AIDS and Syphilis: The Hidden Link

North Atlantic Books, 1987 - 126 páginas
One of the first books to challenge the conventional HIV/AIDS hypothesis. While some of the research behind this book has since been updated, the underlying theme is still valid: the evidence for HIV causation of AIDS is slim if it exists at all.

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A detailed and compelling counter argument to the standard “it’s the virus that done it” view of the orthodox medical-scientific ‘Establishment’, and a contemporary restatement of the perennial dispute between between Beauchamp and Pasteur as to whether it is the ‘microbe’ or the ‘host’ which is the ‘cause ‘ of the disease.
It’s also refreshing to see virtually no reference to homeopathy in the text (which would have attracted derision and dismissal), even though this is Coulters background. The argument is made purely on the scientific-medical establishment’s own turf using validated studies and a process of deduction from the evidence.
Perhaps the most telling part of the narrative is the recognition of the part played by political and economic considerations in the whole AIDS debate.
A fascinating read and highly recommended to broaden the debate and achieve some balance in the approach to what is a disturbing tell-tail of what humanity is doing to itself.


The Syphilis Connection
Syphilis Suppression During
Syphilis and the Immune System
Medicinal Suppression
The AIDS Virus a CoFactor?
Prevention and Treatment
Interview with loan McKenna
Interview with Stephen Caiazza MD
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