Bulletin, Temas102-103

Smithsonian Institution Press, 1923

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Página ii - Bulletins, the first of which was issued in 1875, contains separate publications comprising monographs of large zoological groups and other general systematic treatises (occasionally in several volumes), faunal works, reports of expeditions, catalogs of type specimens, special collections, and other material of similar nature.
Página 4 - Sistersville,) occupy these numerous little spaces, and thus saturate the rock just as water does a piece of cloth or a sponge when dipped into the same. The larger these pores are, and the greater the volume they occupy in proportion to the volume of the rock mass, the greater will be the contained oil or gas supply, and this proportion in fairly good producing sands, usually varies between one-fifth and onetenth...
Página 44 - ... the wells will be lost, and the lessor entitled to no royalty. What is the proper way to develop and operate a gas lease is therefore a question beset with some difficulty. Its settlement requires some general knowledge of the business and some knowledge of the local field. The lessee may have a good well from which he can utilize the gas with profit. He may put down another on the same farm and thereby so reduce the -pressure in the first as wholly to destroy its value without getting a sufficient...
Página 44 - ... such of them as have a volume and pressure sufficient to enable him to transport the gas through his line, and deliver it to the purchaser. If no one of them has the requisite pressure, then no one of them can be utilized; the gas must be wasted, the cost of the wells will be lost, and the lessor entitled to no royalty. What is the proper way to develop and operate a gas lease is therefore a question beset with some difficulty. Its settlement requires some general knowledge of the business, and...
Página 25 - If we subtract from this proportion the losses involved in improper and wasteful methods of utilization, the recovery factor becomes perhaps as low as 10 per cent."34 Mr.
Página 45 - The operator, who has assumed the obligations of the lease, has put his money and labor into the undertaking, and Is now called upon to determine whether it will pay to spend some thousands of dollars more In sinking another well to Increase the production of the tract, Is entitled to follow his own judgment If that Is exercised in good faith, a different opinion by the lessor, or the experts, or the court, or all combined, Is of no consequence, and will not authorize a decree Interfering with him.
Página 25 - ... products for which we have little need. We have used the most valuable parts of the oil for purposes to which the cheapest should have been devoted. For many years the gasoline fractions were practically a waste product during our quest for kerosene ; with the deveiopment of the internal-combustion engine the kerosene is now almost a waste product in our strenuous efforts to increase the yield of lighter distillates.
Página 9 - In burning gas for cooking three distinct steps are necessary: (a) The gas must be properly burned; that is, it must be properly mixed with air so as to burn with a pale blue non-luminous flame. A luminous flame will be wasteful and will deposit soot on the cooking vessel. (b) The flame must be properly directed, that is, the tip of the flame must come close to the cooking vessel. If the flame is too short to reach the cooking vessel, or is blown to one side by a strong draft of air, gas will be...
Página 41 - ... undoubtedly is, but back of ignorance, of carelessness, of reckless, headlong methods is the real cause — the fact that the average holding is so small that speed is the owner's sole protection. Let him be careful if he can, let him be economical if he can find a way, but careful or careless, reckless or conservative, he must be speedy if he would survive. The small holding is his master.
Página ii - ADVERTISEMENT. The scientific publications of the United States National Museum consist of two series, the Proceedings and the Bulletins. The Proceedings, the first volume of which was issued in 1878, are intended primarily as a medium for the publication of original, and usually brief, papers based on the collections of the National Museum, presenting newly-acquired facts in zoology, geology, and anthropology, including descriptions of new forms of animals, and revisions of limited groups.

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