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1. Katy had of late got a bad tone to her voice. It was a tone of command, very unbecoming a little girl. Instead of saying, in a gentle tone, “Will you be kind enough to do this or that ? ” or, “Please do this;” or, “Will you?” she said, “Do this,” or, Do that,” like a little tyrant.

2. Her mother, as you may well think, was very sorry, and talked with her little girl about this new fault. One day her shoe came off while she was playing. When it was near dinner-time she called to Bridget to put it on. 3. “Bridget,” she said, “I want my shoe Put it on quick, for my pa will come

Bridget was doing something in the closet, and did not come out at once. “Bridget,” she called again “don't you hear me? Come and put on my shoe.”.

4. Her mother was in the next room, and hearing her little daughter, said, “Say 'please,' Katy, and she shall put on your shoe.”



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5. Katy pouted, but did not speak. She took her shoe, sat down on the floor, and tried to put it on herself.

6. This was all very well, had she not done it angrily, for children ought always to help themselves. Katy tugged and tugged at her shoe; but her little fat foot had grown

fatter since the shoe was bought, and Katy could not get the shoe on.

7. Soon she heard her papa's step in the entry, and began to cry. “Bridget will help you, Katy,” said her mother, looking into the chamber; “ask her, my child.” But Katy looked No, I'll not,” though she did not say it in so many words. The dinner bell

rang 8. “You can stay here, Katy, until you can ask Bridget to put on your shoe; ” and her mother went down stairs. Katy turned very red, and burst into a hard, angry fit of crying. Then she got up, ran into a little dressing-room, and shut the door.

9. O, naughty, foolish Katy! How much trouble she was making herself, and how grieved her parents were to see no dear little Katy in her own high chair at the table, and for such a reason too; that was the worst of it all.

10. By-and-by her papa came up stairs, and not finding her in her mother's room, went to the little room. “Where is my Katy?” he asked, in a sorry tone.

11. The little girl jumped up from the corner, and going toward him, said, “0, papa, * please' wouldn't come out of my throat; it stayed there; it ’most choked me; but maybe it will come out now."

12. She took her father's hand, and picking up the shoe, went to find Bridget; and when she found her she said, “Please, Bridget, put my shoe on a naughty little girl's foot.” Bridget did it very willingly.

13. Then Katy ran down stairs, and throwing her arms around her mother's neck, said, with a sorry-and-glad tear in her eye, “ Mamma, ‘please’ would stay in my throat, and it 'most choked me; but, mamma, it is out now, and I think it will come out quick next time. Please kiss me, mamma. I am very sorry.”

14. Katy did not get choked" so again. She found it easier to say“ please ” after this; and "please” made little Katy very many friends, and so it will you.

QUESTIONS.—Do you think Katy was a very bad girl? What bad tone bad she in her voice? How was she cured of it ?

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A wise head and a dunce;

I fret, I smile,

Then cry awhile, And sometimes all at once.

4. I pout, I pet,

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1. Four or five good little boys were talking one evening, as boys often do, of the future. One asked the tallest of the group:

2. “What are you going to be when you are a man, Willie ?

3. “A lawyer,” answered Willie. very important to have justice done in our courts.”

4. “Yes; but I guess lawyers don't always look out for justice. I've heard that most of them will plead a case on either side, right or wrong, for the money,” replied Charlie.

5. “Well, that may be so; but that is not the kind of a lawyer I am going to be. I shall always take the right side, whether I get paid

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