The New Practical Arithmetic

D.D. Merrill, 1887 - 404 páginas

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Página 113 - Thirty days hath September, April. June, and November; All the rest have, Save February, which alone Hath twenty.eight; and one day more We add to it one year in four.
Página 388 - MD 40 cents An Elementary Course in Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene. A text-book thoroughly adapted to elementary instruction in the public schools; giving special attention to the laws of hygiene (including the effects of alcohol and narcotics upon the human system), as ascertained from a careful study of anatomy and physiology ; containing also a full Glossary of Terms, complete Index, etc.
Página 383 - Prepared by a corps of scientific experts with richly-illustrated engravings, diagrams, and maps in color, and including a separate chapter on the geological history and the physical features of the United States. CORNELL'S PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. Large...
Página 316 - The rule for casting interest, when partial payments have been made, is to apply the payment, in the first place, to the discharge of the interest then due. " If the payment exceeds the interest, the surplus goes towards discharging the principal, and the subsequent interest is to be computed on the balance of principal remaining due.
Página 166 - Multiplying or dividing both terms of a fraction by the same number does not change the value of the fraction.
Página 333 - The square of the sum of two quantities is equal to the square of the first, plus twice the product of the first multiplied by the second, plus the square of the second.
Página 379 - SWINTON'S SERIES: Swinton's First Lessons in Our Country's History. Admirably adapted for use either as a text-book for beginners or as a supplementary reader. 48 cents. Swinton's Condensed History of the United States. Revised edition. Illustrated with colored maps, portraits, etc.
Página 382 - Physical, Political, and Commercial. The text of these books is carefully graded so that the Introductory connects with the Grammar School without the need of any intermediate manual. Any of the above books 'will be sent, postpaid^ to any address on receipt oj price. Correspondence in reference to the introduction of these books is cord* tally invited.
Página 379 - A comprehensive book, attractively written and illustrated. Adapted for use in Grammar Grades. 75 cents. QUACKENBOS SERIES: Quackenbos's Elementary History of the United States. Revised and corrected by JD QUACKENBOS, AM, MD Fully illustrated with maps and engravings. 60 cents. Quackenbos's School History of the United States. From the Earliest Discoveries to the Present Time.
Página 388 - The only books extant which approach this subject with a proper view of the true object of teaching Physiology in schools, viz., that scholars may know how to take care of their own health. In...

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