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Magnæ spes altera Romæ. (L.) Another hope

of great Rome. Magna est veritas, et prevalebit. (L.) Truth

is mighty, and will prevail. Magna est vis consuetudinis. (L.) Great is the

force of habit. Magas inter opes inops. (L.) Poor in the

midst of great wealth. Magni nominis umbra. (L.) The shadow of

a great name. Yagnum bonum. (L.) A great good. Mamum est vectigal parsimonia. (L.) Econ

omy is itself a great income. Magnum opus. (L.) A great work. Maintien le droit. (Fr.) Maintain the right. Maison de campagne. (Fr.) A country house. Maison de santé. (Fr.) A private asylum or

hospital. Maison de ville. (Fr.) A town-house. Maitre des basses æuvres. (Fr.) A night-man. Maitre des hautes Quvres. (Fr.) An execu

tioner; a hangman. Maitre d'hôtel. (Fr.) A house-steward. Maladie du pays. (Fr.) Home-sickness. Mala fide. (L.) With bad faith; treacherously. Mal de dents. (Fr.) Toothache. Mal de mer. (Fr.) Sea-sickness. Mal de tête. (Fr.) Headache. Mal entendre. (Fr.) A misunderstanding; a

mistake. Malgré nous. (Fr.) In spite of us. Malheur ne vient jamais seul. (Fr.) Misfor

tunes never come singly. Mali exempli. (L.) Of a bad example. Mali principii malus finis. (L.) Bad begin

nings have bad endings. Malis avibus. (L.) With unlucky birds; with

bad omens. Malo modo. (L.) In a bad manner. Malum in se. (L.) Evil or an evil in itself. Malum prohibitum. (L.) An evil prohibited;

evil because prohibited. Malus pudor. (L.) False shame. Manibus pedibusque. (L.) With hands and

feet. Manu forti. (L ) With a strong hand, Manu propriil. (L.) With one's own hand. Mardi gras. (Fr.) Shrove-Tuesday, Mare clausum. (L.) A closed sea; a bay. Mariage de conscience. (Fr.) A private mar

riage. Mariage de convenance. (Fr.) Marriage from


motives of interest rather than of love.
Mariage de la main gauche. (Fr. ] Left-handed

marriage; morganatic marriage.
Mars gravior sub pace latet. (L.) A severer

war lies hidden under peace.
Materiam superabit opus. (L.] The work-

manship will prove superior to the ma

Mauvaise honte. (Fr.) False modesty.
Mauvais goût. (Fr.) Bad taste.
Mauvais sujet. (Fr.) A bad subject; a worth-

less scamp
Médecin, guéris-toi toi-même. (Fr.) Physician,

heal thyself.
Mediocria firma. (L ) Moderate or middle

things are surest.
Medio tutissimus ibis. (L) In a medium

course you will be safest.
Mega biblion, mega kakon. (Gr.) A great

book is a great evil.
Me judice. (L.) I being judge; in my opinion.
Meinento mori (L.) Remember death.
Mernor et fidelis. (L.) Mindful and faithful.
Memoria in æterna. (L.) In eternal remem-

Mens agitat molem. (L.) Mind moves matter.
Mens legis. [L] The spirit of the law,
Mens sana in corpore sano. (L.) A sound mind

in a sound body.
Mens sibi conscia recti. (L.) A mind con-

scious of rectitude.
Meo periculo. (L.) At my own risk.
Meo voto. (L.) According to my wish.
Meum et tuum. (L.) Mine and thine.
Mihi cura futuri. (L.) My care is for the

Mirabile dictu. (L) Wonderful to relate.
Mirabile visu. [L] Wonderful to see.
Mise en scène. [Fr.) The getting up for the

stage, or the putting on the stage.
Modo et forma. (L.) In manner and form.
Modus operandi. (L.) Manner of working:
Mollia tempora fandi. (L.) Times favourable

for speaking
Mon ami. (Fr.) My friend.
Mon cher. (Fr.) My dear (masc.).
Monumentum ære perennius. (L.) A monu-

ment more lasting than brass.
More majorum. (L.) After the manner of our

More suo. [L.) In his own way.
Mors omnibus communis (L.) Death is com-

inon to all.

Mot du quet. (Fr.) A watchword.
Mots d'usage. (Fr.) Words in common use.
Motu proprio. (L.) of his own accord.
Multum in parvo. (L.) Much in little.
Mundus vult decipi. (L.) The world wishes

to be deceived.
Munus Apolline dignum. [L.) A gift worthy

of Apollo.
Mutatis mutandis. (L.] With the necessary

Mutuus consensus. (L.) Mutual consent.
Vatale solum. (L.) Natal soil.
Nec cupias, nec metuas. [L.) Neither desire

nor fear.
Ne cede malis. [L.) Yield not to misfortune.
Necessitas non habet legem. (L.) Necessity

has no law.
Nec mora, nec requies. (L.) Neither delay

por repose.
Nec pluribus impar. (L.) Not an unequal

match for numbers.
Nec prece, nec pretio. [L.) Neither by en-

treaty nor by bribe.
Nec quærere, nec spernere honorem. (L.)

Neither to seek nor to contemn honours.
Nec scire fas est omnia. (L.) It is not per-

mitted to know all things.
Nec temere, nec timide. (L.) Neither rashly

nor timidly.
Nefasti dies. (L.) Days on which judgment

could not be pronounced, nor assemblies
of the people be held; hence, unlucky days.
Ne fronti crede. [L. )Trust not to appearances.
Nemine contradicente. (L.) No one speaking

in opposition; without opposition.
Neinine dissentiente. (L.) No one dissenting;

without a dissenting voice.
Nemo bis punitur pro eodem delicto. (L.) No

one is twice punished for the same offence.
Nemo me impune lacessit. (L.) No one assails

me with impunity.
Nemo mortalium omnibus horis sapit. (L.)

No one is wise at all times.
Nemo repente fuit turpissimus. (L.) No one

ever became a villain in an instant.
Nemo solus sapit. (L.) No one is wise alone.
Ne plus ultra. [L] Nothing further; the

uttermost point; perfection.
Ne prero gladium. (L.) Intrust not a boy

with a sword.
Ne quid detrimenti respublica capiat. (L.)

Lest the state receive any detriment.
Nervus probandi. [L.] The sinews of the ar-

Ne sutor ultra crepidam. (L.) Let not the

shoemaker go beyond his last; let no one

meddle with what lies beyond his range.
Ne lentes, aut perfice. (L.) Attempt not, or

accomplish thoroughly.
Ne vile fano. (L.) Let nothing vile be in the

Nihil ad rem. (L.) Nothing to the point.
Nihil quod tetigit non ornavit. (L.) He

touched nothing without embellishing it.
Nil admirari. (L.) To be astonished at

Nil conscire sibi, nulla pallescere culpå. (L.)

To be conscious of no fault, and to turn
pale at no accusation.
Nil desperandum. [L.] There is no reason for

Nil nisi cruce. (L.) No dependence but on

the cross.
Ni l'un ni l'autre. (Fr.) Neither the one nor

the other.
Nimium ne crede colori. (L.) Trust not too

much to looks.
N'importe. (Fr.) It matters not.
Nisi Dominus frustra. [L] Unless God be

with us all our labour is in vain.
Nitor in adversum. [L] I strive against op-

Nobilitas sola est atque unica virtus. (L.)

Virtue is the true and only nobility.
Noblesse oblige. (Fr.) Rank imposes obliga-

tions; much is expected from one in good
Nolens volens. (L.) Willing or unwilling.
Noli me tangere. (L.] Touch me not.
Nolo episcopari. (L.) I do not wish to be

made a bishop.
Nom de guerre. (Fr.) A war name; an as-

sumed travelling name; a pseudonym.
Nom de plume. (Fr.) A pen name; an as-

sumed name of a writer.
Nomina stultorum parietibus haerent. [L]

Fools' names are seen upon the walls.
Non compos mentis (L.) Not in sound mind.
Non cuivis homini contingit adire Corinthum

(L.) Every man has not the fortune to go

to Corinth.
Non datur tertium. [L.) There is not given

a third one or a third chance.
Von deficiente crumend. [L.] The purse not

Non est inventus. (L ) He has not been found.
Non libet. (L.) It does not please me.
Non mi recordo. (It.) I do not remember,
Non multa, sed multum. (L.) Not many

things but much.
Non nobis solum. (L.) Not to ourselves alone.
Non obstant clameur de haro. (Fr.) Notwith-

standing the hue and cry. Non omne licitum honestum. (L.) Not every

lawful thing is honourable. Non omnia pos8umus omnes. (L.) We cannot,

all of us, do everything. Non quis, sed quid. (L.) Not who but what,

not the person but the deed. Non sequitur. (L ) It does not follow. Non sibi, sed patriæ. (L.) Not for himself

but for his country.
Non sum qualis eram. (L.) I am not what

I once was.
Nosce teipsum. (L.) Know thyself,
Noscitur e sociis. [L] He is known by his

Nota bene. (L.) Mark well.
Notre Dame. (Fr.) Our Lady.
N'oubliez pas. (Fr.) Don't forget.
Nous avons changé tout cela. (Fr.) We have

changed all that.
Nous verrons. (Fr.) We shall see.
Novus homo. (L.) A new man; one who has

raised himself from obscurity. Nudis verbis. (L.) In plain words. Nudum pactum. (L.) A mere agreement,

unconfirmed by writing.
Nulla dies sine lined. (L.) Not a day without

a line; no day without something done.
Nulli secundus. (L.) Second to none.
Nunc aut nunquam. (L.) Now or never.
Nunquam minus solus, quam cum solus. [L ]

Never less alone than when alone.
Nunquam non paratus. (L.) Never unpre-

pared; always ready.
Obiit. (L ) He, or she, died.
Obiter dictum. (L.) A thing said by the way.
Obscurum per obscurius. (L.) Explaining an

obscurity by something more obscure still. Obsta principiis. (L.) Resist the first begin

nings. Occurrent nubes. (L.) Clouds will intervene. Oderint dum metuant. (L.) Let them hate

provided they fear. Odi profanum vulgus. (L.) I loathe the pro

fane rabble.
Odium theologicum. (L.) The hatred of the-

Eil de bouf. (Fr.) A bull's eye.
Euvres. (Fr.) Works.
Officina gentium. (L.) The workshop of the

Omen faustum. (L.) A favourable omen.
Omne ignotum pro magnifico. (L.) Whatever

is unknown is held to be magnificent. Omnem movere lapidem. (L.) To turn every

stone; to leave no stone unturned; to make

every exertion. Omne solum forti patria. (L.) Every soil is

a brave man's country. Omne trinum perfectum. (L.) Every perfect

thing is threefold. Omnia ad Dei gloriam. (L.) All things for

the glory of God. Omnia bona bonis. (L.) All things are good

to the good. Omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.

(L.) All things change, and we change

with them. Omnia vincit amor. (L.) Love conquers all

things. Omnia vincit labor. (L.) Labour overcomes

all things. Omnis amans amens. (L.) Every lover is de

On connait l'ami au besoin. (Fr.) A friend is

known in time of need.
Operæ pretium est. [L] It is worth while.
Ora et labora. (L.) Pray and work,
Ora pro nobis. (L.) Pray for us.
Orator fit, poeta nascitur. (L.) An orator may

be made by training, a poet is born a

poet. Ore rotundo. (L.) With round full voice. Origo mali. (L.) Origin of the evil. 0! si sic omnia. (L.) 0! if all things so; 0!

if he had always so spoken or acted. O tempora ! ( mores! [L] O the times! O

the manners! Otiosa sedulitas. (L.) Idle industry; labori.

ous trifling
Otium cum dignitate. (L.) Ease with dignity;

dignified leisure.
Oublier je ne puis. (Fr.) I can never forget.
Oui-dire. (Fr.) Hearsay.
Ouvrage de longue haleine. (Fr.) A work of

long breath; a work long in being got

through; a long-winded or tedious business.


La porta




Pace. (L) By leave of; not to give offence

to.-Pace tua, with your consent.
Pacta conventa. (L.) The conditions agreed

Padrone. (It.) A master; a landlord.
Pallida mors, (L) Pale death.
Palmam qui meruit ferat. (L.) Let him who

has won the palm wear it.
Par ci par la. (Fr.) Here and there.
Par excellence. (Fr.) By way of eminence.
Par negotiis, neque supra. (L) Neither above

nor below his business.
Par nobile fratrum. (L.) A noble pair of

brothers; two just alike; the one as good or as bad as the other. Parole d'honneur. [Fr] Word of honour. Pars pro toto. (L.) Part for the whole. Particeps criminis. (L.) An accomplice in a

Parva componere magnis. (L.) To compare

small things with great.
Paté de foi gras. (Fr] Goose-liver pie.
Pater patriæ. (L.) Father of his country.
Patres conscripti. (L) The conscript fathers;

Roman senators.
Pax vobiscum. (L.) Peace be with you.
Peine forte et dure. (Fr.) Strong and severe

punishment; a kind of iudicial torture.
Pensée. (Fr.) A thonght.
Per. (L.) By; by means of; through. —Per
ambages. By circuitous ways; hence, by
allegory; figuratively; metaphorically.
Per angusta ad augusta. Through trials to
triumph.-Per annum. By the year; annu-
ally.- Per aspera ad astra. Through rough
ways to the stars; through suffering to re-
nown-Per capita. By the head or poll. -
Per centum. By the hundred. Per curiam.
By the court, - Per diem. By the day :
daily. -Per fas et nefas. Through right
and wrong. - Per gradus. Step by step. -
Per interim. In the meantime. -Per mare
per terras. Through sea and land. - Per
pares. By one's peers.- Per saltum. By a
leap or jump. -- Per se. By itself considered.

--Per viam. By the way of.
Per. (It.) For; through; by.-- Per contra.

Contrariwise. - Per contante. For cash. --
Per conto. Upon account. -Per mese. By
the month.
Perservidum ingenium Scotorum. (L.) The

intense earnestness of Scotsmen.
Periculum in morå. (L.) There is danger in

delay. Petit coup. (Fr.) A small mask covering only

the eyes and nose, Petitio principii. (L.) A begging of the ques

Peu-à-peu. (Fr.) Little by little; by degrees.
Pied à terre. (Fr.) A resting-place; a tem-

porary lodging.
Pis aller. (Fr.) The worst or last shift.
Plebs. (L) Common people.
Poco d poco. (It) Little by little
Poeta nascitur, non fit. (L.] The poet is born,

not made; nature, not study, must form

the poet. Point d'appui. (Fr.) Point of support; prop. Pondere, non numero. (L.) By weight, not by

number. Pons asinorum. (L.) An ass's bridge; a name

given to the fifth proposition of the first book of Euclid. Populus vult decipi. (L.) People like to be

deceived. Post bellum auxilium. (L] Aid after the

war. Pour acquit. (Fr.) Received payment; paid:

written at the bottom of a discharged account. Pour faire rire, [Fr. 1 To excite langhter. Pour faire visite. (Fr.) To pay a visit. Pour passer le temps. (Fr.) To pass away the

time. Pour prendre congé. (Fr.) To take leave. Pramonitus, præmunitus. (L.) Forewarned,

forearmed. Prendre la lune avec les dents. (Fr.) To take

the moon by the teeth; to aim at impossibilities. Presto maturo, presto marcio. [It.] Soon ripe,

soon rotten. Prêt d'accomplir. (Fr.) Ready to accom

Pret pour mon pays. (Fr.) Ready for my

Preux chevalier. (Fr.) A brave knight.
Primo. (L.) In the first place.
Primum mobile. (L.) The source of motion;

the mainspring
Principia, non homines. (L) Principles, not

men. Principiis obsta. (L.) Resist the first begin

nings. Prior tempore, prior jure. (L) First in time;

Pro aris et focis. (L.) For our altars and our Rathhaus. (Ger.) A town-hall.

hearths; for civil and religious liberty. Ratione soli. (L) As regards the soil, Probatum est. (L.) It is proved.

Realschulen. (Ger) Real schools, secondProbitas laudatur, et alget. (L.) Honesty is ary German schools giving a general pracpraised, and is left to starve.

tical training. Pro bono publico. (L.) For the good of the Recte et suaviter. (L.) Justly and mildly. public.

Rectus in curid. (L.) Upright in court; with Pro Deo et ecclesid. (L.) For God and the clean hands. church.

Redolet lucerna. (L.) It smells of the lamp; Pro et contra. (L.) For and against.

it is a laboured production. Profanum vulgus. [L] The profane vulgar. Reductio ad absurdum. (L.) The reducing of Pro forma. [L] For the sake of form.

a position to an absurdity. Proh pudor. (L] 0, for shame.

Re infecta. (L.) The business being unfinPro memorid. (L.) For a memorial.

ished. Propaganda fide. (L.) For extending the Relata refero. (L.) I repeat the story as it faith,

was given me. Pro patria. [L] For our country.

Religio loci. (L.) The religious spirit of the Pro rege, lege, et grege. (L.) For the king, place. the law, and the people.

Rem acu tetigisti. (L.) You have touched the Prudens futuri. (L.) Thoughtful of the fu matter with a needle; you have hit the ture.

thing exactly. Pugnis et calcibus. (L.) With fists and heels; Remis velisque. (L.) With oars and sails; with all the might.

using every endeavour. Punctum saliens. (L.) A salient or promi. Renascentur. (L.) They will be born again. nent point

Renovate animos. (L.) Renew your courage. Punica fides. (L.) Punic faith; treachery. Renovato nomine, (L) By a revived name.

Répondre en Normand. (Fr.) To give an evaQue fuerunt vitia, mores, sunt. (L.) What sive answer

were once vices are now manners or cus Requiescat in pace. (L.) May he or she) rest toms.

in peace. Quæ nocent docent. (L.) Things which injure Resangusta domi. (L.) Narrow circumstances instruct; we learn by what we suffer.

at home. Qualis ab incepto. (L) The same as at the Res est sacra miser. (L.) A sufferer is a sacred beginning.

thing. Qualis rex, talis grex. [L] Like king, like | Res gestæ. [L.) Things done; exploits. people.

Res judicata. (L.) A case or suit already Qualis vita, finis ita. [L] As life is so is its settled. end.

Respice finem. (L.) Look to the end. Quam diu se bene gesserit. (L.) During good Respublica. (L) The commonwealth. behaviour.

Resurgam. (L) I shall rise again. Quanti est sapere (L.) How desirable is wis Revenons à nos moutons. (Fr.) Let us return dom or knowledge.

to our sheep; let us return to our subQuantum libet. (L.) As much as you please. ject. Quantum meruit. (L.) As much as he de Re vera. IL ) In the true matter: in truth. served.

Ridere in stomacho. [L.) To laugh secretly; Quantum mutatus ab illo. (L.) How changed to laugh in one's sleeve. from what he once was.

Ride si sapis. (L) Laugh, if you are wise. Quantum sufficit. (L.) As much as suffices; a Rien n'est beau que le vrai. (Fr.) There is nosufficient quantity

thing beautiful except the truth.
Quelque chose. [Fr. Something: a trifle. Rira bien, qui rira le dernier. (Fr.) He laughs
Quid faciendum? (L.) What is to be done? well who laughs last.
Quid rides! (L) Why do you laugh?

Rire entre cuir et chair. (Fr.) To langh in
Qu'il soit comme il est desiré. [Fr.) Let it be Rire sous cape. (Fr.)

f one's sleeve. as desired.

Rigatur de land caprind. (L.) He contends Qui m'aime, aime mon chien, (Fr.) Love me, about goat's wool; he quarrels about trifles love my dog.

Robe de chambre. (Fr.) A morning-gown or Qui n'a santé n'a rien. (Fr.) He who wants dressing gown. health wants everything

Ruat calum. (L.) Let the heavens fall. Qui nimium probat, nihil probat. [L] He Rudis indigestaque moles. [L] A rude and proves nothing who proves too much.

undigested mass. Qui non proficit, deficit. (L.) He who does Ruit mole sud. [L] It falls to ruin by its not advance goes backward.

own weight. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. (L.) Who shall Ruse de guerre. (Fr.) A stratagem of war. keep the keepers themselves.

Rus in urbe. (L.) The country in town. Qui tacet consentit. (L) He who is silent gives consent.

Sal Atticum. (L.) Attic salt; ie. wit. Qui timide rogat, docet negare. (L.) He who Salvo jure. (L.) The right being safe. asks timidly invites denial.

Salvo pudore. (L.) Without offence to moQui va : (Fr.) Who goes there?

desty. Quoad hoc. (L.) To this extent.

Sans peur et sans reproche. (Fr.) Without Quo animo. (L.) With what intention.

fear and without reproach. Quocunque modo. [L.) In whatever manner. Sans rime et sans raison. (Fr.) Without Quocunque nomine. (L.) Uuder whatever rhyme or reason. name.

Sans souci. (Fr.) Without care. Quod avertat Deus! [L.) Which may God Sapere aude. (L) Dare to be wise, avert!

Sartor resartus. (L.) The botcher repatched; Quod bene notandum. (L.) Which must be the tailor patched or mended. especially noticed.

Sat cito, si sat bene. (L.) Soon enough done, Quod erat demonstrandum. (L) Which was if well enough done. to be proved or demonstrated.

Satis dotata, si bene morata. (L.) Well Quod erat faciendum. (L.) Which was to be enough dowered, if well principled. done.

Satis eloquentia, sapientia partum. (L.) Quod hoc sibi vult? (L.) What does this mean? Eloquence enough, but little wisdom. Quod non opus est, asse carum est. (L.) What Satis superque. (L.) Enough, and more than is not wanted is dear at a copper.

enough. Quod vide. (L.) Which see.

Satis verborum. (L.) Enough of words; po Quo Fata vocant. [L] Whither the Fates more need be said. call.

Sat pulchra, si sat bona. (L) Handsome Quo jure? (L.) By what right?

enongh, it good enough. Quo pax et gloria ducunt. (L.) Where peace Sauve qui peut (Fr.) Let him save himself and glory lead.

who can Quorum pars magna fuit. (L.) Of whom, or Savoir faire. (Fr.) The knowing how to act; which, I was an important part.

Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat. (L.) Savoir rire. (Fr.) Good-breeding; refined

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first manners.
makes mad.

Secundum artem, (L.) According to art or
Quot homines, tot sententiæ. (L ) Many men, rule; scientifically.
many minds.

Secundum naturam. (L.) According to na

ture. Raison d'état. (Fr.) A reason of state. Selon les règles. (Fr.) According to rule. Raison d'étre. (Fr.) The reason for a thing's Semel abbas, semper abbas. (L) Once an abexistence.

bot, always an abbota Rara avis in terris, nigroque simillimo cygno. Semel et simul, [L] Once and together

(L) A rare bird on earth. and very like a Semel insanivimus omnes. (L) We have all, black swan (formerly believed to be non at sometime, been mad,



Tros Tyriusve mihi nullo discrimine agetur.

(L.) Trojan or Tyrian there shall be no dis

tinction so far as I am concerned.
Truditur dies die. (L.) One day is pressed

onward by another.
Tu ne cede inalis. (L.) Do not yield to evils.
Tu quoque. (L) Thou also.
Tutor et utor. (L.) Protector and avenger.
Tuum est. [L.] It is your own.

Semper avarus eget. (L.) The avaricious is Sub poena. (L.) Under a penalty. always in want.

Sub prætexto juris. (L.) Under the pretext Seinper fidelis. [L] Always faithful.

of justice. Semper idem. (L.) Always the same.

Sub rosa. [L. ) Under the rose; privately. Semper paratus. (L.) Always ready.

Sub silentio. (L.) In silence. Semper timidum scelus. (L.) Guilt is always Sub specie. (L.) Under the appearance of. timid.

Sub voce. (L.) Under such or such a word. Sempre il mal non vien per nuocere. (It.] Suggestio falsi. (L.) Suggestion of falsehood.

Misfortune does not always come to injure. Sui generis. (L.) Of its own or of a peculiar Senatus consultum. [L.) A decree of the kind. senate.

Summum bonum. (L.) The chief good. Se non è vero, è ben trovato. (It.) If not true Summum jus, summa injuria. (L.) The it is cleverly invented.

rigour of the law is the height of oppression. Sequiturque patrem haud passibus æquis. (L.) Sumptibus publicis. (L.) At the public ex

He follows his father, but not with equal pense. steps.

Sum quod eris; fui quod es. (L.) I am what Sero venientibus ossa. (L.) Those who come you will be, I was what you are. late shall have the bones.

Sio Marte. (L.) By his own prowess. Serus in coelum redeas. (L.) Late may you Suppressio veri, suggestio falsi. (L.) A supreturn to heaven; may you live long.

pression of the truth is the suggestion of a Servare modum, (L) To keep within bounds. falsehood. Servus servorem Dei. (L.) A servant of the Surgit amari aliquid. (L.) Something bitter servants of God.

arises. Sic eunt fata hominum. (L.) Thus go the Suum cuique. (L.) Let every one have his fates of men.

own. Sic itur ad astra. (L.) Such is the way to the Suus cuique mos. (L.) Every one has his stars, or to immortality.

particular habit.
Sic passim. [L.) So here and there through-
out; so everywhere.

Tableau vivant. (Fr.) A living picture; the
Sic semper tyrannis. (L. ) Ever so to tyrants. representation of some scene by groups of
Sic transit gloria mundi. (L.) Thus passes persons.
away the glory of this world.

Tabula rasa. (L.) A smooth or blank tablet.
Sicut ante. (L.) As before.

Tache sans tache. (Fr.) A work without a Sicut patribus, sit Deus nobis. (L.) As with stain. our fathers so may God be with us.

Tædium vitae. (L.) Weariness of life. Sic volo, sic jubeo; stat pro ratione voluntas. Tangere vulnus. (L.) To touch the wound. (L.) Thus I will, thus I command; let my Tantæne animus cælestibus iræ? (L.) Can will stand for a reason.

such anger dwell in heavenly minds? Sic vos non vobis. (L.) Thus you labour but Tant mieux. (Fr.) So much the better. not for yourselves.

Tanto buon che val niente. (It.) So good as
Si Deus nobiscum, quis contra nos? (L.) If to be good for nothing.

God be with us who shall stand against us? Tant pis. (Fr.) So much the worse.
Si diis placit. (L.) If it pleases the gods. Tantum vidit Virgilium. (L.) He merely saw
Sile, et philosophus esto. [L] Be silent and Virgil; he only looked on the great man.
pass for a philosopher.

Te judice. (L.) You being the judge.
Silent leges inter arma. (L.) Amidst arms, or Tel maitre, tel valet. (Fr.) Like master, like

in war, laws are silent, or disregarded.
Similia similibus curantur. (L.) Like things Telum imbelle, sine ict u. (L.) A feeble weapon
are cured by like.

thrown without etfect. Similis simili gaudet. (L.) Like is pleased Tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis. with like.

(L.) The times are changing and we with Si monuinentum quæris, circumspice. (L.) them.

If you seek his monument, look around Tempori parendum. [L] We must yield to the

Sine curd. [L] Without charge or care. Tempus edax rerum. [L] Time the devourer
Sine die. (L.) Without a day being appointed. of all things.
Sine dubio. (L.) Without doubt.

Tempus fugit. (L.) Time flies.
Sine mora. (L.) Without delay.

Tempus omnia revelat. (L.) Time reveals all
Sine præjudicio. (L ) Without prejudice. things.
Sine qua non. [L] Without which, not. Tenax propositi. [L.) Tenacious of his pur-
Si parva licet componere magnis. (L.) If pose.

small things may be compared with great. Teres atque rotundus. (L.) Round and smooth;
Siste viator. (L.) Stop traveller.

polished and complete. Sit tibi terra levis. (L.) Light lie the earth Terminus ad quem. [L.) The term or limit upon thee.

to which Sit ut est aut non sit. (L.) Let it be as it is, Terminus a quo. (L.) The term or limit from or not at all.

which, Si vis pacem, para bellum. (L.) If

Tertium quid. (L.) A third something; a for peace, prepare for war.

nondescript. Sola nobilitas virtus. (L.) Virtue the only | Tibi seris, tibi metis. (L) You sow for yournobility.

self, you reap for yourself. Solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant. (L.) Tiens à la vérité. (Fr.) Maintain the truth.

They make a wilderness and call it peace. Tiens foi. (Fr.) Keep thy faith. Souffier le chaud et le froid. (Fr.) To blow Toga virilis. (L.) The manly toga; the dress hot and cold.

of manhood. Spero meliora. [L] I hope for better things. To kalon. (Gr.) The beautiful; the chief Spes sibi quisque. (L.) Let every one hope in good. himself.

To prepon. (Gr.) The becoming or proper. Splendide mendax. (L.) Nobly untruthful; Tot homines, quot sententiæ. (L.) So many untrue for a good object.

men, so many minds. Sponte sud. [L] Of one's (or its) own accord. Totidem verbis. (L.) In just so many words. Stat magni noininis umbra. (L.) He stands Toties quoties. (L.) As often as. the shadow of a mighty name.

Totis viribus. (L.) With all his might. Stat pro ratione voluntas. (L.) Will stands Toto cælo. (L.) By the whole heavens; diafor reason.

metrically opposite. Statu quo ante bellum. (L.) In the state in Toujours perdrix. (Fr.) Always partridges ; which things were before the war.

always the same thing over again. Status quo. (L) The state in which,

Toujours prét. (Fr.) Always ready. Slemmata quid faciunt. (L.) Of what value Tour de force. (Fr.) A feat of strength or are pedigrees.

skill. Sternitur alieno vulnere. (L.) He is slain by Tourner casaque. [Fr.) To turn one's coat; a blow aimed at another.

to change sides. Stratum super stratum. (L.) Layer above Tout-d-fait. (Fr.) Wholly; entirely. layer.

Tout-à-l'heure. (Fr.) Instantly. Studium immane loquendi. (L.) An insa Tout au contraire. (Fr.) On the contrary. tiable desire for talking.

Tout à vous. (Fr.) Wholly yours. Sua cuique voluptas. (L.) Every man has his Toutbien ou rien. (Fr.) The whole or nothing. own pleasures.

Tout de suite. (Fr.) Immediately.
Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re. (L.) Gentle Tout le monde est sage après coup. [Fr.)
in manner, resolute in execution.

Everybody is wise after the event.
Sub colore juris. (L.) Under colour of law. Trahit sua queinque voluptas. (L.) Every
Sub hoc signo vinces. (L.) Under this standard one is attracted by his own liking.
you will conquer.

Transeat in exemplum. (L.) May it pass into
Sub judice. (L ) Under consideration.

an example. Sublata causa, tollitur effectus. (L.) The Tria juncta in uno. [L.) Three joined in one.

Uberrima fides. (L.) Superabounding faith.
Ubi bene, ibi patria. (L.] Where it is well

there is one's country.
Ubi jus incertum, ibi jus nullum. (L.) Where

the law is uncertain there is no law. Ubi lapsus. (L.) Where have I fallen? Ubi libertas, ibi patria. (L.) Where liberty is

there is my country. Ubi mel, ibi apes. [L.) Where honey is there

are the bees. Ubique. (L ) Everywhere. Ubique patriam reminisci. (L.) To remember

our country everywhere. Ubi supra. (L.) Where above mentioned. Ultima ratio regum. (L.) The last argument

of kings; war.
Ultimus Romanorum. [L.] The last of the

Ultra licitum. (L.) Beyond what is allowable.
Una voce. (L.) With one voice; unani-

Un vienfait n'est jamais perdu. (Fr.) A kind-

ness is never lost. Un fait accompli. (Fr.) An accomplished

fact. Unguibus et rostro. (L.) With claws and

beak; tooth and nail. Unguis in ulcere. (L.) A claw in the wound. Uno animo. (L.) With one mind; unani

Un sot u triple étage. (Fr.) An egregious fool.
Un 'tiens' vaut mieux que deux tu l'auras.'
(Fr.) One take it is worth more than two
thou shalt have it; a bird in the hand is
worth two in the bush.
Usque ad aras. [L.) To the very altars; to

the last extremity.
Usque ad nauseam. (L.) To disgust.
Usus loquendi. (L.) Usage in speaking.
Ut apes geometriam. (L.) As bees practise

Utile dulci. (L.) The useful with the plea-

sant. Ut infra. (L.) As below. Ut pignus amicitiæ. (L.) As a pledge of

Ut quocunque paratus. (L.) Prepared for

every event.
Ut supra. (L.) As above stated.


you wish

Vacuus cantat coram latrone viator. (L.)

The traveller with an empty purse sings
in presence of the highwayman.
Pade in pace. (L.) Go in peace.
victis. (L. ] Woe to the vanquished.
Valeat quantam valere potest. (L.) Let it

pass for what it is worth.
Variæ lectiones. (L.) Various readings.
Variorum notae. [L] The notes of various

commentators. Varium et mutabile semper foemina. (L.) Woman is ever a changeful and capricious

thing Velis et remis. (L.) With sails and oars; by

every possible means. Veluti in speculum. (L.) Even as in a mirror. Venalis populus, renalis curia patrum. (L.)

The people are venal, and the senate is equally venal. Venenum in auro bibitur. (L.) Poison is

drunk from golden vessels. Venia necessitati datur. [L.) Indulgence is

granted to necessity. Veni, vidi, vici. (L.) I came, I saw, I con

quered. Ventis secundis. (L.) With prosperous winds. Vera incessu patuit dea. (L.) The real god.

dess was made manifest by her walk. Verbatim et literatim. [L.] Word for word

and letter for letter.
Verbum sat sapienti. (L.) A word is enough

for a wise man.
Veritas odium parit. [L.] Truth begets hatred.
Veritas prevalebit. (L.) Truth will prevail.
Veritas vincit. (L) Truth conquers.
Veritatis simplex oratio est. [L. ] The language

of truth is simple.
Vérité sans peur. (Fr.) Truth without fear.
Ver non semper viret. (L.) Spring is not al-

ways green.
Vestigia nulla retrorsum. (L.) No returning

footsteps; no traces backward.
Verata quæstio. (L ) Axlisputed question.
Via media. (L ) A middle course.
Via trita, via tula. [L.] The beaten path is



Vide et crede. (L.) See and believe.
Video meliora proboque deteriora sequor. (L.)
I see and approve the better things, I fol-

low the worse. Vide ut supra. (L.) See what is stated

above. Vi et armis. (L.) By force and arms; by

main force; by violence. Vigeur de dessus. (Fr.) Strength from on

high. Vigilate et orate. (L.) Watch and pray. Vincit amor patriæ. (L.) The love of our

country prevails. Vincit omnia ver i'as. (L.) Truth conquers

all things. Vincit qui patitur. (L.) He who endures

conquers. Vincit, qui se vincit. (L.) He conquers who

overcomes himself, Vinculum matrimonii. [L] The bond of

marriage. Vindex injuriæ. (L.) An avenger of injury. Vires acquirit eundo. (L.) As it goes it ac

quires strength. Vir sapit qui pauca loquitur. (L.) He is a

wise man who says but little. Virtus in arduis. (L.) Virtue or courage in

difficulties. Virtus incendit vires. (L.] Virtue kindles


Virtus laudatur, et alget. (L.) Virtue is

praised, and suffers from cold. Virtus millia scuta. (L.) Virtue is a thou

sand shields. Virtus semper viridis. (L.) Virtue is always

green. Virtus sola nobilitat. (L.) Virtue alone en

nobles. Virtus vincit invidiam. (L.) Virtue over

comes envy or hatred. Virtute et fide. (L.) By or with virtue and

faith. Virtute et labore. (L.) By virtue and labour, Virtute non astutia. (L.) By virtue, not by

craft. Virtute non verbis. (L.) By virtue, not by

words. Virtute officii. (L.) By virtue of office. Virtute securus. (L.) Secure through virtue. Virtutis amore. (L.) From love of virtue. Virtutis fortuna comes. (L.) Fortune is the

companion of valour or virtue. Vis comica. (L.) Comic power or talent. Vis conserratrix naturæ. (L.) The preserva

tive power of nature. Vis medicatrix naturæ. [L.) The healing

power of nature. Vis unita fortior. (L.) United power is

stronger. Vis vitæ. (L.) The vigour of life

Vita brevis, ars longa. (L.) Life is short, art

is long Vitæ via virtus. (L.) Virtue the way of life. Vitam impendere vero. [L] To stake one's

life for the truth. Vita sine literis mors est. (L.) Life without

literature is death. Vivit post funera virtus. (L.) Virtue survives

the grave. Voilà. (Fr.) Behold; there is; there are. Voilà tout. (Fr.) That's all. Voilà une autre chose. (Fr.) That's another

thing; that is quite a different matter. Voir le dessous des cartes. (Fr.) To see the

under side of the cards; to be in the secret. Volenti non fit injuria. (L.) No injustice is

done to the consenting person. Volo, non valeo. (L.) I am willing, but udable. Vota vita mea. (L.) My life is devoted. Vous y perdrez vos pas. (Fr.) You will there

lose your steps or labour. Vox et præterea nihil. (L.) A voice and no

thing more; sound but no sense. Vox populi, cox Dei. [L] The voice of the

people is the voice of God. Vulgo. (L.) Commonly. Vulnus immedicabile. (L.) An irreparable

injury. Vultus est index animi. [L.) The countenance

is the index of the mind.



A. or a. Adjective.

A.R.S.M. Associate of the Royal Cantuar. (L. Cantuaria). Can Cor. Corinthians. A. In music, alto.

School of Mines.


Cor. Mem. Corresponding MemA. or ans. Answer. A.R.S. S. (L. Antiquariorum Cap. Capital.

ber. a. or @ (L. ad). To or at. Regiæ Societatis Socius). Fellow Cap. (L. caput) Chapter,

Corn. Cornish or Cornwall. å. or au. In med. of each the of the Royal Society of Anti Caps. Capitals.

Corrupt. Corrupted or corrupsame quantity

Capt. Captain.

tion A.B. (L.' Artium Baccalaureus). Art. Article.

Card. Cardinal.

Cor. Sec. Corresponding SecreBachelor of Arts. See B.A. A.S., A.-S., or A.-Sax. Anglo-Carp. Carpentry.

tary. AB. Able-bodied seaman.

Cath. Catharine.

Cos. Cosine.
Abbr. or Abbrev. Abbreviated or Asst. Assistant.

Cath. Catholic.

C.P. Clerk of the Peace.
Astrol. Astrology.

C.B. Companion of the Bath. C.P. Common Pleas,
Abl. Ablative.
Astron. Astronomy or astronomi. C.D. V. Carte-de-visite.

C.P.C. Clerk of the Privy Council. Abp. Archbishop.

C.E. Civil Engineer.

C.P.S. (L. Custos Privati Sigilli). A.C. (L. Ante Christum). Before Att. or Atty. Attorney.

Cel. Celsius (thermometer).

Keeper of the Privy Seal.
Atty. Gen. Attorney-general. Cell. Celtic.

Cr. Credit or Creditor.
Acc. Accusative.
Au. (L. aurum). Gold.

Cent. (L. centum). A hundred. C.R. (L. Civis Romanus). RoAcc. or Acct. Account or ac A.U.C. (L. Anno Urbis Conditoe Centig. Centigrade (thermome man Citizen. countant or Ab Urbe Conditi). In the ter).

C.R. (L. Custos Rotulorum). A.D. (L. Anno Domini). In the year from the building of the Cf. (L. confer). Compare.

Keeper of the Rolls. year of our Lord.

city (=Rome).
C.G. Coast-guard.

Cres. Crescendo.
A D.C. Aide-de-camp.
Aug. Augmentative.
C.G. Commissary-general.

Crim. Con. Criminal Conversa-
Adj. Adjective.
Aug. August.

C.G.S. (used adjectively). Centi tion or adultery.
Adjt. Adjutant.
Aur. (L. aurum). Gold.

metre, Gramme, Second (the C.S. Clerk to the Signet. Ad lib. or Ad libit. (L. ad libit. A.V. Artillery Volunteers.

units of length, mass, and time, C.S. Court of Session. um). At pleasure.

A.V. Authorized Version (of the widely adopted in modern C.S.I. Companion of the Star of Adm. Admiral.

scientific calculation).

Adv. Adverb.
Avoir. Avoirdupois.
Ch. or Chap. Chapter.

Ct. Cent. #. or æt. (L. ætatis). Of age;

Ch. Church.

Ct. (L. centum). A hundred. aged.

Chal. Chaldron.

Ct. Connecticut (Cnited States). B. In music, bass or base. A.F. A. Associate of the Faculty B. or Bk. Book.

Chal. or Chald. Chaldee or Chal C.T. Certificated Teacher. of Actuaries.


Cu. (L. cuprum). Copper. B. or Brit. British. Ag. (L. argentum). Silver.

Chanc. Chancellor,

Cur.or Curt. Current; this month. b. Born. Agr. or Agric. Agriculture. B.A. Bachelor of Arts, Chap. Chapter

Cut. (L. centum, a hundred, and Agt. Agent. Bank. Banking Chas. Charles.

Eng. weight). A hundredweight A.H. (L. Anno Hegiræ). In the Bap. or Bapt. Baptist.

Chem. Chemistry or chemical. or hundredweights. year of the Hegira.

Chin. Chinese.
Bar. Barrel.

Cyc. Cyclopædia.
A.I.A. Associate of the Institute
Bart. or Bt. Baronet.

Chr. Christ or Christian. of Actuaries,

Chr. Christopher.

D. Deputy.
B.C. Before Christ.
A.K.C. Associate of King's Col-
B.C.L. Bachelor of Civil Law.

Chron. Chronicles or chronology. d. (L. denarius, denarii). A penny lege (London).

C.I. Order of the Crown of India.
B.D. Bachelor of Divinity.

or pence.
Al. or Ala. Alabama (United
Bd. Bound.

C.I.E. Companion of the Order d. Died.
Bds. Boards (bound in).

of the Indian Empire.

Dan, Daniel. Ald. Alderman,

Cit. Citation.

D h.
Aler. Alexander.
Beds. Bedfordshire.
Cit. Citizen.

Dat. Dative.
Belg. Belgic.
Alf. Alfred.

Civ. Civil.

Dav. David.
Ben. or Benj. Benjamin.
Alg. Algebra

C.J. Chief-justice.

D.C. (It. Da Capo). From the beBerks. Berkshire. A.M. (L. Anno Mundi). In the Bib. Bible or biblical. Cl. Clergyman.

gipning; again. year of the world.

Class. Classical.

D.C.L. Doctor of Civil Law. A.M. (L. Ante Meridiem). Before Biog. Biography or biographical. Clk, Clerk.

D.C.S. Depute Clerk of Session. Bk. Bank. noon.

cm. Centimetres.

D.D. (L Divinitatis Doctor). Doc-
Bk. Book
A.M. (L. Artium Magister). Mas-

C.M. Certificated Master.
B.L. Bachelor of Laws.

tor of Divinity.
ter of Arts.
B.LL. (L. Baccalaureus Legum).

C.M. (L. Chirurgiæ Magister). De. Delaware (l'nited States). Am. or A mer. America or Ameri

Master in Surgery.

Dec. December. Bachelor of Laws. can.

C.M. Common Metre.

decim. Decimietres. Amt. Amount. (Vote. The initial letter of a word

C.M.G. Companion of the Order Decl. Declension. An. (L. anno). In the year.

is frequently doubled, as in

of St. Michael and St. George. Def. Definition. Anal. Analysis.

the above instance, to indi

Co. Company
cate the plural)

Deft. Defendant.
A nat. Anatomy or anatomical.
B.M.(L. Baccalaureus Medicinæ).
Co. County

Deg. Degree or Degrees.
Anc. Ancient.

Bachelor of Medicine.

C.O.D. Cash (or Collect) on De Del. Delaware (United States.) Anon. Anonymous.

livery B.Mus. Bachelor of Music.

Del. (L. delineavil). He (or she) Ans. Answer.

Col. Colonel.

drew it. Bn. Battalion. Ant. or Antiq. Antiquities or

Col. Colonial. antiquarian. Bot. Botany or botanical.

Dep. or Dept. Department.
Col. Colossians.

Dep. Deputy.
Aor. Aorist.
Bp. Bishop.
Col. Column.

Deut. Deuteronomy.
Br. or Bro. Brother.
Ap. Apostle.

Coll. College

D.F. Dean of the Faculty. Ap. or Apl. April. Brig. Brigade or brigadier.

Colloq. Colloquial, colloquialism, D.F. Defender of the Faith. Apo. Apogee.

Brig-gen. Brigadier-general.
Brit. Britain, Britannia, British,

or colloquially A poc. Apocalypse.

D.G. (L. Dei Gratii). By the
Com. Commander.

Grace of God.
App. Appendix.
B.S. Bachelor in Surgery.
Com. Commerce.

Dict. Dictionary.
Apr. April

Com. Commissioner or commit Dim, or Dimin. Diminuendo. B. Sc. Bachelor of Science. 49. (L. aqua). Water.


Dim. Diminutive,
B.S.L. Botanical Society, Lon-
A.R. (L. Anno Regni). In the

Com. Commodore.

Dis. or Disct. Discount.
year of the reign.
Bt. Baronet.
Com. Common.

Div. Divide, dividend, division, Ar, or Arab. Arabic,

Comm. Commentary.

or divisor. Ar, or Arr. Arrive -s; arrival.

Bucks. Buckinghamshire.
Burl. Burlesque.

Comp. Compare or comparative.
A.R.A. Associate of the Royal

D.L. Deputy Lieutenant.

or Comp. Compound

comBush. Bushel.

D. Lil Doctor of Literature. Academy

pounded. B V. Blessed Virgin.

DLO. Dead Letter Office. Arch. Architecture,

Compar. Comparative.

D.M. or D. Mus. Doctor of Music. B.V.M. Blessed Virgin Mary. Archd. Archdeacon.

Com. Ver. Common Version. Do. (It. ditto). The same. A.R.H. A. Associate of the Royal

Con. (L. contra). Against.

Dols. Dollars.
Hibernian Academy.
C. Cent or Cents.
Conch. Conchology.

Dom. Econ. Domestic Economy. Arith. Arithmetic or Arithmeti C. Centigrade.

Con. Cr. Contra Credit or Credi Doz. Dozen. cal. C. Centime or centimes.


Dpt. Deponent.
Ark. Arkansas (United States). C. (L. centum). A hundred. Cong. or Congreg. Congregation Dr. Debtor.
Arm. Armenian; Armoric. C. or Cap. (L. caput). Chapter. or Congregationalist.

Dr. Doctor.
Armor. Armoric.
C.A. Chartered Accountant. Cong. Congress.

Dr. Dram or drams.
Arr. Arrive -8 -d or arrival. Ca. or Cal. California,

Conj. Conjunction.

D.S. (It. Dal Segno). To the sign. A.R.R. (L. Anno Regni Regis or Cam. or Camb. Cambridge.

Conn. Connecticut (United D.Sc. Doctor of Science. Regina). In the year of the Cant. Canterbury.


D.T. (L. Doctor Theologiæ). Docking's (or queen's) reign. Cant. Canticles. Con. Sect. Conic Sections.

tor of Divinity. A.R S.A. Associate of the Royal Cantab. (L. Cantabrigiensis). Of Contr. Contracted or contraction. Du. Dutch

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