hereof depart from this island with his vessel without having previously cleared his said vessel at the custom-house of the port of Bridgetown, at the office of the treasurer, and also at the office of the harbor master of this island. Then this obligation to be void, or else to remain in full force and virtue.





18-. I do hereby certify that master of the tons per register, has duly cleared at this office, etc., paid all fees, dues, and demands according to the act.

Days' groundage or harbor dues, per ton..
Days' loading and unloading, per ton
Days' careenage, per ton

Harbor master's fees
Sum paid to treasurer.

No. 4.-Harbor master's certificate.

[Sections 22, 30, and 43.]

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No. 5.-Clearance.

[Section 27.]

These are to certify all whom it doth concern that master of the burden tons, mounted with guns, navigated with men, built, and bound for hath entered and cleared

having on board

his said vessel according to law. Given under my hand at the custom-house at the port of Bridgetown, in the island of Barbados, this day of



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No. 6. Declaration before clearance.

[Section 28.]

British or foreign; if Brit-
ish, port of registry; if
foreign, country to
which she belongs.

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Harbor Master.

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Quantity and description of goods.

4,000 shingles..

20 cubic feet hardwood

Ships' papers in Barbados-Continued.



master of the ship above named, do declare that the particulars set forth above are correctly stated, and that the content above written is a correct account of the goods laden on board my ship for the present voyage.

Signed and declared the

day of

1,200 pieces wood hoops

1 horse, mule, or horned cattle

2 asses...

In the ship

No. 7.-Tonnage duties to be charged on steamers bringing a regular mail, or on other ships landing or loading cargo.

1 hogshead sugar, equal to

2 tierces sugar, equal to.

8 barrels or 10 bags sugar, equal to.

2 puns. molasses, equal to...


[Section 42.]

On the weight and measurement of goods landed and shipped as per bill of lading per ton.

When not described, to be computed as follows:

10 barrels salted meat, flour, or other goods, per barrel not exceeding 2007 pounds net weight..

40 bushels corn, pease, or other grain unground.

Received on the

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1,000 feet white pine, spruce, pitch pine, or other lumber, equal to..

1,200 hogsheads or pun, staves, equal to..

1,200 bricks or tiles, equal to


6 pigs or sheep.

4 hogsheads spirits, wine, or malt liquor, in bulk, not exceeding 65 gallons measurement


18-, in the presence of

Number of export warrant.

day of

No. 8.-Bill of entry, inward.

[Section 56.] Importer's name

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Quantity and description of goods.

-, Comptroller.

18-, the sum of


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Date of sale.

No. 9.

[Section 64.]



do hereby declare that the damaged goods of which a survey and valuation was made under the provisions of section 65 of "The trade act, 1891," on the day of 18-, have been sold by me at public auction (or by private contract, as the case may be) and that the gross proceeds of sale have realized the sum of £ and that the particulars of sale hereunder set forth are correct. day of

Dated this


Declared before me this

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Ships' papers in Barbados-Continued.

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Particulars of sale.

Quantity sold.

Declared to before me this

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No. 10.-Master's manifest of rum received on shipboard, port of Bridgetown, Barbados.

[Section 99.]

An account of all rum, the produce of this island, received on board of the ship now riding at anchor in and bound for



Proof. By whom of regis


- 18-.

To whom sold.

Where situated.


In what In dis-
parish. trict.


master of the ship

about to sail from this port for


do solemnly declare that the foregoing quantity of rum, made in this island, amounting in full to casks, containing, to the best of my knowledge and belief,

gallons, proof,

is actually and bona fide on board of the ship, whereof I am master, for exportation, and that I will not land or deliver, or suffer to be landed or be delivered out of the ship such rum, or any part thereof, in any part of this island without permission first obtained from the treasurer and the comptroller of customs.

Master of the Ship.

Date of shipment.


Ships' papers in Barbados-Continued.

No. 11-Treasurer's certificate to the comptroller of customs, that the master of a ship, having rum on board, the produce of this island, and about to sail, has delivered to him a manifest thereof.





I hereby certify that

master of the ship -, about to sail for has delivered to me a manifest containing a full account of all rum on board of the said ship, the produce of this island, and that the same is in correspondence with the outward entries of such rum passed for export by such ship at this office. Treasurer.


Bound to

Barbados. Ship
Quantity and description of goods.

[Section 100.]

No. 12.-Bill of entry, outwards.

[Section 103.]

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No. 13. Declaration re bilge water.

[Section 115.]


This is to certify that

by virtue of inward entry No.




I, J. K. [name], master in charge of the [insert ship's name] of [insert port of registry], now loading produce in [here state the port or bay], and bound for [insert port of destination], do hereby solemnly declare that the bilge water received from on board my ship by C. D. [here state name], in charge of the lighter (or boat, as the case may be, and, if practicable, here state her name and number), is the natural and regular leakage of the produce laden on board, in combination with the drainage of the ship, and that no improper or unfair means of any kind whatever have been resorted to to increase the said leakage, to the best of my belief and knowledge. J. K.

[Signature of master of the


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No. 14.

[Section 116.]

No. 15.



In the


master for [consignee's name].

Puncheons (or other packages as the case may be) containing [here state the probable number of gallons, and where practicable the density of the bilge water], at 5 shillings per puncheon, pounds. To be brought to the wharf by the [here insert the name of the boat, drogher, or other ship], in charge of such ship owned by

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[Section 116.]


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puncheons (or other packages) of bilge water, landed -, 18-, are correct as described


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Ships' papers in Barbados-Continued.

in such entry, have been tested by me, and are of the following degrees of density by Beaume's saccharometer: No.

degrees; No. —,


Colonial Revenue (or other Customs) Officer.

No. 16.--Recognizance.

[Section 148.]

Complainant or appellant, defendant or respondent:

Whereas the undersigned, , principal party to this recognizance, hereby binds himself to perform the following obligation, namely:

And the said principal party, together with the undersigned sureties, hereby severally acknowledge themselves to forfeit to the Crown the sums following-that is to say, the said principal party the sum of pounds, and the said sureties the sum of pounds, each in case the said principal party fails to perform the above obligation. Dated this day of A. B., Principal Party. C. D., E. F., Sureties.


For registering a ship and granting a certificate of registry
For each form of bill of sale or mortgage issued..
For each form of declaration issued.

For indorsing the names of owners upon certificates of registry on change of


For indorsing the names of owners on change of masters

For each entry on the registry book relating to transfor by bill of sale.

For each entry on the registry book relating to mortgage.

For transmitting particulars on application to transfer registry to another port
For granting a certificate of mortgage of sale..

For sales or mortgage made before registrar under certificates of sale or mort-
gage, each

Date of act or ordi


No. 17.-Table of fees for registrars of shipping.

[Section 164.]

Nov. 16, 1835
June 28, 1889..

June 5, 1890........

2 6

For each certified copy of documents under section 106.

1 0 1 0

For inspection of the registry book.

For measuring surveyors:

7 6

Measuring of tonnage for each-measured or transverse section... Certificate of survey of identity when measurement of tonnage is not required

10 0


Title of act or ordinance.

An ordinance to prevent seamen being left on shore...
An act to consolidate and amend the acts of this island

relating to trade and navigation.
An act to amend "the trade act, 1889"

8. d.

5 0 1 0

0 6

20 20 1 0

2 0


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