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little boys like you have learned it, and what they have done you can do.

5. “NEVER GIVE UP is a good motto. Life is a battle-field. This is one of the


battles you

will have to fight. Will you conquer or be conquered in this battle? is the question for you to decide now.

6. “If you conquer, it will be easier for you next time; if you are conquered now, you may never gain a victory. O, my son, do not give it up.

Be a hero, and conquer this lesson.”

7. Arthur sat thoughtful for a little while, and then with a countenance and air that seemed to say,

I'll do it," he took up his book and left the room.

8. For long hours Arthur struggled with his lesson. It was indeed a hard one. Sometimes he was tempted to say, “I can't!” and to give it up. But then his mother's words“ Other little boys like you have learned it, and what they have done you can do,” would come to his mind, and he would say, “No, I will not give up: I will never give up!”

9. The curtains were drawn, and the lamp burned brightly. Mrs. Camp had just put her little Mary to bed, and was now seated by

the table, making a vest for a neighbor; for she was a poor widow, and had to work hard to procure food and clothing for herself and two children.

10. “Mother ! mother! I have learned it! I have learned it !” said Arthur, as he suddenly came into the room.

“I can say every word of it. It did seem as if I could not learn it, it was so hard; but then, other little boys like me have learned it, and I would not give up, and now I can say all of it-every word of it. Just hear me, mother."

11. Yes, Arthur had learned his lesson, and he said, “I will do better next time ;” and he did. He had learned a great lesson, and it made him feel strong and happy. Little boy, little girl, have you learned this lesson “ NEVER GIVE UP ?








1. “Arthur, my son,” said his mother one day, “I must keep you from school after this term, for I have not the money to pay your tuition.

2. “It is very hard to get money now, and it takes all I can earn to keep us in food and clothes. I am very sorry to keep you out; but I think you can study at home, and help me somewhat, too."

3. Since Arthur had learned that hard lesson, he had made great proficiency in his studies. His recitations were always good. It required study to prepare them, it is true; but he would say, “Nothing of great value is gained without effort, mother says, and mother knows."

4. Arthur was very sorry to leave school, but he did not complain, nor let his mother know that it made him feel bad. When she told him that he could not go the next term, he said, “ All right, mother; I can learn at home just about as well.

5. “And then I can get a book and teach little sister Mary to read and perhaps,” he added, “I can do something to help you earn more money.”

6. Sometimes his lessons were very difficult, but he would say, “I have had hard lessons before, and learned them, too, and I will not give up now."

7. Arthur found plenty to do in getting his lessons, in teaching his little sister, and in doing errands for his mother, but still he kept thinking, “How can I help mother earn some


8. As, day after day, he watched his mother so constantly at work, he would try to think how he could help her more.

9. “I can learn a hard lesson, why can I not do some hard work?” said he ; and the more he thought of it, the more he thought he could.

10. “I am twelve years old to-day. I know I can do something to help mother,” he said, one day, as he was walking along the street, "and I will; yes, I will!and he stamped his foot on the pavement and stopped.

11. Just then he noticed a paper on a shopwindow. "WANTED!” 6 Wanted what? I will go and see,” said he.

12. “A boy wanted ! He read it over again, to be sure he read it right. But there was no mistake. “A boy wanted ! And his heart beat so, he could almost hear it, as he read.

13. “If I could only get the place, I could help mother, I am sure I could ; ” and he ran home as fast as he could to ask if he might try to get it.

14. He was not long in getting consent. “Yes, you may try, my boy, and may God bless you,” said his mother; and she gave

him such a look and kiss as mothers only can give.

15. Arthur saw and felt their meaning, and he said to himself, “I can do any thing for you, mother, and I will, too.” He was not long in brushing his clothes and blacking his shoes, and making himself very neat.

16. He was so fearful that someone else would get there first, that he could not wait to eat what his mother had set out for him, but hurried back to the store.

17. Yes, there it is—“A boy wanted !” and Arthur walked into the store. “I fear,” said the gentleman, “that you are too small.” “I am twelve years old, sir,” said Arthur, standing up straight, “and I could try.”

18. The gentleman smiled and said, “I should like to have you, my boy, if you were

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