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from that moment, with God's help, to change her course.

24. And this time the blossoms changed into fruit; for she not only resolved, but kept her resolution, and became a better girl. When she planned work, she kept at it until it was done.

25. Her garden was weeded out, although the season was late, and kept clear till frost

Her studies were attended to until she reached the head of her class ; and she became specially careful of her promises.

26. When she showed any signs of carelessness in these things, (and it was not very often,) one simple saying of her father always set her right again : “Remember, Hattie, it is NOT EVERY BLOSSOM THAT BECOMES A PLUM.'


[blocks in formation]

Met as they took their upward flight

Into the highest lcaven.

2. And they were going there to tell

Of all that had been done,
By little children, good or bad,

Since the last rising sun.

3. And some had gold and purple wings,

Some drooped like faded flowers,
And sadly went to tell the tale

That they were misspent hours.

4. Some glowed with rosy hopes and smiles,

And some shed many a tear;
Others had loving words and acts

To carry upward there.

5. A shining Hour, with lovely plumes,

Went up to tell a deed
Of kindness, which a gentle child

IIad done to one in need.

6. And one was bearing up a prayer

A little boy had said,
Full of humility and love,

While kneeling by his bed.

7. And thus they glided on, and

Their tidings, dark and bright,
To Him who marks each passing hour

Of childhood's day and niglit.

8. Remember, children of the earth,

Lach Hour is on its way,
Bearing its own report to heaven

Of all you do and say.


group of Hours" mean? What had the Hours been doing during the day? Where were they going now? What for? What did they do as they started? What is meant by “blue and starry sky"? Why is the sky called “ blue and starry”? Why are some of the Hours said to have “gold and purple wings”? Why did some of them“ droop like faded flowers" ? What does “droop"

mean? Was it the purple-winged or the drooping Hours that had to tell of misspent time? What report did the other kind of Hours have to make ? Can you tell what kind of children these Hours reported, and to whom their reports were made? What should children remember?

[blocks in formation]



1. An old man told the following story, showing how he conquered an enemy with kindness :

2. I once had a neighbor, who, though a clever

man, came to me one bright hay-day, and said, “Mr. White, I want you to come and get your geese away.

3. “Why,” said I, “what are my geese doing ?”

4. “They pick my pigs when they are eating, and drive them away; and I will not have it.”

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5. “What can I do?" said I. 6. “You must yoke them.

7. “That I have not time to do,” said I. “I do not see but they must run.'

8. “If you do not take care of them, I

10. "

shall !” said the clever shoemaker, in anger. “What do you say to that, Mr. White ? " 9. “I can not take care of them


but will pay you for all damages.”

Well,” said he, "you will find that a hard thing, I guess."

11. So off he went, and I heard a horrid squalling among the geese.


The next news from the geese was that three of them were missing

12. My children found them terribly mangled, and dead, and thrown into the bushes.

“Now,” said I, “all keep still, and let me punish him.”

13. In a few days the shoemaker's hogs broke into my corn. I saw them, but let them remain a long time. At last I drove them all out, and picked up the corn which they had torn down, and fed them with it in the road. By this time the shoemaker came in great haste after them.

14. “Have you seen anything of my hogs?” said he.

15. “Yes, sir; you will find them in the road yonder, eating some corn which they tore down in my field.”

field ?

16. “In your

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