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tinkling cymbal,' and mother said charity meant love, and feeling kindly towards every body ; but if we are cross and hateful, then we are like 'sounding brass,' which is—

5. “Hear me,” interrupted curly-headed little Madge, “I learned one too— Charity suffereth long, and is kind.'”

6. “ That is a nice verse for kind little Madge,” said Sam, lifting her on his knee.

7. “Dear me,” again broke in Dick, “where can my skates be? Fred Allen said the pond was frozen over, and we would have a great time


there after school.” 8. “Why, Dick, Gussy Burton came here last night, and told me you said he might take them.”

9. “Now, Nelly, that is too bad! He told you a downright falsehood. He has lost his own skates, and he told me yesterday he was afraid he should not get another pair till Christmas; but he did not say a word about mine, for he knew I wanted to use them myself.”

10. “That is very strange,” said Nelly.

11. “Strange! it is downright mean,” cried Dick, vehemently, “and I will say that Gussy Burton is the slyest, most selfish boy in school,

any more than__"

and I do not believe he would mind telling a lie

12. “ Hush a minute,” cried Sam, with a merry twinkle in his eye, “I should not think the band would be out so early in the morning, but I am sure I hear plenty of 'sounding brass’ somewhere.”

13. Little Madge eagerly listened, with her curly head on one side, but Dick, coloring, angrily retorted—

14. “I know what you mean, Sam, but if you would just look at home, I think you would find enough tinkling

tinkling cymbals' to match my 'brass."

15. “ Dear little Dick,” began gentle sister Nelly.

16. “Yes, I know it, Nelly; I know I was wrong; but if you were only a boy, and loved to skate as I do, and then had every thing go wrong, you would forget all about charity, and would not care a bit if you had just turned into ‘sounding brass.

17. “Well, I did not know you were in such a sad state of mind,” said Sam, laughing. “You may

take my skates, if you like them.”

18. “Oh dear, no; thank you just the same,

but they are a great deal too large;" and little Dick, with a heavy step, started for school.

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1. To his great disappointment, Gussy Burton was not in his usual place, nor did he make his appearance all day, and poor Dick could hear nothing of his skates.

2. But when school-hours were at last over, he joined the merry party for the pond, and as he reached the ice, sure enough, there was Gussy Burton with his own nice skates just buckled on!

3. “Those are mine," shouted little Dick, and I want to use them myself.”

4. “You can have them if you will catch me,” mockingly retorted Gussy, gliding by him like an arrow.

5. Dick bit his lips, and thrusting his hands into his pockets, waited till Gussy had gone around the pond once; then he said,

6. Gussy, you may go around three times with my skates, if you will give them to me then.'

7. Gussy laughed loudly. “Very generous when you can not help yourself; I will go round as many times as I please. It is great fun ;” and off he shot again.

8. Several of the smaller boys who stood near were very sorry for Dick, but Gussy was so large and strong that they did not dare attack him.

9. Poor Dick stood for nearly an hour gazing on the animated scene,

scene, growing very cold, and struggling against the bitter thoughts that filled his heart.

10. The boys were so full of fun, and he did so love to skate! At last, when Gussy came around once more, flushed with exercise, and screamed, “ Grandfather, would you like to take a turn on my skates?

11. Poor Dick said to himself, Well, I am sure I have suffered long enough ; but I must say I do not feel very kind. That verse may do very well for girls, but boys—’

12. Just then came a crash and a shout

13. “See! the ice has broken!” “Gussy Burton has gone in!” - Will he drown?” “Oh, the water is too shallow." “No; it's deep right in the middle." “There, he's holding on." Can't any one help him?” “How the ice breaks!” “ We can't get near him.'

14. “Let me try,” said Dick.

15. “No, he won't drown; and he's so ugly, let him have a good fright.” in, too, Dicky,” urged the smaller boys.

16. “Help, boys,” cried Gussy; “I'm so cold, I can't hold on much longer, and if I stir, the ice cracks.”

He'll pull you

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