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17. “Run for farmer Jones,” said one, and a dozen boys started.

18. “Oh, I shall die before they get back," groaned Gussy.

19. Just then Dick remembered something he had read, and running across the pond, he tore, with all his strength, a long board from the nearest fence, and hastening back, laid it carefully across the hole, so that Gussy could reach it.

20. Then, lying down flat on the ice, he slowly crawled up near enough to help the numb, frightened boy upon the board, and with great care he drew him farther and farther, till he was once more upon strong, safe ice.

21. “ Three cheers for Dick Melville,” shouted the little boys, as the others returned with Dick's father, whom they had met on the road.

22. As the story was eagerly told, it was hard to tell which blushed the most, poor

chattering Gussy Burton, or happy, brave little Dick.

23. But Gussy, as soon as he could speak, made an apology to Dick, before all the boys, and then, in a lower tone, said, “I shall never forget this, Dick, and I hope I shall be a better boy.”

24. You may imagine the happiness of Dick when his father related the occurrence at home.

25. Sam walked up to him in a grand way, and said, “I am proud to shake hands with you, brother Dick. I think I must have been mistaken about that sounding brass, this morning.”

26. But the best of it was when his mother whispered, “You make me very happy, my little son, and, above all, I think you have pleased God.”


exactly engaged watching cheating

neglecting discover
punished instructor
ignorance reputation
negligence beneficent


notorious cultivation intellectual accountable

1. Jane. Come, Julia, now our teacher is not watching us, let us have a frolic.

2. Julia. Why when he is not watching

us, Jane?

3. Jane. Because, then we shall not be seen and punished.

4. Julia. Do you always take advantage in this way of those who trust to your honor? 5. Jane. My honor! What do


mean? Have I not a right to frolic, if I am not found ont?

6. Julia. Is it not wrong to frolic when you ought to be engaged in study?

7. Jane. Why—perhaps it is not exactly right. 8. Julia. Well, do


think any thing can justify your doing wrong, but ignorance?

9. Jane. What are you trying to prove ? I do not see any harm in cheating my teacher a little, when he does not know it. 10. Julia. What do


call cheating your teacher ?

11. Jane. Why, having a frolic, and neglecting a lesson or two, if need be.

12. Julia. I should think that would be cheating yourself. 13. Jane. How so,

Miss Logic? Will you betray me? 14. Julia. Certainly not.

But do tell me how you persuade yourself, that neglecting your lessons is cheating your teacher ?

15. Jane. Why, he expects me to learn the lesson, does he not?

16. Julia. Yes; but which loses, he or you,

if you neglect the lesson he sets you?

17. Jane. Why, he—no, stop. What was the question, Julia ? 18. Julia. I will ask


another. Do you think knowledge of any importance to us? 19. Jane. To be sure I do. What do

What do you think I come to school for ? 20. Julia. Well, what do

Well, what do you come to school for?

21. Jane. To acquire knowledge, I suppose you expect me to say.

22. Julia. If knowledge is important, and you come here to obtain it, and neglect to do so, who will suffer from your ignorance, you or your teacher ?

23. Jane. I know what I must answer.

24. Julia. Well, then, how is your teacher cheated by your negligence?

27. Jane. He is not cheated.

26. Julia. There you are mistaken again. He certainly is wronged, deeply wronged, by you.

27. Jane. How can that be? Is he not paid, whether I learn or not?

28. Julia. Perhaps he is, for a time; but as soon as your parents discover that you do not learn, they will say it is the teacher's fault; and if all the scholars did the same,

else, do

the teacher would lose all reputation as an instructor, and would soon be thrown out of employment, and, of course, suffer much by it.

29. Jane, You seem to make a serious business of my notion to have a little fun now and then.

30. Julia. I have not done yet. The cheat does not end here.

31. Jane. Who else, pray, is cheated ?

32. Julia. You say your teacher is paid. May I ask, who pays him ? 33, Jane. My father, to be sure. Who

you think, pays him ? 34. Julia. And what does he pay him for ? 35. Jane. For teaching me, of course.

36. Julia. Well, if you prevent his teaching you, your father is cheated by somebody; and who do you think that is ?

37. Jane. You would make me a notorious cheat! Pray, is nobody else cheated by me ?

38. Julia. Yes, one other; and this is the most serious part of the business.

39. Jane. You frighten me! I am sure I do not see who else besides myself, my teacher, and my parents, can be concerned in my neglecting to learn.

40. Julia. If a man should give you a large

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