The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, Volumen1

R. Faulder, 1799

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Página 48 - Take ** therefore the talent from him, and give it unto " him which hath ten talents; for unto every " one that hath fhall be given, and he fhall have " abundance; but from him that hath not fhall ** be taken away even that which he
Página 245 - Neither was there any among them that lacked; ** for as many as were pofleflbrs of lands or ** houfes fold them, and brought the prices of " the things that were fold, and laid them down
Página 263 - give him drink ; for, in fo doing, ** thou fhalt heap coals of fire on his head. Be " not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with, « good*.
Página 309 - down, and ** with his finger wrote on the ground, as " though he heard them not. So when they ** continued afking him, he lift up himfelf, and " faid unto them, He that is without fin
Página 265 - authorized by St. Paul (i Cor. v. n), " But now I have " written unto you, not to keep company, if ** any man, that is called a brother be a
Página 251 - not your alms before men, to be feen ** of them ; otherwife ye have no reward of your ** Father, which is in heaven: therefore, when " thou doeft thine alms, do not found a
Página 199 - be true and faithful to the King and his heirs, " and truth and faith to bear, of life, and limb, " and terrene honour ; and not to know or hear " of any ill or damage intended him, without " defending him therefrom :" and was altered at the Revolution to the
Página 108 - If thou wilt take the left hand, then ** 1 will go to the right; or if thou depart to- the
Página 319 - neverthelefs, to avoid fornication, let every man " have his own wife, and let every woman have " her own hufband.
Página 74 - muft be expedient upon the whole, at the long run, in all its effects collateral and remote, as well as in thofe which are immediate and direct; as it is obvious, that, in computing confequences, it makes no difference in what way or at what diftance they enfue.

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