English Land and English Landlords: An Enquiry Into the Origin and Character of the English Land System, with Proposals for Its Reform


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Página 22 - Inclosures at that time began to be more frequent, whereby arable land, which could not be manured without people and families, was turned into pasture, which was easily rid by a few herdsmen ; and tenances for years, lives, and at will, whereupon much of the yeomanry lived, were turned into demesnes.
Página 62 - In families where the estates are kept up from one generation to another, settlements are made every few years for this purpose ; thus in the event of a marriage, a life estate merely is given to the husband ; the wife has an allowance for...
Página 29 - They are also for the most part farmers to gentlemen, or at the leastwise artificers, and with grazing, frequenting of markets, and keeping of servants (not idle servants, as the gentlemen do, but such as get both their own and part of their master's living), do come to great wealth, insomuch that many of them are able and do buy the lands of unthrifty gentlemen...
Página 95 - In Scotland more than one-fifth, perhaps more than one-third part of the whole lands of the country, are at present supposed to be under strict entail.
Página 465 - Living by ; and also to raise weekly or otherwise (by Taxation of every Inhabitant, Parson, Vicar, and other, and of every Occupier of Lands, Houses, Tithes Impropriate, Propriations of Tithes, Coal Mines or saleable Underwoods in the said Parish...
Página 41 - ... upon by the king or lord paramount for aids, whenever his eldest son was to be knighted, or his eldest daughter married ; not to forget the ransom of his own person. The heir, on the death of his ancestor, if of full age, was plundered of the first emoluments arising from his inheritance, by way of relief and primer seisin; and if under age, of the whole of his estate during infancy.
Página 81 - With scarcely any exception, the revenue drawn in the form of rent, from the ownership of the soil, has been at least doubled in every part of Great Britain since 1790.
Página 62 - ... father, who is tenant for life, to bar the entail with all the remainders. Dominion is thus again acquired over the property, which dominion is usually exercised in a re-settlement on the next generation ; and thus the property is preserved in the family.

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